Four of Wands Meaning for Twin Flames

The messages of Four of Wands for twin flames are very important. The universe and the divine are sending you their support and guidance through this card.

What Is The Four Of Wands?

The Four of Wands is a minor arcana in the suit of Wands. In the traditional decks, the suit of Wands is the suit of fire.

You might find other tarot decks that call this suit differently, depending on the theme of that particular tarot deck. The same suit might be called Clubs, Passion, Action, Summer, or even Fire directly.

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All tarot decks have an accompanying tarot booklet or guidebook. It’s going to explain how the theme of that deck relates to the four elements that represent the traditional tarot suits.

If the booklet or guidebook doesn’t specifically point out the elemental connections for the suits it uses, it’s going to describe the nature or traits of each suit. Going by that description, you’ll be able to pinpoint the fire element.

The Tarot Meaning of Four Of Wands

The meaning of Four of Wands in Tarot is centered around the core idea of stability, solid foundations, plentiful harvest, and harmonious community.

This card talks about the abundant and satisfying rewards experienced at harvest time. It’s the phase of enjoying the fruits of your labor after you’ve put in strenuous work during the rest of the season.

You find most illustrations of the Four of Wands representing some form of celebration that involves the village. It’s the Harvest Festival, when we celebrate the bounty, Mother Nature has rewarded our efforts with.

The element of community is often tied into this card. That’s why it can also symbolize the strength of your soul tribe coming together to celebrate and support you.

Because it includes such a strong element of steady and strenuous work put in, it’s also seen as the stability of your home and hearth.

When you relate it to the stages of a relationship, for instance, it’s the phase of solid commitment. But it also includes the fertile and productive nature of the Fire element as the suit of action.

The shadow side of the Four of Wands can talk about the lower vibe side of stability. When you have too much of a good thing, it can become stifling. You might experience stagnation, overly traditional mindsets or situations, a lack of flexibility, or a tendency to reject anything that’s new or expansive.

Four of Wands for twin flames

The Zodiac Meaning Of Four Of Wands

The suit of Wands is the suit associated with the element of fire. As a result, it’s connected to the Fire signs in the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The Four of Wands combines the abundant, rich, and nurturing energy of the planet Venus with the traits of the fire element.

The specific sign associated with the Four of Wands is Aries.

The Elemental Meaning Of Four Of Wands

The suit of Wands is directly connected to the element of fire.

This is the suit of the passionate and action-prone Divine Masculine. It’s all about drive, desire, passion, intensity, boldness, haste, and rapid motion.

Out of all the elements, fire is often seen as the most rapid to move. When you’re trying to find out more about the timing of things, a Fire card means a shorter wait than any of the other elements.

Due to its transformative nature, the element of fire is also associated with death and rebirth. It’s the ability of the Pheonix to be reborn from its ashes. In that sense, fire carries the element of rejuvenation and power.

But in its shadow side, fire can mean rashness, impulsiveness, promiscuity, and destruction.

The Numerology Meaning Of Four Of Wands

The number 4 is the number of a solid foundation. It’s the most stable of structures. That’s why it can provide a safe haven and a protective environment for something to flourish in.

Number 4 connects to bringing together the four elements in order to create, protect, and maintain life. But in order for the magic alchemy to happen, 4 needs the added element of spirit or soul.

In a sense, it’s the nature of that spirit or soul that can determine what side of number 4 you might deal with.

The light side is all about protection, stability, connection, community, and abundance as a result of hard work being put in. But the shadow side is all about limitation, lack of flexibility, lack of room to grow.

What Does Four Of Wands Mean For Twin Flames?

The Four of Wands is a message of encouragement.

It’s often seen as a confirmation of a twin flame bond. That’s because it’s represented as 4 wands, which look like 11 11, the mirroring number that symbolizes twin flame bonds.

Your efforts are paying off, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor in divine timing.

We’ll talk about a few meanings of the card. But ultimately, follow your intuition when you see this card in a tarot spread.

Your Connection Is Growing Stronger And More Solid

Your twin flame bond is becoming steady and solid. You’re very likely to see 3D progress pretty soon.

You’re harmonizing with your twin flame and with the rest of your collective. As a spiritual soul tribe, you’re empowering and boosting each other’s progress on the twin flame journey.

You’re Reaching A Phase Of Higher Level Of Commitment

This twin flame relationship is becoming stronger and more solid. Depending on your current situation, you’ll see things evolving to a higher level of commitment in the 3D.

Your Souls Are Harmonizing With Your Divine Union

The Fire suit is connected to the fiery element of twin flames. You can often see the Four of Wands associated with the 3D stage of harmonizing with your divine union.

Your souls are harmonizing with each other on a steady basis. You’re exchanging energy and building up momentum to achieve your spiritual divine union.

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In Short

You can receive great news through the Four of Wands for twin flames. Your efforts of making progress on the journey can finally lead you to blessings and rewards.

You and your twin are on the right track toward divine union. But don’t rest on your laurels yet! In fact, this is the time to double your efforts, not slow down.

You’ve made a lot of progress so far. Don’t lose that momentum. You’re so close to manifesting your divine union!

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