Twin Flame Communication in Dreams

When it comes to twin flame communication in dreams, there are a lot of potential reasons and consequences to it.

But what does it mean to have communication in dreams with your twin flame? It all very much depends on the stage of the twin flames journey that you’re at. Before having made 3D contact with your twin flame, it means that your energies are harmonizing and you’re manifesting one another. If you’re in separation, then your twin flame energy might be reaching out to you without them being consciously aware of it; or maybe they’re thinking of you so much that it’s manifesting in your dreams because conscious energy fuels your unbreakable energy bond. If there’s an impending twin flames union coming up, the dreams could be your higher selves telling you that your soul journey is about to reach the true unconditional love stage of the connection. You can reach out to your twin flame in your dreams if you cleanse your energy, meditate, set intention, and then surrender to the twin flame’s unconditional love soul bond.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Your Twin Flame?

Before 3D Contact

Energies Harmonizing

Before you’ve made 3D contact with your twin flame, you could be dreaming of them because your energies are harmonizing as part of the journey. Since the basis of your soul contract is an unbreakable energy bond, there’s always a psychic connection going on between you. The more in tune your energies become, the more you’ll feel each other’s energy and presence and it will start with the dream state since that’s when you’re more open and thereby vulnerable to energies, by and large.

Manifesting One Another

When one or both of you are manifesting one another, you will get a lot of dream communication with your twin flame. The more energized your energy bond will be, the stronger, clearer and more frequent your dream communication will be too.

The twin flame communication can reach the telepathy stage too, during dreams first and then as you’re consciously aware as well. The power of the focus and the intensity and energy level of the bond acts as a conduit towards harmonizing energies more and more. The more in tune you are with one another, the freer and more nuanced and deeper the communication becomes.

At the manifesting stage of this part of the journey, you may not put a face to your twin flame, but you’re definitely very familiar with their energy signature.

In Separation

Unconsciously Reaching Out

If you and your twin flame are in separation, whether they were the ones to put up a barrier or not, their energy is constantly going to reach out to yours. It’s simply a reflex of your energetic bodies, something that can’t be helped whether you want to or not. The soulbond is way too powerful to suppress and it can never be broken.

The more you try to quiet it down, the more it will come through in dreams, in fact. The psychic bond between twin flames is a higher level of connection, but the dream bond is part of your inner workings as twin flames. You’re in constant contact through your higher selves and the dreamland, whether you’re up for it or not.

Consciously Thinking of You

Of course, if your twin flame is consciously thinking of you, then that’s going to intensify the twin flames dreams bond as well.

The more consciously aware attention your twin flame gives your soul contract, the stronger your energy bond becomes and the more powerful the pull between you becomes. In fact, if you’re having more and more twin flame related dreams or they’ve become way more vivid and full of details, you can be sure that your twin flame is consciously thinking about you.

Impending Union

If you and your twin flame have reached the surrender stage of your journey, then your twin flame union isn’t too far away. You might see more and more synchronicities telling you at what stage of your twin flames soul journey you’re at.

When you’re seeing pre-union symptoms, your higher selves are harmonizing intensely and very often. In fact, at this stage, they might be constantly in tune with one another. You most likely are a constant feature in each other’s dreams, and whether there’s verbal communication going on or not, there’s twin flame communication going on constantly – whether you’re asleep or not.

Reaching unconditional love high frequency also boosts twin flame telepathy to the point of it being an open line of communication at any and all times, whether it’s during dreams or not.

How to Communicate with Your Twin Flame in a Dream

Cleanse Your Energy

Being able to reach out to your twin flame is a matter of energetic connection. The first and most significant step is to make sure that your energy is as clean as possible, meaning as unaffected as you can make it by any other factors which change your frequency.


Meditating helps hone in on that unconditional love frequency you share with your twin, so it makes the contact through dreams easier to achieve. You can meditate on improving your connection to your twin, in fact, but simply meditating will help you achieve inner peace – that’s your natural state, in which you and your twin are naturally in tune with one another.

Set Intention

It’s important to set your intention if you want to make dream contact with your twin flame. Though you’re naturally in tune with one another, intentional and consciously aware attention intensifies the energy bond between you and helps spur on dream contact and twin flame telepathy.


This is an essential part of the process: you need to surrender to the unconditional love bond between you. There’s a lot of magic waiting to happen between you, and in order for it to come online, it needs your acceptance and mental, emotional, and spiritual space.

Furthering Your Journey

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The Important Bit

If you’re experiencing twin flame communication in dreams or if you’re trying to manifest it, the core answer and key are that of focusing on your bond of unconditional love. It’s your core essence as twin flames, and the frequency at which you feel the most comfortable.

Surrendering to it will give you all the answers you need and provide you with all the guidance you want. And if you need more, we and the collective are always here to offer as much support and guidance as we can!

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