Using Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is a fascinating and complicated topic of discussion. To some outsiders, it may seem to be unlikely or even impossible to have such a bond with your twin flame. But telepathy is not such an outlandish event in our everyday lives. We’re just not consciously aware of it, most of the time.

The basis of twin flame telepathy is the twin flame energetic connection. It’s a natural process of communication between twins which happens on various different energetic levels. Whether you and your twin flame are aware of it or not, you’re always in contact with each other. That manifests as telepathy through dreams, overhearing thoughts or sending and receiving messages. It can feel different from one pair of twin flames to the next. The intensity of the telepathic connection grows as the twin flames make progress along their twin flame journey, getting as intense as feeling your twin flame’s touch.

What Is Twin Flame Telepathy?

What Is Telepathy?

Seen in basic terms, telepathy is a connection of mental energies between two or more subjects. Some think of it as mind to mind direct and intentional communication, but that’s very advanced telepathy. At its core, it’s communication between mental body energies.

You might be surprised to know that it’s something you may run into on a daily basis. You’re just not consciously aware of it like most people aren’t. In fact, each person acts as a bit of a transmission antenna when it comes to mental energy. We’re always sending out constant streams of information, without being aware of it or doing it on purpose.

Some people are more aware of that, so they send out focused streams of information to particular receptors. Some people are advanced enough to pick up on those messages to a lesser or greater degree.

But in simple terms, telepathy is the connection of mental energies, and we’re constantly connecting to the mental energies of every living being around us. We’re just not usually consciously aware of it.

What Is Twin Flame Telepathy?

In the case of twin flame counterparts, the energetic bond goes way deeper than in-passing energy to energy communicating. It’s an energetic flame connection that touches the mental and emotional energetic bodies and goes even beyond that.

By design, the twin flame connection is a very complex constant exchange of energy between the twin flames. It’s a constant stream of sending and receiving energetic information, and thereby a constant telepathic connection. Most often, it’s not a consciously aware type of connection though.

While twin flames experience a constant exchange of energies, they are rarely consciously aware of it until they’re pretty advanced on their path towards ascension and divine union. The natural impulse of the twin flame soul is to communicate in the spiritual and physical frequencies with its counterpart. When that energy exchange pertains to the mental energetic body, the twins communicate telepathically.

Twin Flame Telepathic Communication

twin flame telepathic communication

Depending on the level of consciously aware connection between the twin flames, the telepathic communication can happen on a few different levels.


One of the first and in a sense most basic types of flame telepathy is dream telepathy with twin flame sender and receiver. It’s the kind of telepathy that happens from the earliest phases of twin flames connecting in energy, so it may have been happening ever since you were born into this human experience – you may just become aware of it later on along your journey.

Because during your sleep your energetic body is as free as it can be of human experience conditioning, it’s going to be the freest to manifest itself in a closer to a fuller potential. During your sleep, your higher self does astral traveling, dream space work, and visits various frequencies and dimensions.

Because it’s at its freest, its natural instinct is going to be that of connecting with your twin flame’s higher self. That’s how dream telepathy happens. Your energetic bodies connect, your mental energies connect and there’s going to be an exchange of information. Much of it may remain unknown to your conscious awareness, but the energy exchange will have happened and your higher selves will have communicated whether you’re aware of it or not.

I’ve gone into more detail on twin flame dreams during separation before, but it actually happens constantly. If you actively work to improve your dream recollection, you’ll start to remember your dream communication more and more.


Once you and your twin flame have spent more time within each other’s energies and you’ve made some progress along your path towards ascension, the nature of your energy exchanges will slowly become more complex.

Once your souls are in tune to one another and you’ve become awakened in regards to your twin flame journey and divine mission, a lot more of your energetic body and frequency will open up to that of your counterpart. Once there’s more openness between you, there will also be a much more complex and freer exchange of energy and thereby telepathic messages.

You may become aware of your twin flame’s inner monologue when they’re in a more emotional state, for instance. You could overhear thoughts or fragments of thoughts of thought processes.

While this level of twin flame telepathy is more advanced and happens once your connection has gotten somewhat deep, it’s still one of the more initial phases of twin flames telepathy because it’s not intentional in nature but rather accidental more often than not.


Once you’ve made some serious progress along your sacred journey, you’ve made some serious progress with each of your paths towards ascension and higher frequencies, your ability to connect will also grow and deepen.

At this stage, you and your twin are likely to be able to connect telepathically in an intentional way. You might be able to send and receive a clear message, mental picture, even maintain conversations.

In a sense, getting to this level brings both twins a considerable amount of comfort. For one thing, it means that they’re both consciously aware of their mission and are doing the work which allows them to ascend to higher and higher frequencies; for another, it brings them a lot more comfort because they’re in much clearer and stronger energetic contact, even if in the 3D they might be in separation or even no contact at that point in time.

Twin Flame Telepathic Symptoms

Are We Telepathic for Sure?

In short, yes. But you may or may not be consciously aware of it at this point in your journey.

The twin flame bond is an unbreakable energetic bridge between souls. It’s a soul contract that cannot be rendered void and null just because your human experience self wants to exert free will and put the twin flame progress on hold – which can happen, of course.

But the more your human experience self is going to attempt to limit your energetic and/or physical contact with your twin, the more your energies will long to connect in the subtler realms like the dream landscape, mental, and spiritual energies.

It’s not necessary for you to be on the verge of union to be able to in a telepathic connection with your twin. You’re going to be in telepathic contact pretty much all of your human experiences, whether you’re actively seeking it or not. But you’ll be more or less aware of it depending on how much progress you’ve each made and how advanced you are on your path towards ascension.

What Does It Feel Like

How twin flame telepathy feels depends on quite a lot of factors.

For one thing, it depends on just how aware you are of your twin flame status. If you haven’t even gotten woke about your divine mission, you are most likely in telepathic contact with your twin a lot but simply aren’t aware of it. So it doesn’t feel like much of anything, most likely.

There are several different types of telepathic connections with your twin flame and while they all stem from the same connection, you’ll experience them in very different ways. Sometimes very specific ways, for example, I’ve covered the telepathic aspect of kissing your twin flame.


It may come across as a sense of great comfort and joy you take away from a dream, sometimes without being able to understand the why of it. It’s going to be contact with your twin flame which will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of going back home, but that could come across as many things during your dreams as part of the unaware phase.

You may feel a strange sense of discomfort or pain of some sort when you wake up from the dream, and while that’s going to be puzzling and seem strange, it makes perfect sense: you’ll be grieving the loss of greater contact which you were enjoying during the dream.


This might be a bit more triggering than dreams. The more aware you start to become about overhearing your twin flame’s mental ruminations, the more concerned you might become that you’re hearing voices.

One of the less often told truths of telepathy is that it can make the person experiencing it feel great anxiety, distress, panic, and mental and emotional overwhelm. Your human conditioning is going to tell you that you’re experiencing something strange, out of the norm, and potentially troubling. But your higher self is going to step in and help you make sense of the situation, and your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, and any other form of higher power you perceive will assist you in knowing the truth of your soul’s bond.

In a way, the thought exchange phase brings even more comfort to the twin which are aware of the soul bond, because it signals a greater and greater harmony of frequencies between twins – therefore, more and more progress towards union/reunion.


By this point, if you and your twin flame are able to exchange intentionally focused communication through telepathy, then you’re aware, pretty advanced in your personal progress towards ascension, and very in tune with one another’s energy.

It’s a level of twin flame telepathy which brings both twins a considerable level of comfort, joy, and enthusiasm. Even though you may or may not have connected yet in the 3D, your bond is and you’re most likely on the brink of achieving union because there’s a lot of processing and working which can be done at this level, and it gets done very quickly because you’re going to be working as you’re meant to: as a team.

Twin Flame Telepathic Touch

Processing Telepathic Interaction

When you’re experiencing twin flame telepathy, your human experience self is going to process it to the best of its ability.

While you’ve already made some considerable progress along your path towards ascension, you’re still tied up in the lower frequencies of 3D. Your senses, advanced towards ascension as you may be, are still rooted in the 3D. As a result, they’ll process the telepathic interaction as best they can.

You may overhear thoughts or receive messages on a purely mental level, or your senses may interpret them as real-life events. You might overhear a voice whispering those thoughts or messages, or you could simply receive their messages.

Can You Feel a Telepathic Touch?

One of the most interesting forms of twin flame telepathy is that of sensing touch.

The touch is what your 3D is going to perceive when your twin flame is projecting an intense feeling of love, tenderness, or the express intent and desire for you to feel caressed or even embraced. Their mental energy will project that message towards your mental energy, which can process it as actually feeling it in the 3D.

This might give you the most comfort in lieu of connecting to your twin in the physical reality because it will clearly express their intent and desire to comfort you and their ability to get through to you to such a degree – both very good signs as far as union is concerned.

In Short

When it comes to connecting through telepathy between twins, there are various forms and manifestations which depend upon the level of progress each twin has made along their path towards ascension.

What all forms of it have in common is the fact that as forms of contact between twins, even if only on the mental energy plain, they bring comfort and reassurance regarding the progress being made towards fulfilling their divine mission: union.

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  1. The telepathy thing is super cool. We are in separation and he is in a super toxic karmic relationship with a vicious false twin. I send him text messages regularly and I can feel his reaction. Until very recently he was in denial of our connection, so I’m not sure how long he has been able to feel me. I learned a few years ago when we were in a relationship but he wasn’t ready to awaken that I could hold his hand and ask him questions and hear his thought response before his verbal one, which was generally the true answer. He began sending me messages through the radio (listening to youtube playlist in my car and suddenly the song stops and a man with a similar accent would say a few words then go back to playlist. He talks with a KY twange, and I do not listen to country music so it wasn’t the radio station cutting in our out; a song would play that I had never downloaded or added to playlist) and through tarot readers (a random reader would suddenly start to sing a song that was extremely special to us; once i sent him some messages and went to shower. They tugged at his heart and made his chest tighten and i could feel his throat cry, and when I got out of the shower there was a new reading suggested that was titled with his fears and concerns. Once these got stronger I started teaching him to cut our energetic cord when he was in a situation neither of us wanted me to be aware of or feel in my body. I couldn’t feel his energy for a couple of days and got super concerned and started yelling (in my mind) for him frantically. He replied and I wasn’t confident that it was him for a day or two and the communication was choppy and uncertain, but i sent him a message about it and we chatted pretty much non-stop the next day, until he was in a situation he generally releases me from and we couldn’t figure out how to stop hearing each other. Over the course of the next couple days we got really good at it, and now we talk telepathically whenever we like. Since we have no contact, it is VERY nice and comforting to have that open line of communication. We have had a few heart to heart talks, an argument, and even a romantic encounter. I never thought we would get to this level, and I’m not sure I (the believer) even imagined that we could. It’s only around a week old, but we are both very comfortable and happy with it. I would love to answer any questions or be of any help to other Twins on their journey!!

    • Hi Shelaina,

      How were you able to disconnect energetically from your Twin Flame,
      I have a serious problem at the moment with my Twin flame who is sexually and feels like physically abusing me but energetically. We communicate telepathically but he won’t stop
      Is he doing this by way of telepathic touch.

  2. God where to start. It’s been like nothing I ve ever been thru. Ive astral traveled…heard him plain as day call my name several times. It was like way off in the distance…I closed my eyes n traveled to him . He was dreaming. He was looking for me. He flipped when next morning I asked him if he had a dream. I do have gifts..am an empath high end…also a light worker. We read each other’s mind alot. When we first started talking he would answer questions bgor I could send them. Ina text. First time the sec.i hit send..I got reply me knowing he hadn’t gotten it much less read it. Tried to explain to my daughter..she goes just give me the ph. She’s going no way how’s that possible! That’s not possible! It’s like they passed thru each other. My text said sent 12 :11… Received 12:11? Nuts!!!

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