Do Both Twin Flames Know?

The nature of the twin flame attraction and energy is unlike any other, but do both twin flames know that they’re on track towards a twin flame union?

If you’re wondering if both twin flames feel the same way about each other, on a core level, the answer is yes. But there are multiple layers to that. Whether one twin is unaware, consciously aware, they are in separation or in union, the way they are aware of their feelings changes. If one twin is in a state of unconscious awareness, is aware but in denial about the bond, or their ascension process is still a working progress, even as an unawakened twin flame you know that you found your twin flame.

Do Twin Flames Feel the Same about Each Other?

Depending on the level of awareness that each twin flame has about their own divine destiny and spiritual path, they are more or less aware of their twin flame relationship nature. Do they feel the same about each other? In a deeper, soul level meaning, yes. But there are so many layers to that.

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While the core feelings of one twin flame for the other one are basically the same, just how aware each twin is about the journey and the nature of the energy connection between them influences how aware they are about those core feelings.

The basis of the twin flame relationship is that of lifetimes of high-frequency love, a solid foundation that cannot be demolished or weakened by the human experience in itself. But the level of awareness of the vessel determines just how much of that good stuff makes it into manifestation in the 3D reality.

The energy of the core feelings comes through as the twin flame embraces acceptance and surrender to the journey and the ascension process.

Conscious Awareness

With conscious awareness of the feelings between the twin flames also come signs of that bond that become more and more visible and present.

The awareness of the connection gives energy to the bond and helps more and more of the core feelings to come online. With conscious awareness, the twin flame relationship reaches a higher frequency and activates more of the spiritual potential of both twin flames.

Be mindful that having conscious awareness doesn’t always mean embracing the bond, though. A twin flame can be consciously aware of their feelings for their counterpart, but still be in denial about it. The denial also energizes the connection, and still brings online more of the lifetimes-long love.

One way or another, more signs of the next stage on the path towards union will start to manifest into reality.


When twin flames are in separation, their level of awareness of their feelings for one another depends on a few factors.

Once you’ve become aware that you’re in the separation phase and are going through the separation symptoms, your level of awareness of your feelings for your twin changes step by step. With the no contact stage and the separation blues, your feelings start to become clear to you, even though you may or may not still reject their true nature. Once you and your twin overcome rejection of the bond, you start experiencing dreams, synchronicities, thinking of one another, telepathy, and then slowly move towards the reunion energy.

At this point, the level of surrender and acceptance of the twin flames feelings increases and the spiritual bond grows stronger than ever. There are signs that the bond becomes stronger, too.


The twin flame energy manifests itself the best as the separation phase is overcome and the reunion or union phase of the journey truly comes online with its reunion signs.

At this point, there is ample awareness of the feelings each twin flame has, and they are very much so shared and harmonized as the twin flames are more in sync than they were during previous stages of their twin flame relationship.

Much of the unconditional love potential can now come online and into manifestation, and the more of it comes through, the easier the way towards achieving union.

Does the Unawakened Twin Flame Know?

But what about the unawakened twin flame? How aware are they about their feelings for their counterpart, and how much can those latent feelings activate their twin’s flame too?

Unconscious Awareness

For the unawakened counterpart, the unconscious awareness stage can be described as a pre-flame stage. They’re not even aware of their spiritual path yet, most likely. The more complex and higher vibe frequency of the twin flames reality is still some ways away.

But that doesn’t alter the core feelings which are latent at this point. The start of the ignition stage is slower to come by since we’re dealing with some lower frequencies which are influencing the path. Though such a twin is slower to come online as part of their divine mission, that makes the flame love no less powerful.

Though not consciously aware of this emotional bond, there’s unconscious awareness of the soul contract. That might mean that you’re more likely to experience dream encounters or communication with your twin at this point, or a strangely persistent sense of the presence of energy you know deep down inside but can’t put a name to.

The closer the unawakened twin gets to becoming woke, the stronger this presence becomes until the true awakening is activated.

Aware, but in Denial

But what happens once the awakening has happened, and yet one twin or even both of them are in denial about it?

It can happen, since the reality of the twin flame path is no small thing to contemplate. The more of it becomes clearer, the easier it might get for a twin flame to become overwhelmed by the nature of their new reality. There’s a lot of energy shifting going on as well, which can also generate a sense of being overwhelmed.

Because of that, the denial might come up as a defense mechanism. But it doesn’t lessen the intensity of the twin flame love, though it’s not being fully acknowledged or embraced.

This level of confusion might slow down the progress towards flame awakening and making progress towards union, but even if that happens, the nature of the twin flame destiny doesn’t change.

The intensity of their soul bond and 5D love is in no way lessened, and in fact only grows as it’s being tested and energized, even if it’s through denial. Keep in mind that while focusing in a positive or a negative way on something means giving it energy just the same.

Ascension, a Working Progress

Once the denial stage is overcome, there’s a more open and accepting approach to the nature of the soul contract. As a result, more of the high vibe love comes online and where once there was confusion about the twin flame relationship and love, now slowly clarity sets in.

How much clarity and how quickly it sets it depends a lot on the pace of growth and evolution of each twin flame, though. While it can be a very challenging time for the twin that’s further along the path towards ascension, the slower pace of your counterpart isn’t a negative thing. It’s simply their natural pace during this human experience, and it unfolds in divine timing.

Part of embracing and surrendering to this path is also having the patience and love to stand by your twin’s side as they embrace their divine mission and allow themselves to shine and blossom like the true flower they are. The karmic baggage and shadows that are processed during this stage involve dealing with a lot of heavy energy, and it’s no small thing to achieve it.

Focus on sending your counterpart all of your high vibe love and support, because they need that the most at this point along the way.

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Guiding You Both

Do both twin flames know that they’re on the twin flames journey and working towards fulfilling a life purpose that involves anchoring 5D unconditional love in the 3D? In simple terms, yes, both twins know on some level. But on what sort of level each of them is consciously aware of it, that depends on a lot of variables.

Whether the twins are actively pursuing a path towards union or still wavering about embracing their destiny, the simple awareness of the bond still energizes it more and more and keeps bringing online more of that high vibe love. Whether in separation or on their way towards union, the twins will slowly grow closer and the love stronger as they process shadows and karmic baggage and make their way towards ascension.

It’s only natural that each of the twins would have their own pace of growth and development. The fact that one counterpart might be slower to come around to surrendering to their destiny does in no way lessen the strength and beauty of the love between these souls. If anything, it might be a sign of an almost overwhelming intensity of love, which can confuse the human experience vessel and send their emotions and sense of self reeling momentarily.

If you’re going through that kind of reeling moment, please do reach out to the collective for support and guidance. We’re here for you, and you’re never alone – your twin and the collective are always one thought away.

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