Letting Go of a False Twin Flame [How and Why]

Whether it’s you or your twin dealing with it, letting go of a false twin flame isn’t (always) as simple as you might expect. They often serve a purpose on the journey however and there are things you can do to help your path toward union.

Letting go of a false twin flame is often an obstacle for one of both twins on their journey toward reunion. On a journey littered with challenges, moving on requires inner guidance and often contends with doubt and expectations from society.

If you are the more spiritually progressed twin, it might seem obvious to you that your partner is with a false twin flame. Or perhaps you are the one in a relationship with a karmic partner and you’re not sure how to move on.

Why is Letting Go of a False Twin Flame Hard?

Every twin flame journey is unique and there are many stressors for leaving a false twin flame. Some of the more common ones:

  • Pressure from friends, family and broader society.
  • Children might be involved.
  • Doubt of the twin flame journey.
  • Simple comfort and familiarity.

As humans, we are often hard wired to avoid conflict. Even the most adventurous ‘dive into the unknown‘ personalities are looking for some base level of safety and comfort in their lives.

When I recently looked at how do you know if someone is your twin flame I used the word ‘doubt‘ a lot. It’s perfectly normal to doubt or be unsure. It’s also very likely your twin feels the same doubt. So if one (or both) of you are unsure about exactly what is going on it’s a big ask to make that jump.

Often this isn’t even a conscious decision and (sometimes) false twin flame relationships are not uncomfortable. They are not the same as a connection with your twin flame but sometimes the certainty of just alright seems better than the unknown potential of perfect.

Remember: False Twins Mean Different Things

I’ve linked the guide on false twin flames above (and on the sidebar) because it’s important to understand no matter what stage you’re on.

There are some arguments and incorrect assumptions made over what the term false really means. Sometimes it’s just a normal relationship or a soulmate. It’s possible for these to be relatively happy relationships (and therefore harder to leave) and even the earlier stages of a karmic relationship can carry some high energy signals (similar to meeting a twin flame) which are not immediately obvious.

In Short: It’s Not a Logical Decision

Letting go of a false twin flame is difficult because our emotions get involved.

Even if we’re at the stage where we know this isn’t the right person that doesn’t always make it a simple decision to leave. We might not want to cause hurt to ourselves, to them or to third parties we’ve built a life around.

There are things you can do to help and I’ll cover a couple just now.

How to Let Go of a False Twin Flame

How to Let Go of a False Twin Flame

Note: If it’s your twin dealing with a false twin flame you might want to take a look at the guide on your twin flame dating someone else. Understanding is always useful, however, the process of helping them let go of a false flame is the same either way.

A false twin flame (whatever form that takes) is here to serve a purpose. While the twin flame separation phase is emotionally and spiritually challenging it’s there to prepare you both for union.

A false twin flame isn’t there to intentionally cause either of you harm. They might well be on their own twin flame journey and, from their perspective, you could also be a false twin flame. There’s no malice here, they are playing a role in your journey (most likely without knowing it).

It doesn’t matter if it’s you or your twin flame dealing with a false twin flame. You both need to do the same work in order to move on and sometimes the simple act of you focusing on you will trigger your twin to do the same thing.

Your focus should be within.

This is not code for ‘be selfish’. You should always be respectful of the feelings of others but if you know your future lies elsewhere then you’re being respectful to both yourself and them by ending it and allowing you both to move on.

Dragging this situation out because you don’t want an uncomfortable situation isn’t fair to them either. You’re going to need to be respectful of their feelings and part of that means causing you both short-term pain so you’re not leading them on.

If you don’t emotionally feel ready to make that next step, my advice is always the same. Follow your own inner journey. Focus within. This can take many different forms for different people but if you’re looking for somewhere to start I’d suggest twin flame meditation.

Further Guidance

If you would like some further guidance on your twin flame journey, tell me what you’re dealing with so far. A false twin or anything else, provide whatever detail you think is important and I’ll send you a reading to help guide you forward.

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