Twin Flame Saying He Loves Me In A Dream: 9 Reasons Why

My twin flame saying he loves me in a dream – what does it mean? 

When you’re on the twin flame journey, you know that a dream is often way more than just a dream.  You might be dreaming about your twin flame telling you they love you for various reasons.

Twin flames communicate through dreams, and this can be the most freeing way to communicate. We are free from ego and expectations. Free from our 3D reality and open to the universe and ourselves.

It’s important to know that your twin shows up in your dream saying they love you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a voluntary or consciously aware astral travel visit. Their energy could be reacting to you instinctively. They might be unaware of your bond at this point.

In general, this is a very good sign, but every single twin flame journey is unique. We’ll cover some of the more common meanings but always follow your intuition when deciphering these messages.

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Meanings of Your Twin Flame Telling You They Love You in a Dream

You’re Making Contact in the Higher Dimensions

twin flames dreamingWhen your energies connect in the higher dimensions of the spiritual realm, you’ll likely have dreams about one another. 

That could even happen before either of you has experienced the flame awakening. This could be a recurrent dream about someone who appears to be a stranger but feels as familiar to you as your own self.

This is often exactly what leads people to try and understand what a twin flame is. Recurrent dreams about the same person you don’t know telling you they love you. Or sometimes it might be even more subtle with a familiar face and a… feeling about them.

Your higher selves are very aware of your flame connection. Even before you ever physically meet. When they interact in the higher dimensions, some inkling of it can trickle down into your mind. It can come up as dreams since we’re at our most receptive in a dream. We’re free from the normal inhibitions of life and at our most open. 

This might be something neither of you realizes until you discover the twin flame path or even until you connect in the 3D. When you realize what a twin is and who it is, you might remember numerous dreams about them telling you they love you.

Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about meeting someone who feels familiar even when they’ve never met before. You’re already familiar with your mirror soul, but it’s possible you’ve seen this face in your dreams long before connecting in the 3D.

You’re Experiencing a Twin Flame Awakening

If you’re dreaming about your twin telling you they love you for the first time; you might be experiencing your flame awakening. And if that’s the case, this might even be your first contact with them in a dream in a more consciously aware way. 

The person you dreamed about probably felt incredibly familiar to you, even if you don’t know them in the 3D (yet). You may or may not have seen their face, and they still felt incredibly familiar. That’s because they’re a part of your soul. 

Maybe it’s someone you know in the 3D, but you may have never looked at them as a potential partner or twin. 

If this isn’t your first time dreaming about them in general, but this dream felt very different for some reason, it might mean that your twin is experiencing their flame awakening. 

Either one or hopefully both of you going through your flame awakening is great news for both of you. Twin flame stages tend to blur together often, but this is always a milestone in any path and not one to be underestimated. For even one of you to be awakened to the journey is incredibly rare. 

Brace yourself because it’s a bumpy ride at times. But it’s also incredibly fulfilling. It’s the beginning of your consciously aware flame journey toward divine union.

You’re in Spiritual, Emotional, or Physical Distress

twin flames there for youLong before ever meeting in the physical or either of you even awakening to the idea of the journey, you can still dream about one another when in distress. Your instinct to reach out to each other is innate.

You’ve likely been dreaming about one another for your entire lives. You may show up for one another in various forms and different dreams. But you’re most likely there for one another during tough times, in dreams and in the spiritual realm, if not yet in the 3D.

When one twin experiences any distress, the other twin will feel it. It can come through as a form of distress, anxiety, restlessness, agitation, or consciously aware knowledge. This type of twin flame telepathy is 

One twin will instinctively reach out in the spiritual realm and offer the other twin their support. It can come through as intuitive messages, a feeling of being helped, supported, or guided, as lucid dreams where you have conversations or exchanges of any kind (including physical ones). 

If you or your twin experience distress, it sends a powerful signal through your flame bond. Your energy will always reach out to one another to comfort, support, and guide. 

You Achieved a Major Milestone in Your Life Path or Life Purpose

Similar to moments in distress when you’re super excited or thrilled about something your twin could show up to celebrate with you in your dreams. Your immediate reaction is to want to share this excitement with the other part of your soul.

It’s more likely they’ll share your joy through dreams if you haven’t met in the 3D or are in separation or no contact. But they could rejoice with you in your dreams even if you are in contact in the 3D! 

Depending on the nature of your interaction at that point, it might not be an option for them to express their feelings of love for you for whatever reason. They might not have come to terms with them in a consciously aware way, for instance. But their higher self knows. 

Again, their presence in your dream could be an instinctive response to your happiness. It wouldn’t necessarily be a sign of conscious awareness of your bond or of what’s going on between you. 

The energetic cord will respond to your happiness by signaling to your twin’s higher self to join you in your time of joy. 

You’re About to (Or Just Have) Made Contact in the 3D

When 3D contact is imminent or has just happened, your higher selves will buzz with energy. You might both be consciously aware of your connection or not, but you’re going to notice this energy. No matter how it manifests.

When 3D contact is about to happen or has just happened, your higher selves will also reach out and make contact through astral travel in your dreams. It could be a more vivid dream than usual, but with an odd air of familiarity that you won’t be able to shake. 

If you’ve made contact in the 3D, this might be the first inkling that your connection is meant to follow the blueprint you’ve chosen for this lifetime.

The dream is likely to include other elements and clues to your path. It’s likely you’ll both have these dreams, but it’s not a rule. The less spiritually aware one is also less likely to remember having the dream.

Since one twin tends to be further along on their journey towards awakening and conscious awareness of the bond, only one might remember the dream, for instance.  

Your Energies Are Synchronizing and Harmonizing

Gaining conscious awareness of your bond is a fantastic stage of the journey. It’s all the better when you see signs or find out that you’re both reaching or have reached this stage of the process. 

Once your energies start to harmonize and synchronize due to your mutual conscious awareness, your separation phase is getting closer to its ending. And hurrah for that! 

This could mean a phase of accelerated growth and development for you both. It’s important to be aware of the separation phases and how to navigate them. Ideally, both of you are working on overcoming this phase. But if only one of you is, that’s great too. 

You might be having this dream because your twin is showing you their support and desire to make progress on your journey. 

But as a result of your energetic synchronization, one twin might also pull the break on the process for a while. They could be overwhelmed by the connection or scared by some unresolved inner child issues or shadow work that has yet to be done. 

The other twin could show their understanding and support of this through dreams in which they express their unconditional love. 

Or the twin pulling the plug might express their love through dreams because their higher self is so close to you, even if they’re freaking out about it in their consciously aware mind, which is far too common.

You are Both Having a Tough Time with the Separation

twin flame separation dreamDuring the twin flame separation phase, both twins go through a lot of pain and distress. 

Even when you’re dealing with a runner and chaser dynamic in your connection, you’re both suffering. Though it might be tougher to see it, the runner twin’s pain is just as real as the chaser’s. 

When either one of the twins is having a tougher time as part of the separation phase, the other one is very likely to be by their side in their dreams. It’s the easiest way for the higher selves to connect through a dream and astral traveling in your sleep. 

In some cases, where there’s a no-contact type of situation, it might be the only way for your twin’s higher self to reach out to you. Whether you’re the runner or the chaser, your twin’s soul yearns to comfort, support, and guide you out of the pain and into higher vibrations. 

In fact, during consciously aware separation, your higher selves will feel an even greater need to reach out and be there for each other. 

That’s partly because only your twin’s higher self knows the true pain in your heart. So nobody else knows as well as your twin’s soul how much you need to be comforted and supported. 

A Change in the Runner/Chaser Dynamic

Each twin has a personal path of growth and evolution that’s unique to them and their dynamic. 

The runner and chaser dynamic is perhaps one of the most trying ones. It inflicts a lot of pain and suffering on both twins, regardless of who chose to do what. 

Your runner twin might express their regret about their actions towards you via your dreams before your twin expresses that in the 3D. It’s very likely that by the time they do so in the 3D, they’ve done it a million times through your dream connections. 

The return of your wayward twin could be signaled by various types of dreams. Don’t be surprised if they tell you they love you in dreams which take on a very spicy tone. 

Your flame energy is highly sexual, which can often manifest in dreams. When the runner decides to stop avoiding your intense bond, their return is likely to be signaled by dreams of an intense emotional and physical connection. 

These types of dreams often indicate that your bond is vibrating with intense reunion energy. Brace yourself for the imminent 3D fireworks!

You’re Harmonizing with Your Divine Union Frequency

You might think that since you’ve activated your divine union frequency, these intense dreams are going to slow down. You’d be wrong. 

In fact, the more you harmonize with another’s energy and the divine union frequency, the stronger your bond becomes. The stronger the flame bond becomes, the more you’ll experience dreams and other external signs. 

You could find yourself bombarded by dream encounters, telepathic messages and communications, and face-to-face interactions all at the same time. 

Once your union frequency starts gaining momentum, it keeps growing in strength and intensity. Your vibrations are going to be raised constantly. You’ll experience deeper and deeper levels of connection and interaction. 

And it’s going to be glorious!

Further Guidance

Dreams can give you an insight into your path (even bad dreams can be trying to tell you something), but the more we understand about the journey, the easier it can be. Let’s try and dig deeper.

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In Short

It’s natural for twins to express their feelings for one another through dreams, spiritual encounters, telepathic messages, and 3D interactions alike. 

Far from being anything to worry about, these dreams are signs of your connection growing stronger. 

Whether you’re both experiencing the consciously aware awakening, supporting one another through tough or amazing times, offering guidance and reassurance during the separation, celebrating the impending reunion, or expressing your growingly harmonious energies of union, dreaming of your twin expressing their feelings is an amazing experience. 

Bask in the warmth of your dream. It’s about to become your 3D reality. And that’s going to be only the beginning of a miraculous and uplifting journey toward your divine union and true bliss!

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