27 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

Your twin flame misses you constantly, as you miss them. It’s something your higher self knows during your entire twin flame journey. But what are the signs your twin flame is missing you? Maybe you haven’t experienced a full flame awakening yet. Maybe you’re not in psychic contact or in telepathic connection at a consciously … Read more

How Many Times Do Twin Flames Separate?

How Many Times Do Twin Flames Separate

Twin flame separation is a painful yet wildly powerful aspect of your twin flame journey. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating at various points along the way, but the separation helps both twin flames grow. Some twin flames will never separate at all, while others can separate dozens of times. Every separation gives both mirror souls a … Read more

Twin Flame Friendship: Can Twin Flames Be Platonic?

Twin Flame Friendship

The idea of twin flame friendship and twin flames being platonic is… a quagmire. There are many parts of the journey people disagree about and this might be one of the biggest. In some sense, twin flames can just remain platonic friends in a single lifetime. This is my experience speaking to thousands of twin … Read more

How to Give a Twin Flame Space (and Why It Helps)

How to Give a Twin Flame Space

While I know it can seem counter-intuitive (especially if you’re new to the idea of the twin flame journey) giving your twin flame space is possibly one of the best things you can do for the both of you. Separation is painful but serves an important purpose on the journey and making sure you understand … Read more

6 Twin Flame Runner Awakening Signs

Twin Flame Runner Awakening Signs

When you are the spiritually awakened one, one of the hardest parts of the journey is waiting for your twin flame runner to see what you see and finally understand the connection that you have. This is a turning point on the journey and we often call it the twin flame awakening. It’s a relief when it’s … Read more

Why Twin Flames Run (and What Can You Do?)

Why Twin Flames Run

A difficult separation phase can be gut-wrenching. Soul destroying. Utterly and completely devastating and (despite the common misconceptions or outward appearances) it’s no picnic for the runner either. In our pain, we sometimes don’t think about why twin flames run and, instead, we either lash out at our mirror soul, blame them or sabotage ourselves (and … Read more