27 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

Your twin flame misses you constantly, as you miss them. It’s something your higher self knows during your entire twin flame journey. But what are the signs your twin flame is missing you? Maybe you haven’t experienced a full flame awakening yet. Maybe you’re not in psychic contact or in telepathic connection at a consciously … Read more

How Do You Know Someone Is Your Twin Flame? (26 Signs)

How Do You Know Someone Is Your Twin Flame

Wondering how do you know someone is your twin flame? It can be confusing, maddening and sometimes enough to make you question your sanity. And that’s before we even get to the more confusing parts like karmic partners. Trying to work out if you’ve found your twin flame is a unique experience as the entire … Read more

Twin Flame Separation is Necessary: 8 Reasons Why

twin flame Separation Is Necessary

Ripping off the bandaid today. Twin flame separation is necessary. Painful, soul-wrenching and sometimes utterly awful. But necessary. It’s easy (perhaps too easy) to get wrapped up in the pain and loss of this phase, but (like many things on the path) this stage of the journey happens for a reason. One of the biggest traps I see … Read more

12 Signs of Twin Flame Spiritual Chills

Twin Flame Spiritual Chills

Are you getting spiritual chills, twin flame? It’s more common on the journey than you might think (and potentially useful). The twin flame spiritual energy is very sensitive. You pick up on every energy change at every level. And the more progress you’ve made with your spiritual growth, the more sensitive you’ll become. But what … Read more

Twin Flame Angel Number 456: Reunion Messages

Twin Flame Angel Number 456

The message for the 456 angel number, twin flame? Reunion. Angel number 456 has a powerful spiritual meaning for twin flames. It talks about the importance of your upcoming reunion and the strength of your soul bond. It’s important to decipher the meaning of angel number 456. As a twin flame, there are a lot … Read more

Twin Flame Characteristics

Twin Flame Characteristics

Twin flames are unique and special souls. Each time they have a human experience, they bring higher frequencies into the world around them. While every journey is different, there are some twin flame characteristics that we see time and time again. Having spoken to many twin flames over the years, I never entirely rely on single … Read more

15 Signs of Twin Flame Fear of Intimacy (+ Overcoming It)

Twin Flame Fear of Intimacy

It’s not at all uncommon for mirror souls to be scared of one another and for that to cause twin flames to fear of intimacy. Whether you’re intimidated by the idea of an intimate connection with your twin or they’re afraid of being too close to you, it’s perfectly normal. Twin flames are intimate energetically and spiritually … Read more

12 Things to Do When Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings

Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings

When your twin flame runner denies feelings, it can be very painful. Experiencing twin flame rejection can affect you deeply and stir many lower vibe emotions. A twin flame relationship is never smooth sailing. While you might already be consciously aware of that, the experience can still be very difficult to navigate. Some things are … Read more