False Twin Flames: Signs and Meaning

Running into the false twin flame situation can be very confusing and even traumatizing for you. Though it’s hard to see any good coming off of it, the good news is that it’s all for the better when it comes to the bigger picture.

A false twin flame is someone you are sure is your twin flame (at least for a period) when they are not. That karmic kind of situation is going to help you learn lessons and burn away karma and shadows from your energy field and thereby from your true twin flame bond, though; there is some good that comes out of all of that confusion and pain. These karmic connections can help you get closer to real union somewhat faster by offering you the chance to process pending karma.

Your false twin may be a soul tie, just not a twin flame type of soul tie. These relationships are intense and may involve deep feelings of love and passion, which is why you might become convinced it’s your twin flame. Some signs that you’re in a false twin situation could be experiencing spiritual radio silence, feeling anxiety and unrest, becoming distrustful of yourself and your feelings and insight, and even feeling drained on an energetic and even physical level. But after a false twin flame situation becomes clear, you go through karmic processing which actually helps you get closer to achieving divine union with your real twin flame. You can take this chance to focus on mutual growth and development, since your false twin may in fact be in the same boat as you.

What Are False Twin Flames?

If you’ve ever been sure, entirely positive that someone is your true twin flame but things went so south that you realized they weren’t, you might be left wondering what just happened to you and where you truly stand at that point.

One interesting fact to keep in mind is that false twin flame situations tend to happen to people who are indeed twin flames. Among their many characteristics, twin flames tend to be empaths, highly interactive on an emotional level, selfless and forgiving, optimistic, hopeful, and ready to offer unconditional love.

Because of those traits, they tend to attract to their extremes in terms of traits – either people highly like them, or people who are highly unlike them. These extremes can (and often do) generate situations like the false twin flame scenario.

What is a false twin flame, anyway? Simply put, a false twin flame is someone you’re convinced is your twin flame, but in fact, they are not. What is this person though, if they are not your twin flame when you were so sure that they were at some point in time?

Karmic Relationships

When you run into a false twin flame relationship situation, you are in fact dealing with a karmic lesson to be learned there. There’s some relationship blueprint karma left to process for you and/or them, and this is one opportunity given to you to get around to processing that.

Though karmic relationships get something of a bad reputation, they are in fact opportunities given to you to process something and end that karmic cycle. By doing that, you resolve that pending energy from your field and rid yourself and your true twin flame of that shadow.

Though twin flame relationships are very intense and passionate, they don’t have a monopoly on those feelings. There are plenty of connections that are intense and passionate and if you haven’t yet connected with your true twin flame, you’re likely to think that what you’re feeling right now is the most you could possibly feel.

Keep in mind that the basis of the false twin flame relationship is infatuation rather than high-frequency unconditional love. It’s that infatuation coupled with your spiritual knowledge that you are indeed on the twin flame journey that makes you feel convinced that person is your twin flame. You’re not likely to end up confused about someone and think that they are your twin flame unless you’ve got a huge crush on them, at the very least.

And if you’ve just awakened to your spiritual truth and are still finding your bearings, intense crushes are likely to awaken a part of your high-frequency emotional body enough to bring to life certain parts of you prepared for types of connections you are meant to be part of – meaning the twin flame one, for instance.

karmic relationships

Karmic Soul Ties (or Soul Mate)

In some cases, the type of karmic relationship you’re dealing is with someone to whom you actually do have a soul tie, just not a twin flame one. This is why it’s important to understand the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate (and it’s so often misunderstood)!

Just like true twin flame connections can go bad, true soulmate connections can also go bad. When they do, they become karmic in nature as well. Because there is a spiritual basis to your soul bond and there are deep feelings at some point in time, these relationships are in fact easier to confuse for the twin flame type of connection.

The soulbond is likely to awaken a lot of fears and shadows you still need to heal. This will also lead to growth, once you’ve made the commitment to ascend and connect with your true twin flame. Now that you’ve met your false twin flame, it’s going to be somewhat easier to make your way towards your true twin flame and make progress towards achieving twin flames union.

These types of false twins though can also cause you to feel unsure about your true twin flame journey because you do have a soul tie to this type of false twin so your heart might be feeling very confused. But the connection is not a twin flame type of soul tie, even if your souls have made a commitment to each other lifetimes ago.

False Twin Flame Relationship

A false twin flame relationship is a relationship you engage in with someone you meet and feel sure is your twin flame when in fact you’ve met your false twin flame instead.

Even though these are false twin flames, they are usually very intense and passionate connections. You might be deeply in love with this person, in fact. But it’s a different type of love from the 5D high-frequency unconditional love which is the basis of the true twin flame relationship and soul bond.

You may or may not get some sign that your commitment to this person is not your twin flame journey or that this is not your true flame. But at the time, when emotions are running high, you are likely to reject the idea or even the possibility of a false twin flame.

It’s understandable since false twin flames are partners or potential partners that you have deep feelings and a lot of passion for. These are not lukewarm types of interactions or relationships. You mistake them for the real deal true twin flame because they are so intense and steamy to make you believe at least for a while that the person your real twin flame.

Signs of a False Twin Flame

Radio Silence

Though you might be convinced that this is your true flame, one sign that it might not be the case is that you’re experiencing radio silence.

ThisĀ doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no contact at all. That is a type of radio silence you most definitely experience as part of a true twin situation. This is the type of radio silence you experience around and about this false twin as far as your higher self is concerned. Your soul might be giving you no feedback or messages about them or it might be trying to give you a sense of not truly being connected.

It just doesn’t feel right. Something is missing.

A true twin is not someone you make a commitment to in the human experience as the basis of your bond. It’s someone to whom your soul is deeply connected in a way that cannot be escaped or ignored. If you don’t feel that soul-deep connection between you and your heart of hearts doesn’t feel recognition of this soul, then you’ve likely met your false twin rather than your true twin flame.

Anxiety and Unrest

If you’re not the type to shy away from a commitment by and large and you’re looking forward to this twin flame journey going into the union phase, and yet you can’t shake the feeling that something about this whole thing is all wrong, then you’re most likely dealing with a false twin flame.

The sense that you’re not liking where things are going or that you’re not interested or excited about moving to the next step of the way is a clear sign that something about this whole thing is not vibe-ing with you the way it should. If you feel anxious about the idea of a twin flame at all or about the particular person you think is your twin flame (and is most likely your false twin flame instead), then this is a sign something is not right in this picture.

Getting anxious can also happen when you’re dealing with a real twin flame, but it wouldn’t be anxiety about the closeness of the bond since that is second nature to you both. It’s more likely anxiety about not being with them, about being apart. Even twin flames who are not yet awakened know on some level that they’re on the twin flame journey.


The next level of discomfort about something you think is a true twin flame bond but is in fact not a real twin flame is the sense of distrust.

The doubts and anxiety you go through when in a false twin flame situation can start to make you feel like you can’t trust your gut feelings or higher self telling you this isn’t what you think it is. Once doubt creeps in and you’re not sure about it, you might experience a lack of trust in yourself and in the bond. This might be the most confusing and perhaps triggering part of the situation.

At this point of dealing with a false twin flame situation, it’s very important you seek guidance and support from your spiritual team, twin flame support groups, and people you trust with your spiritual journey. Those who are called to help others and other members of the collective, whether they’ve experienced this particular situation or not, are going to be instrumental in you regaining your balance.

Feeling Drained

If interacting or even simply contemplating your supposed twin flame makes you feel drained, exhausted, even unwell, then this is a toxic energetic connection and not a true twin flame soul bond.

While the twin flame soul bond is an energetic cord that keeps the twin flames in constant energetic contact and acts as a bridge for sharing information, thoughts, and even support, it never acts as a vampiric connection.

An energy vampire is someone who drains your energy to use as they see fit or to simply deprive you of it. Symptoms of that are feeling lightheaded, uneasy, confused, fatigued, and drained. You may suddenly feel overcome with exhaustion or unable to even think straight. All of that can happen when someone is pulling on your energy, but that will never be something a twin flame would do. Someone who has gotten close enough to you and is a false twin might, though.

While a false twin doesn’t have to have any ill will or malevolent intentions towards you, if you’re a natural healer, they need energy, and you’re close enough and open enough to allow it, they will pull on it even without knowing that they are. Again, this isn’t something a true twin flame would do – they wouldn’t be able to, since to their energy field, they would be harming themselves.

Signs of a False Twin Flame Infographic

What Happens After a False Twin Flame?

Karmic Processing

A false twin flame situation is one of those situations in which you can process a lot of karmic baggage. Most likely, that’s one of the reasons why you were given the opportunity to experience this type of scenario.

While a real twin flame situation can be very triggering especially during twin flame separation and it’s an occasion to grow and evolve emotionally and spiritually, a false twin flame type of scenario can be all the more triggering and thereby can help you achieve all the more healing.

While the occasion is for sure not the best of things, the end result can be a very positive one for you, nonetheless. Healing and shadow work is an essential part of your real twin flame journey. If you got to do some serious healing and shadow work as a result of a false twin flame experience, it’s still progress towards achieving union with your true twin flame, even if a bit of a roundabout way to it.

Mutual Growth and Development

If the false twin flame situation helps you to get to do some healing and shadow work, then it’s still progress towards gaining a higher frequency and achieving twin flame union with your real twin flame.

While in some cases it may happen that the false twin flame would actively give you the impression they are your true twin while knowing they are not, in most cases it’s very likely that they wouldn’t be aware of any of it. If they are aware of your belief that you’re twin flames, they might even share it.

Remember that it might come as much of a shock to them as it comes to you that you’re in a false twin situation. When the realization hits either one or both of you, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re the best ones to offer each other support through this difficult and potentially confusing or even painful process. Offer each other support and kindness, since you’re both in the same false twin boat.

You can both take this experience as an opportunity to grow and develop your way towards you ascensions. So a false twin situation doesn’t have to be all bad, even though it’s very likely to be painful, confusing, and may at times have you stumped.

Guidance on Your Twin Flame Journey

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What Happens to the False Twin Flame

Remember that not all false twin flame connections are painful or negative. I get emails asking what happens when they let go of a false twin flame and if they’ll be hurt or not.

I won’t sugarcoat it. Sometimes it’s going to sting for the false flame but that’s only in the short term.

It’s all too easy for us to get so wrapped up in our own journey that we forget that other people are on their own spiritual path. Perhaps they have their own mirror soul out there or perhaps this lifetime holds something different in-store for them. They have their own spiritual path to follow.

There can be short-term hurt but this is generally less hurt than staying in a relationship with a false twin soul. They also tend to bounce back sooner than you’d expect with a traditional 2D relationship.

In Short

Though a false twin flame situation can be pretty confusing, exhausting, and painful, you can take a spiritual approach to the situation and try to make the most of it as it happens.

Though uncomfortable, this is a situation that can be turned from a crisis into an opportunity to learn karmic lessons, make spiritual and emotional progress, and actually gain a higher frequency so that you’ll be able to harmonize with your real twin flame. In fact, you and your false twin may help each other with achieving that, if it’s an honest mistake on both parts. While the basis of your bond isn’t a twin flame unconditional love, it’s very likely love, nonetheless.

This is one of those times when communing with the collective and your spiritual team is an absolutely essential part of your spiritual routine and a lifeline that will help you navigate these strange and unfamiliar waters. It might turn out to be a bumpy ride, but remember that on the other side of this all is your real twin and your true twin flame journey. So onward and upward, as they say!

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  1. I have been dealing with my twin flame for over 3 years ,he ran and I chased he would go silent and I would wait I got him to give us a chance and he put in very little effort but I felt him coming around then I was absent for 3 days and when I came back it was different my intuition told me he was talking to his ex again and when he delayed my visit I lost my temper and told him to keep her and he has not talked to me since so I gave it s few weeks and told him that I was letting go so he could find his happiness and that I decided to start dating again because I am tired of being the only one putting forth effort only to be cut off with no contact and I want to be in a loving relationship so what do you think I know when we are together that nothing or no one can compare and I am never bored with him and can be happy just being with him

  2. I think I am with a false twin flame. We have known each other for over forty years, but been far away from each other physically for most of that time. He had stayed in my emotional presence most of the time – but it was usually me calling him that kept the sense of relationship active. We have both been with other people, and it didn’t cause discomfort. However, now we are living in the same house – his family home that he inherited when his father died. All of a sudden, I started feeling jealous, even though we are not even sexually involved at this time. Now we are avoiding each other most of the time. I recently met a very nice man and I am waiting to see what happens … But I feel very sad at times, thinking that it might cause pain to this long term friend. At the same time, I think he might be relieved to find out there might be someone else better suited for me.

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