How Do You Know Someone Is Your Twin Flame? (26 Signs)

Wondering how do you know someone is your twin flame? It can be confusing, maddening and sometimes enough to make you question your sanity. And that’s before we even get to the more confusing parts like karmic partners.

Trying to work out if you’ve found your twin flame is a unique experience as the entire journey. Every single twin flame journey is unique, and after personally hearing thousands of stories from people (at various stages), the initial stage of figuring it out is just as unique.

Judging if someone is your twin flame starts with understanding what a twin flame really is. Maybe, more importantly, what it is not.

I can try and give some insight with a free twin flame reading, but most of this process is an inward journey of self-discovery and trusting your intuition. Twin flames are more attuned than most at this. Learn to rely on it.

But I can hopefully make this beginning process easier.

Signs Someone is Your Twin Flame

There are some signs and patterns you can look for. You might not see all of them, you might see variations, and it really depends on your blueprint, dynamic and where you currently are in your path.

I do tend to find the further down the path you progress (and the more spiritually aware you become), the more of these signs you pick up on. It’s likely you’re seeing far more than you notice but becoming consciously aware of them takes practice.

It’s often only the most obvious we notice, to begin with.

You might also find that none of these signs applies to your situation (or you haven’t noticed them). And if that’s the case, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t make your journey any less valid!

An Overwhelming Feeling Of Familiarity

One of the very telling signs that you’ve connected to your mirrored soul is an inescapable and maybe overwhelming feeling of familiarity. This feeling of being home when you’re around them.

You can experience that familiarity related to more abstract things like dreams, astral travels, or telepathic interactions. Or you might experience that familiarity in relation to 3D things.

This is likely to manifest as an overwhelming sense of recognition and feeling like you’ve known this person before. You might feel like you’re in a deja vu situation or that somehow, someway, this person is very, very familiar to you. Even on your very first meeting (though that’s certainly not always the case).

It can be a sense of deep knowledge related to a person, places or even situations that you might not be consciously aware of having had anything to do with.

Your familiarity is based on the energy cord that connects your souls. Your higher selves are in constant contact. You continuously share energy, thoughts, feelings, and even everyday situations.

And when you connect in the 3D, that feeling of familiarity is very likely to be almost overwhelming. You are literally part of the same higher-dimensional entity. You are one.

They Make You Want to Be Better

twin flames growing together(And this often goes both ways).

Whenever we talk about the twin flame separation stage (the stage of physical separation if you’re new to the journey), we often get hung up on the separation and the problems that come with being apart.

But there’s an important positive side to the twin flame separation stage that often gets forgotten. In fact, I only just posted about the twin flame separation being necessary. Exactly because of this sign.

Twin flames drive each other to be better. And I don’t just mean this like a Hollywood rom-com kind of trope. Twin flames really drive each other to be better, and this manifests in some incredible success.

During the twin flame separation stage, apart from the pain of twin flame runner and twin flame chase cycles, you’re actually being pushed to improve yourself. This is part of the mission of twin flames coming together. They are here to help each other heal, grow and expand spiritually.

You’re Interested in Individual Growth (Not Just as a Couple)

Note: This one can be hard to spot when there’s intense emotional energy going on.

twin flames co-createThis is a bit of an addition to the previous sign, but with some nuance. Twin flames improve each other by mirroring their strengths and weaknesses and allow each other to grow in ways that (for lack of a better word) normal people never can.

But this is more than just #couplegoals. While it makes for an incredible connection as a duo, twin flames are also driven as individuals, and this can manifest anywhere, personally or professionally.

You are likely to find that when twin flames come together, they create something much greater than the sum of their parts, but they inspire levels of greatness that wouldn’t be possible if they were apart.

I don’t think we’d even be able to survive the pain of the separation stage if we didn’t have this.

This is partly because twin flames challenge each other on a deep level but also because twin flames are here to help humanity. They don’t just push themselves forward – they make everyone around them better too.

Recurring Encounters

As divine counterparts, your encounters are recurring in various dimensions and throughout numerous lifetimes.

Whether you’ve already made contact in the 3D or not yet, you will continue to run into one another again and again. These encounters can show up as dreams, visions, and telepathy, all the way to unplanned face-to-face meetings.

It’s natural for that to happen. You will both be naturally attracted to very similar, if not the same, things (more on this later). And you’ll both naturally gravitate towards one another.

It’s not surprising at all to realize that you both like to frequent highly similar or even the very same places. These recurring encounters are a consequence of being so much alike and so deeply connected.

Your Doubts are Magnified

I love this one.

There’s a lot of misconception about what the first meeting between twin flames should or shouldn’t be.

Some think it’s instant bliss, you’re full of certainty, and if you even think of doubting the connection, then it’s not the real deal. I definitely don’t agree with this.

Part of the twin flame connection driving you forward means it causes you to doubt. Partly this amplifies your insecurities (and that of your mirror soul) to give you both an opportunity to grow, but it’s also important to question the journey.

Without questioning it, we’d be charging headlong into karmic connection after karmic connection. Wasting our time and, ultimately, never reaching union.

It’s not about being certain. It’s about having faith. It doesn’t matter whether the first twin flame encounter is beautiful or painful (or a bit of both). When twin flames come together, it always brings up your deepest doubts and fears.

Trust your intuition and let it take you to a place of discovery and healing.

Explosive Sexual Energy And Attraction

One of the most intense things about your twin flame journey is going to be the flame sexual energy.

It’s going to come through as an unparalleled attraction during your first interactions, spiritual or 3D. And it will continue to show up as the most amazing sexual energy and chemistry you have felt or will ever feel.

In fact, sexual energy is so intense that it can become addictive. It can trigger unhealed shadows or wounds because of its intense pull.

It’s also one reason why some flames mistake their karmic or false flame for their authentic counterpart. That’s likely to happen, especially before having made 3D contact with your authentic flame.

It happens because deep down, you know you’re a flame. And when you feel intense chemistry and powerful attraction to someone, you can mistakenly identify them as that soul you’re so deeply connected to.

But it’s only a matter of time before you’ll realize that the person is not your authentic mirror soul.

A Turbulent Relationship

Some (not all) twin flames have one of these on-again, off-again relationships early on. They don’t go through a single separation stage but multiple as they come together before they’re both ready.

The high energy of the connection can lead to… turbulence for both of you. There can be a lot of chaos and drama in these stages. The intensity of the twin flame attraction is so great that it can lead to an unbalanced, unhealthy state of being if both twin flames are not ready to do the work needed to reach union.

This often happens when one twin is further along on their spiritual journey, but it does mean you both have some work to do.

Time Doesn’t Exist

twin flame signWhen twin flames are together here in the 3D (or sharing a dream even), it can be easy to lose track of time. This seems to be a recurring theme no matter what stage you’re at.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the twin flame runner or chaser. When twin flames are close to one another, time seems to disappear. You both become so deeply absorbed in one another that the outside world fades away.

On a personal level, I’d always assumed this would fade with time but based on my own experience and the stories I hear… I’m not sure it ever does.

Telepathic Communication

It’s very likely you’ll come to realize that you’ve been having telepathic communication with your mirroring soul for most, if not all, of your life. The twin flame telepathy is yet another powerful way for your soul bond connection to make itself known.

You’ll constantly share feelings, thoughts, guidance, support, and knowledge.

When you connect in the 3D, you’re very likely to find you’re saying the same things at the same time, using the same words or phrases, or making the same cultural references that perhaps not many others do.

This is a sign that can be jarring, especially closer to your first steps along this journey. It can be very confusing to realize you have a telepathic connection with someone, but it’s something that’s just sort of always been there.

Your communication will also bring immense comfort and support, though. It will be a source of deep reassurance and joy the more you raise your vibration.

Intense Feelings That Aren’t Yours

You’ll share pretty much everything of yourselves through your energy cord. That can mean you’ll come to realize you’re feeling someone else’s feelings.

This might be a sign that’s harder to pick up on at a consciously aware level before you make 3D contact. That’s simply because it might be harder to realize you’re experiencing someone else’s feelings before being aware of that person’s feelings.

As a result of the high vibrational nature of your soul, you’ll also be very empathic. That’s going to make you very sensitive to the intense feelings of everyone around you as well. But your divine counterpart’s feelings are going to be different. And because you’ll have spent most of your life being an empath, you’ll be able to sense the difference.

The more in contact you will be, the more of each other’s feelings you’ll experience and the more intense that can become.

Strange Synchronicities

twin flame number signsSynchronicities are events, situations, and signs that you seem to run into repeatedly. They can be numbers, words, songs, phrases, or other day-to-day signs that will jump out at you.

One of the simplest and most common ones is looking at your watch or phone at very mirroring times, like 11.11, or 12.21.

Mirroring and repeating flame numbers or sequences are very common when it comes to twin flames: angel numbers, numbers or words coming up in addresses, phone numbers, license plates, song lyrics, movies, books, TV series, and so on. These signs are going to follow you along your journey toward achieving divine union. They will be present before and after you make 3D contact.

I’ve heard different theories about why the universe chooses to communicate with number patterns. It seems to love to communicate and get our attention with patterns and numbers are just an easy way to do it.

Not the only sync you’ll see guiding your path but just a convenient one because it can break down into specific meanings.

The universe and your spiritual team are going to constantly send you messages through these synchronicities. They’ll share guidance and support at important points along your way and when you ask for assistance.

You Can’t Quite Explain the Connection

This is another one I love because I have a lot of personal experience with it.

When I started writing about twin flames… I didn’t know how to put it into words. Now I hear from people all the time who are starting out on their journey and don’t quite know how to experience what they’re feeling.

It’s tough to put the twin flame connection into words because it’s not something we’ve ever been taught about. It’s not like any other relationship out there. It’s just not how we understand the universe. This often frightens a twin flame runner even more because they just don’t know how to wrap their head around this idea.

You can’t quite explain it because it doesn’t fit into any of the boxes we’ve been taught to put our relationships into. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s a great sign someone is your twin flame.

Strange and Shared Dreams

twin flames dreamingI talk a lot about twin flame dreams because I find it such a fascinating topic. I actually think it might be one of the best tools we have to help deal with separation phases, and it’s certainly one of the best twin flame signs around.

Twin flames share dreams. Constantly.

They can communicate in dreams more freely than anywhere else and spend time together even before physically meeting on Earth.

The problem is that most of us don’t remember our dreams. We sometimes remember the most recent one right before we wake, but we dream many times throughout the night. You’ll often hear stories of twin flames sharing dreams together (in fact, our next sign is a… specific example of this), but it happens far more than we’re ever aware of.

If you’re trying to work out if someone is your twin flame, start keeping a dream diary.

Lucid Dreams And Astral Travel

Whether you’ve already made contact in the 3D or not yet, you and your twin will constantly dream about one another. You’ll be side by side in numerous astral travels and lucid dreams.

As part of these interactions, you’re also likely to experience flashbacks of your previous lives together.

You’ll feel each other’s presence in your dreams and nighttime spiritual travels. And it will bring you comfort and joy, particularly during your separation phase. Some counterparts find that they experience more of these interactions when they’re not in direct contact, but often after having made initial contact in the 3D.

Dream encounters, especially lucid ones and astral contact, often happen during the separation phase. At that point, you’re both consciously aware of each other, even if one is still rejecting the journey or has put it on hold.

But despite the runner’s attempt to put distance between you in the 3D, you’re in constant contact in the spiritual realm. And your energies will be more in tune with one another after you’ve connected in the 3D.

Sexual Lucid Dreams

The longing your soul will feel will attract these lucid dreams and astral meetings. You might find you have real-life interactions in these dreams, including sexual interactions if you’ve activated the romantic blueprint during this human experience.

If your lucid dreams tend to include sexual encounters, don’t freak out. It’s perfectly normal. Your souls long for one another in a way no others can. Your human vessels will translate that into a physical longing that can become almost consuming.

As a result of that incredible longing, your higher selves are likely to activate these lucid dream encounters that can also be sexual. They can become a regular type of lucid dream, in fact.

In a sense, you’ll play out part of your romantic blueprint through those encounters. So in their consciously aware state, your runner might put the journey on hold. But through your dreams, you’ll actually be working on your bond.

Numerous Things In Common

You can be interacting in different ways with one another at various points in time. Whether it’s in the spiritual realm, in dreams, telepathic exchanges, or in the 3D, there will always be a lot in common between you.

In some cases, there are so many things in common that it triggers the awakening of one or both mirroring souls. In others, these things you have in common can come as a form of confirmation of what you’re already consciously aware of.

The good news is that you’ll share so much that you’ll simply fit together effortlessly and almost immediately. That sense of having so incredibly much in common can be so deep that it can trigger fears or a sense of overwhelm, which can lead to a runner scenario, though.

You might be reluctant to embrace the surrender phase of your twin flame journey. That’s perfectly understandable. The magnitude of this journey can be overwhelming. But have no doubt, it’s only a phase. And you’ll get through it. It’s only a matter of time.

The number of things in common and similarities are sometimes incredible. The more you get to know one another, the more you might realize you have similar or the same habits. You might love your coffee in the same particular way. Maybe you even get it from the same place for who knows how long.

It’s very common to realize you have the same favorite songs, TV shows, movies, regular hangout locations or the same favorite pastimes and hobbies.

A Drive to Try New Things

Even more fun than having things in common, twin flames inspire each other to try new things. You might be filled with a sense of wanderlust or the energy to try something you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing. Maybe you’ll even start a business or jump out of a plane.

Twin flames inspire. They build. They co-create. The early stages of this can be a definite sign of your mirror soul entering your life.

Your twin flame is your perfect match, after all. So it only makes sense that they would inspire you to do things you love and feel passionate about. They’ll also be there to encourage you when you need it most.

A Drive to Try Their Things

This invisible communication between you is more than just driving each other to new heights and telepathic communication.

You share emotions, pains and (in this case) excitement.

You might find yourself with a burning desire or interest in a new topic or hobby. This can be a physical manifestation of your twin sharing their excitement with you. (And this goes both ways). It might be something you’ve always been sort of interested in, or it might come straight out of the blue.

Shadows, Inner Child Issues and Emotional Traumas

The flip side of having an amazing amount of things in common will be having shadows, inner child issues, and emotional traumas in common too. You might find you’ve gone through the same or eerily similar traumatic events throughout your human experiences.

These events will prompt both of you to grow. Having to overcome similar issues and challenges is going to help your bond grow and deepen as well. But it can also prove to be triggering and challenging as you come together.

That’s part of the reason why the separation phase can come as a blessing in disguise. It allows you to work on your inner child’s wounds, so they don’t get in the way of your connection.

You Are Both Teacher and a Student

You are probably the more spiritually attuned one, but twin flames are always teaching and learning from each other in different ways.

You might find that your twin helps you to see things from a different perspective. They can help you to understand and integrate your spiritual experiences in a way that feels more real for you. You might also find that you have a lot to teach them about the physical world and how to navigate it.

The yin and yang. The runner and chaser. You’ll balance each other out.

You Can’t Get Them Out Of Your System

Whether you’ve gotten to the point of having a relationship as part of a romantic blueprint or you were only best friends, there’s no getting over your mirrored soul. The attraction, the chemistry, the natural way you fit together – all of that is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience. Of course, you can’t get over that!

People who don’t know much about this journey might find that hard to understand or process. They might not understand. And that’s okay. This is a confusing journey for those going through it. Imagine how confusing it can be to those outside of it!

Many flames realize the nature of their bond precisely because they can’t get that person out of their system, even after a long-term separation. But you need to be very careful and discerning at this point.

When you’ve realized you are a flame, you can be very vulnerable. You might mistakenly identify a false flame, a soulmate, or a karmic partner as your divine counterpart.

Always ask for guidance and support from your spiritual team. And be mindful of how false flames can manifest.

Further Guidance

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In Short

When it comes to telling if someone is your twin flame, you’ll probably recognize at least one of the signs we talked about.

Many divine counterparts pick up on the fact that they are flames because of the signs. It’s often the case that repeatedly running into one or more of these signs triggers the flame awakening of your conscious awareness. You can pick up on different or more signs to recognize your twin flame. Just be open to this journey of exploration.

Shower yourself and your mirrored soul with your higher dimensional unconditional love. All things will reach their natural flow in divine timing.

And no matter how daunting or triggering any phase of your journey might be, don’t forget: you’re not alone! The whole collective is right there, by your side. And your spiritual team, higher self, and your counterpart’s higher self are always right by your side.

Ask for support and guidance whenever you feel the need to. You’ll notice the universe will conspire to help and support you along your way toward fulfilling your sacred mission of finally achieving divine union and merging.

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