Best Twin Flame Books [and What to Avoid]

Best Twin Flame Books

With so much misinformation and disagreement over the twin flame journey, I think a deep understanding of the twin flame journey will not only make your journey to union faster but also a lot easier (on both of you). These are some of the best twin flame books (in my opinion) which can help guide you … Read more

Twin Flame Love at First Sight?

Twin Flame Love at First Sight

I love talking about the first time twin flames meet because it’s rarely what’d you might expect. So let’s tackle one of the more frequent questions do twin flames love at first sight? Twin flames feel something at first sight. On the higher levels, both of you recognize each other as twin souls and there’s usually … Read more

The Narcissistic Twin Flame Misunderstanding

Narcissistic Twin Flame

I feel like I’m going to open a can of worms with this one but I think we have to talk about the idea of a narcissistic twin flame. So I’m just going to dive right in. Anyone can have narcissistic tendencies or traits at times (overcoming these can be part of the twin flame … Read more

Do Twin Flames Act or Look Like Brothers and Sisters?

twin flames brother and sisters

Do twin flames look like brother and sister? Do they act like brothers and sisters? Why do we call them ‘twins’? The terminology we use on the twin flame journey sometimes muddies the water. In essence, twin flames are two parts of the same soul and, yes, that does mean that sometimes you see physical … Read more

When Should You Tell Your Twin Flame How You Feel?

Should You Tell Your Twin Flame

Should you tell your twin flame how you feel? Should you tell them about the journey? How (and when) do you go about explaining this kind of connection to someone who has never heard the term twin flame? When (or if) you should tell your twin flame about the journey you’re on really depends on what … Read more

The Catalyst Twin Flame: Triggering Spiritual Development

The Catalyst Twin Flame

A catalyst twin flame (also known as a catalyst soulmate which is technically more accurate) is often the start of the twin flame journey. It’s a false twin flame with an important role in triggering the spiritual development, healing and starting you down the path towards growth and finding your true twin flame union. Your … Read more

Do Twin Flames Really Exist? Is It All in Your Head?

Do Twin Flames Really Exist?

The popularity of the twin flame relationship and the romantic connection it brings has exploded recently. However, with all the blurred lines between twin flames, soulmates, karmic partners and just plain wishful thinking it becomes confusing. So do twin flames really exist? Is the twin flame journey real or is it all just obsession? The … Read more

Slow Down: Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame Connections

Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame Journey

You may have heard the term twin flame, karmic relationship (or karmic twin) and soulmate. What is the difference and how can you spot a karmic relationship vs twin flame mirror souls? The difference between twin flames and karmic relationships. While a twin flame will lead you towards healing and self-improvement a karmic relationship (or … Read more

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