27 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

Your twin flame misses you constantly, as you miss them. It’s something your higher self knows during your entire twin flame journey.

But what are the signs your twin flame is missing you? Maybe you haven’t experienced a full flame awakening yet. Maybe you’re not in psychic contact or in telepathic connection at a consciously aware level.

Knowing what signs to look for can help you during this process.

If you are currently going through a separation stage, let me help with a twin flame reading.

Signs They Miss You

Remember that any time we talk about signs on the twin flame journey, these are suggestions and not hard-set rules. You should never hold your journey, yourself or your mirror soul to a standard set by anyone else.

You Feel A Sense Of Warmth And Comfort

When your twin flame misses you, you often feel a sense of warmth and comfort. Even if you haven’t connected in the 3D during this lifetime, your twin flame connection history spans over lifetimes.

When your twin flame misses you, they sense discomfort even if they’re not consciously aware of it. Your soul will react instinctively to their distress just as much as theirs will react to yours.

Your bond of unconditional love is going to react by sending back and forth positive energy and high vibes. You’ll send each other warmth, comfort, and tenderness even at the level of your subconscious mind.

You Catch Yourself Smiling For No Reason

Twin Flame Missing YouYour twin flame connection is a beautiful, deep, and mysterious thing. It works in ways that outsiders might not be able to ever relate to or understand.

Even though you might still be in separation, you and your twin flame often exchange positive energy. The more you miss each other, the more comforting energy you exchange.

So when your twin flame misses you, your soul will instinctively react to their distress and comfort them. You’ll have a deep awareness of that interaction.

It’s going to bring you a sense of deep joy. You can find yourself smiling for no apparent reason.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder. While physical separation can be painful, in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter to the infinite connection of twin flames. Their love endures, and their bond continues.

They Keep Asking Your Friends About Your Love Life

A twin flame relationship is not always a straight line toward union. In fact, it’s often a meandering path. Sometimes, you and your twin go through one or more cycles of being together and breaking up. Or you might be part of the same circle but avoid making it romantic for a long time.

Even if you aren’t romantically involved yet, you’re likely to find out that your twin is asking your friends about your love life. It’s one of the signs of your twin flame missing you at their core level.

You or they might still be in denial about your journey or your destiny. But your souls will long for each other always.

Your love bond is unbreakable, regardless of the details of one lifetime or another.

Number Synchronicities When Your Twin Flame Misses You

Synchronicities are a natural part of the twin flame experience. Your twin flame bond means lifetimes of interactions, both consciously aware and unaware, at various points in time.

When your twin misses you, they will constantly send you signs of it through your twin flame connection. It’s not always something they’re aware of doing. They can’t help it, in fact.

Any intense feeling is transmitted as part of your twin flame connection. And when it doesn’t register as such for whatever reason, the universe, your guardian angels, and your spiritual team are going to intervene on your behalf to get your messages across.

That’s when you’ll see more synchronicities. Numbers that mean something to you are going to come up more and more. You might find yourself looking at the clock at the same time or at mirroring times.

Other twin flame numbers and sequences might start coming up soon. They will be a sign of your twin missing you.

You Feel A Sudden Overwhelming Sadness Or Longing

twin flame sending you loveWhen your twin flame misses you, the other half of your soul is in pain. Due to the nature of the soul bond, twin flames share a lot of their energy and feelings. The sharing is not always consciously aware.

That’s why you and your twin might end up sharing lower vibe feelings without meaning to. When your twin misses you, they will feel sadness and longing. You’ll sense that through your energy cord.

It can make you feel sad or get a sense of longing without having any clear reason for it. Ask for guidance and support from your spiritual team. You’ll realize your other half is the one actually feeling that way.

Sometimes we can become so wrapped up in our own thoughts and feelings. That is completely understandable, given the strains of the journey sometimes. But remember this, your mirror soul deals with the same energy. The same longing. They just often misdirect and misunderstand it.

Seeing Your Twin Flame In Dreams

Your twin flame journey is a mysterious and sometimes challenging path.

Your twin flame missing you and you missing them goes on before, during, and after you connect in the 3D. You’re both missing that sense of being one soul, even when you’re together in the 3D.

But you’re likely to find yourself seeing your twin flame in your dreams even before you connect in the 3D life. You might be wondering if your twin flame dreams about you too.

They could be a face you don’t know but a presence you deeply recognize. Or you might not even see their face, but feel their presence as that wonderful feeling of being home.

You Have Intense Dreams Of Interactions

Once the dream encounters start happening, the intensity of the connection grows. Your souls long for your twin flame reunion.

As your energies interact more and more, you’ll find each other in the dreamland and on the astral plane with more ease.

It’s common that twin flames share the same dream. And it can slowly turn into a very intense type of encounter. The twin flame sexual energy will start to spark up and simmer.

That simmering will turn into a slow burn, and it’s going to become burning hot pretty soon.

Twin Flames Reach Out Through Messages In Lyrics Or Movie/TV Show Lines

Once your energies connect at a higher level, even if it’s only spiritual right now, there’s going to be a lot of interchange of information.

Spiritual energy flows between your souls and brings with it all kinds of thoughts, ideas, and information. But maybe one twin flame feels ready to communicate directly, spiritually, telepathically, or even in the 3D, and the other one might not yet be prepared for that.

As a twin flame, you’ll find a lot of things coming your way that will be genuinely helpful. Lyrics in songs you hear, lines in movies or TV shows, and anything from your day-to-day life can convey a message.

Maybe your subconscious mind isn’t prepared for direct communication. But once the right stimulus is going to come your way via social media, songs, shows, or anything that is mundane at first glance, you’ll get the deeper meaning behind it.

And when one twin flame misses the other, there will be a lot of information related to longing and yearning coming both of your ways.

You Hear Your Song On The Radio

Twin flame connections often go hand in hand with arts and music in particular. It might seem like a crazy thing at first but think about this: the twin flame soul is one of the most sensitive and empathic of souls.

Even if you haven’t connected in the 3D yet, you can still have a song for you and your twin flame. You might hear it for the very first time and suddenly feel it’s your song.

Or maybe you hear the same song for the 100th time, and you suddenly have an epiphany about its deeper message and how it applies to your bond.

They Constantly Interact With You On Social Media

When your twin flame is missing you, you’ll interact to some capacity. Even if you’re on break or you’ve gone through a breakup in your relationship, your twin flames bond is unbreakable.

You are likely to find you keep interacting on social media, even if discreetly. It’s nothing like cyber stalking you or anything low-vibe like that.

You could find they keep liking, retweeting, or sharing some of your content. You’ll both sense the positive energy of that interaction, as subtle as it is.

It’s going to be comforting for you both, regardless of the details of your 3D situation.

You Experience Strange Sensations In Your Body

When twin flames miss each other, it’s not just one soul longing for the other. It’s going to be your body longing for the comfort of your twin’s presence.

You can experience all sorts of sensations in your body as a result of missing each other. They might be gone in just a few minutes, but you’ll know at a deep level what they mean.

Your palms or the soles of your feet might tingle. You could sense a tingly sensation somewhere on your body, almost like a caress even.

That’s your twin’s energy reaching out.

You Suddenly Want To Try New Things

twin flames growing togetherYou might find yourself suddenly thinking about doing things you’ve never done before.

Maybe you’ll feel compelled to visit someplace that doesn’t really have any special meaning to you. And yet you want to go there.

It’s very likely it’s a sign that your twin flame is missing you. It might be the place or the thing that your twin flame loves. Or it might be what they’re doing in order to take their mind off of their feelings of longing.

The twin flame telepathy is going to be at the core of your sharing information that way. It can be activated intentionally or unintentionally.

You Suddenly Feel Extremely Connected To Your Feminine Or Masculine Energy

Your twin flame bond involves a very specific type of energy dynamic.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine twin flame energies have nothing to do with gender. But that dynamic is always present in the twin flame bond.

When your twin misses you, it can activate a specific frequency in their energy. Your own energy is going to react naturally to that.

So one of the signs your twin flame is missing you is your Feminine or Masculine energy suddenly activating at a higher frequency.

You might even experience activations, awakenings, upgrades, and downloads as a result of that.

You Suddenly Feel Safe And Loved

Twin flame relationships are tough to navigate. One specific emotional trigger for twins is when their divine counterpart is in distress.

You feel it the very moment your twin goes through that. And missing you causes distress for sure. Your souls are going to react immediately by sending your twin the energy of comfort.

It’s going to make you both feel safe and loved. It’s your unconditional love flowing between your souls.

Your Twin Flame Sends You White Or Pink Feathers

When your twin flame is missing you and your energy, you’ll see signs from them and from the universe. Maybe your twin flame isn’t sending them out consciously, but they will send them out without being aware of it through their energy.

If you find white or pink feathers, it’s a sign they miss you. White and pink connect to the pure and gentle energy of your love bond.

You could also see white or pink birds or even objects. That’s also going to be a sign.

You Take A Sudden Interest In Getting Readings About Your Twin Flame Connection

Maybe you haven’t been interested in getting readings about your love life or spiritual journey before. Perhaps you didn’t feel the urge to reach out to highly trained relationship coaches.

If you suddenly have the intense feeling to reach out to a professional psychic artist or a certified relationship coach that’s experienced with twin flames, it’s coming from your twin flame missing you.

Once you connect with a spiritual relationship coach, you can take all the guesswork out of the equation. Getting tailor-made advice can help you process things.

These sudden urges to get help are signs your twin flame is missing you and considering or doing the same thing.

There’s A Palpable Silence

Your deep connection is part of your own life and of your twin flame. It’s there every step of the way.

Sometimes, missing each other makes you go into radio silence. It can happen in the 3D, in the spiritual realm, via dreams, or all of the above.

That almost palpable silence is a sign your twin is struggling with how much they miss you. They might be on the brink of a breakthrough.

You Begin Experiencing Changes In Your Life

When your twin flame goes through changes, you will too. Their longing for you is going to carry that energy of change with it.

Maybe your friend convinced you to finally take up something you weren’t interested in before. You could come across as not even being the same person.

These changes are going to be signs of powerful growth. And the driving power behind that is missing each other.

They Use Mutual Friends As An Excuse To Be In Touch

Your twin flame might still be at a physical distance. But they won’t be able to stay away from you.

Because they miss you, they’re likely to reach out by asking a mutual friend about you.

They Suddenly Appear In Your Thoughts

Are you on a business trip, minding your own business, and your twin flame is suddenly on your mind? It’s because your twin flame is missing you.

If you find yourself suddenly thinking about your twin, it’s most likely because they are thinking of you.

You Reminisce About The Good Old Days

While you’re in separation, you always deal with some sense of longing. Sometimes it’s a longing for something specific. Other times it can be a longing for things you’re not even aware of.

It’s because your twin flame is missing you. Their soul and yours are longing for the time you spent together.

You’ll find yourself reminiscing about the good old days because of that energy.

If you haven’t connected in the 3D yet during this life, you’ll reminisce about your own life experience. But it’s going to be the same energy behind it.

You Rediscover The Meaning Of Joy

One of the signs your twin flame is missing you is that you find yourself rediscovering the meaning of joy. On a deeper level, your soul knows that them missing you is a sign of progress on the journey. You’ll find renewed hope and joy in that.

The emergence of joy within a twin flame runner is often the physical manifestation of yearning for a counterpart. As twin flames are two indivisible aspects of a unified soul, the connection between them transcends emotions, allowing them to share and mirror each other’s sentiments. The bliss experienced by one twin is a reverberation of the passion and affection held between the two, even when they are separated.

This bond, unbreakable and enduring, only grows stronger with distance. The runner’s elation serves as a reminder of the love and luminosity that is at the core of their connection with their twin flame.

You’re Called To Focus On The Positive Inside You

When your twin flame is missing you, your subconscious mind directs you toward the positive inside you. It’s your spiritual signal to focus on your growth to help them raise their vibe too. By doing that, you help bring the two of you together.

This call to focus on your own positive traits is often a sign that your mirror soul is also thinking of those same traits. They remember how amazing you are and want to see you shine even brighter.

Thoughts Unrelated To Your Life Start Popping Up

As your twin misses you and focuses on your energy, your twin flame bond intensifies.

You can find yourself experiencing a strong desire to focus on ideas you never considered that much before.

Random thoughts and random sensations can come your way via your energy cord. It’s another clear sign of progress.

Your energies are starting to harmonize more.

You Don’t Waste Your Energy On The Bad Stuff

As a twin flame, you gain unique insight as a result of your personal experience.

You feel connected to your twin at all times. You feel compelled to exchange positive energy. Your conscious mind lets you know when to send your twin positive vibes and vice versa.

At this point, you’ll know there’s no point in wasting your energy on the bad stuff you’ve gone through.

Deep down, you know it’s all about moving forward.

Your Gut Tells You They Are Missing You

Your get feelings point you to the fact that they miss you.

This might seem like the most obvious sign your twin misses you. And yet, it can be easy to overlook or ignore it.

Your spiritual connection means you sense each other’s emotions, deepest secrets, and desires. You send each other positive vibes all the time.

You also know deep down what’s going on with each other. But because you long for your twin, you might be tempted to see that as wishful thinking.

The doubts you can struggle with can cloud your judgment about following your intuition.

Don’t let that happen. Your intuition is the purest compass for your journey.

Your soul knows the way to connect to your twins. Follow that lead. Look deep within your heart.

When your gut feeling says your twin misses you, believe it. Believe in yourself and in your bond.

They Want To Get (Back) Together With You

One of the most obvious signs your twin flame is missing you is for them to want to get back together.

You might have been going through a tough patch in your relationship. But you both feel there’s still an invisible string of good energy that binds you.

When it comes to your twin flame, you’re always ready to mend past mistakes and move on from them.

Even when you go through a breakup, there’s a sense of still being together. And it’s because you are always connected through your soul bond.

If you haven’t been in a 3D relationship yet, they’ll want to get together finally.

Opening up to the true nature of your bond means accepting your destiny to achieve union. Sooner or later, you both get there. It’s what you were born for, literally.

It’s only a matter of growth and divine timing. This very obvious and wonderful sign of missing you is coming. Prepare to embrace it with your unconditional love.

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In Short

You’ll always get signs your twin flame is missing you. Your twin’s soul longs for your twin flame reunion as much as yours.

Maybe one or both of you might not be as consciously aware of that longing as the other at a particular point in time.

But it is only a matter of time before you both realize it.

The truth of your souls comes to the surface in your consciously aware mind. Whether it’s a slower or faster process in some cases, you’ll get there.

Believe in yourself and in your twin. The truth of your bond is stronger than time and space – it’s unbreakable.

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