How Many Times Do Twin Flames Separate?

Twin flame separation is a painful yet wildly powerful aspect of your twin flame journey. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating at various points along the way, but the separation helps both twin flames grow.

Some twin flames will never separate at all, while others can separate dozens of times. Every separation gives both mirror souls a chance to grow and become better versions of themselves and this cycle will continue until both are ready to move on to the next stage.

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How Many Times Do Twin Flames Separate Ways?

Along your twin flame journey, you can see the separation in two different ways. It can be the separation that happens during each lifetime. Or you can see it as one large segment that covers the whole duration of your journey until you achieve your final twin flame reunion.

The way a twin flame may process the notion of a twin flame separation can be different from one personal experience to another. Even though the basic steps might be defined in the same way, twin flames perceive them in their own way.

We often tend to project the notion of happiness on achieving the next stage of our journey as twin flames. We tend to tell ourselves that the result of achieving that next stage is going to bring fulfillment, balance, well being.

But twin flame relationships are meant to benefit from our high-vibe feelings. We’re meant to achieve them on our own as a result of our soul-searching first. Not everyone is prepared to embrace that aspect of twin flame relationships.

You go through a lifetimes-long journey with your twin flame relationship. There’s a lot of pain involved. There are numerous dreams you sometimes do and sometimes don’t achieve. The quest in itself results in such a rich spiritual life.

You can see all the moments apart as separate twin flame separation stages. Or you can merge all of those moments into one big twin flame separation phase.

You might experience multiple separations, as in breakups in your twin flame relationship over the same lifetime. And if that happens, it’s still great progress on your journey.

There’s no one way to achieve your union. Each experience of your bonded souls is as unique and special as you both are. In a sense, your twin flame relationship is a universe all of its own. It has its own tempo to grow and evolve, and it goes through its unique stages.

Why Do Twin Flames Go Through One Or More Separation Phases?

Twin Flame SeparationThe twin flame bond is a lifetimes-long experience of hard work. During the separation phase, however, you choose to define it, twin souls do a lot of that hard work.

In a sense, twin flames separate precisely so that the twin flame connection can deepen and grow. Twin souls deal with a lot of their personal issues during the separation period. Though we all pretty much dread it, going through the separation blues is actually a step toward our twin flame reunion.

Many twin flames have lifetimes-long of karmic baggage and shadows to resolve. And during each life cycle, they can accumulate more on the individual and connection-wise levels. There are the two twin flames and the mirror soul connection in itself to consider.

Instinctively, twin flames feel that their unconditional love is a solid basis for them to ground themselves while working on their issues. They know that the separation phase is necessary, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s a relationship that leads to spiritual growth precisely because it’s not limited by space and time. And through the telepathic connection, twin flames may encourage and cheer on their twin as they make that progress, in a consciously aware or unconscious way.

It’s tough to endure, but the pain isn’t the goal. The growth is the whole point of your 3D experience and relationship. That’s why the twin separation stage is a major influence on your spiritual life.

Either one of the twin flames can exercise their free will to take a break or put on hold for a while on the journey. It’s understandable since there’s so much hard work to be done. But it’s only a momentary break. It allows that twin to take a deep calming breath and regain their strength.

Think of it as a resting time during or between workouts. In order to achieve performance, resting and recovering is just as important as training hard. It’s the combination of restoration and hard work times that will lead you to your twin flame union. And you will get there! It’s only a matter of divine timing.

What To Do To Navigate The Separation Phase Of Your Twin Flame Relationship

Visualize Your Separation Phase As A Chance To Grow For You And Your Twin Flame

When you’re going through a twin flame separation stage, you might not know what’s going on. You could be in a no-contact type of situation when times flames share information only in the spiritual realm.

Your twin might not have experienced the twin flame runner realization stage of their healing process.

Your twin may or may not have realized that you’re one soul split between two bodies. Or they might not have achieved the state of self-reflection and self-love needed to overcome some negative emotions.

At such points, twin flames truly benefit from their time apart to grow. You are both driven to acknowledge and work on your own shadows and karmic debts.

Visualize this time as a chance for both of you to grow.

The Expression Of Your And Your Twin Flame’s Will Is A Sign Of Spiritual Growth

A healthy relationship involves two people freely expressing their authentic selves, desires, and feelings. That stands for mirror souls too.

Part of being authentic sometimes involves the twin flame separation phase for your own growth. Your higher self and that of your twin are always in spiritual connection, even during that separation. It’s important to keep that in mind.

Having some time apart is perfectly normal. It’s a sign of spiritual maturity that you’re both being your authentic selves. Acknowledging your own feelings, thoughts, needs, and desires and those of your divine counterpart at the same time is a sign of deep maturity and powerful growth.

Embrace The Benefits Of Your Twin Flame Separation Stages

Your separation phase is a time of mutual growth. The more you and your twin flame focus on seeing that way, the more progress you’ll both make on your ascension process.

One partner might need that time in separation to focus on their own shadow work and the healing process of old wounds. Their other half might be a bit further along that path, but they also need the growth of the other partner in order to achieve higher vibrations on their journey.

Your twin flame relationship is very different from past relationships. Your separation is not like any other breakup or any other type of time apart. It’s because twin flames are never truly apart in the spiritual realm. And your vivid dreams of interacting with your twin flame are a clear sign of that.

Make the most of this time to focus on your own growth. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your twin flame, and your connection.

Your growth is going to raise your vibration. Through your energy cord, that’s going to raise your twin’s vibration little by little. And they’ll make progress on their own path as a result.

Send your twin consciously aware and intentional vibes of your unconditional love. Send them intense thoughts of positivity, optimism, and confidence. That and your higher vibe are going to help them gain clarity at the soul level.

Focus On Surrendering To The Twin Flame Journey

It can be tough to navigate the twin flame separation. It’s a trying time that pushes both twin flames to grow and evolve.

Sometimes it can be difficult to surrender to the experience and embrace it fully. During our human experience, we’re only human, after all. We long, we yearn, and we feel pain when we’re apart.

But it’s important to realize that your twin separation is just another step toward being able to fully commit to your life in a twin flame union. You’ll come together as your best version.

Have faith in your destiny and your path as a soul from the light world. Your journey lights up not only yourself but everything and everyone you connect and interact with.

Your path and that of your twin are destined to connect. You’re literally meant to be together and achieve divine union. It’s only a matter of divine timing and growth.

Surrendering to the path is going to help you both make great progress toward achieving your destiny.

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In Short

You can see your twin flame separation as one big phase until you achieve divine union and merging. Or you can see it as different phases along the way.

Either way, being separated can actually be a good sign. It can mean that you’re headed toward your journey of growth, and your daily life is about to be energetically upgraded.

During the twin flame separation phase, twin flames share the pain but also gain more clarity. It’s a necessary part of your experience.

The whole point of this journey when you’re separated is for you and your other partner to grow and achieve union frequency.

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