Who am I and why should you listen?

(In fact, should you?)

Well, my name is Danielle and I’m a twin flame.

Sounding a little like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ there.

I’ve been fascinated with the journey ever since I was much younger. I experienced an ineffable pull (likely the same feeling which led to you here). That feeling that something was missing.

I spent a lot of time learning everything I could on the twin flame journey. Over the years I arrived at a few conclusions.

  1. Nobody knows for sure. Our knowledge of the twin flame journey is pieced together from the experience of a lot of people. That said – there are things we don’t know. Be wary of anyone who claims to have some special knowledge.
  2. Not everyone has a twin flame. It’s incredibly, incredibly rare. Now, chances are if you’re at least aware of what the journey is then you’re spiritually aware enough so it’s more likely you’re on the journey yourself. But the journey is so misunderstood and the vast, vast majority of humans don’t have the second part of their soul separate from them. And that’s okay.
  3. If you are on a twin flame journey? You need to take advantage of it. Twin flames are destined to be together in the long term but the long term in this situation potentially means multiple lifetimes. If you’re fortunate enough to be on the journey in this lifetime (and you’re actually aware of it) then you’re in an incredibly rare position. You shouldn’t squander this opportunity.
  4. The twin flame journey is possibly the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever experienced.

After going through a long journey myself to discover what this pull was, who was on the other end of it and finally reaching union with the other part of my soul? I made every mistake possible.

In the process, I experimented with everything I thought could further my spiritual journey. Astral projection, Tarot cards, Reiki, various forms of Yoga and meditation, Numerology and anything else I thought could help.

But nobody else in my life had a clue was a ‘twin flame’ was. Years of experience and knowledge were going to waste. I started Pure Twin Flames as a way to offer advice to anyone who found themselves in the same position I was in.

And the response was unreal.

Speaking to thousands of other people at different stages of the journey has helped me learn so much more, understand the journey so much better and the response I’ve had from people I’ve been able to help has touched my heart and soul.

I don’t pretend to know it all. I don’t claim to have all the answers.

But I do hear stories and experiences every single day from people at different stages of their journey and I can use this experience to keep helping people.

I write (almost daily) here on the site, you can also hear me talk about twin flames on YouTube or message me on Instagram and I’ve compiled a complete twin flame union companion guide.

The journey continues.