Twin Flame Separation is Necessary: 8 Reasons Why

Ripping off the bandaid today. Twin flame separation is necessary. Painful, soul-wrenching and sometimes utterly awful. But necessary. It’s easy (perhaps too easy) to get wrapped up in the pain and loss of this phase, but (like many things on the path) this stage of the journey happens for a reason.

One of the biggest traps I see people falling into is to blame their mirror soul, but if they are truly your twin flame, then they’re simply mirroring your own unreadiness back at you. This stage only ends when we prepare ourselves for it to end when we are truly ready for union.

And while I know, it’s easier said than done – I’ve been there. I’ve experienced the pain, and I know what’s on the other side.

Explore yourself and embrace your findings. It will help you see why your twin flame separation is helping along your divine union process.  Focus on the reasons why your separation is helpful. You’ll raise your vibration and make progress on your twin flame journey. 

It’s not about looking at it with rose-colored glasses, though. It’s all about understanding and embracing the opportunities for growth and development. These reasons could stand for you and your twin at various points of your twin flame journey. Understanding why you need the separation phase at a particular point in time can help you find the best way forward.

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Why Separation is Important

While every journey is unique, there are some universal truths. For twin flame separation, there might be different reasons why the separation is currently necessary, but it all boils down to one simple factor.

If you’re in separation, neither of you is ready for union yet. It is never just about them or you.

This journey is already incredibly rare, and misunderstanding this stage might be one of the biggest traps that cause the journey to fail. It’s not about the pain and suffering of being apart – it’s about being given an opportunity to prepare.

You’ve Just Awakened to the Journey

twin flame separationYou’re just starting on this journey as a consciously aware flame. Everything is new, exciting, and often confusing. You’re probably thrilled about realizing your authentic truth.

Keep in mind that your mirror soul might not have experienced their flame awakening yet. Maybe your twin flame doesn’t believe in twin flames at this point. The journey often awakens a spiritual side that they’re closed off to.

It could make you feel like you’re experiencing a sort of unrequited love. You’re not. Let’s be clear here. The love bond between twins is timeless and will never be broken or altered. But it can be dormant deep within the soul of a twin that hasn’t experienced their awakening. 

Until both twins are consciously aware of their flame bond, separation is necessary. 

Forcing a connection or interaction when your twin isn’t ready can be traumatic for their personal growth and development. In the long run, this slows you both down.

And interacting with your unawakened and unaware twin can be very traumatic for you. At these beginning unawakened stages of your journey during one particular human experience, separation is actually a blessing in disguise. (It can be very well disguised, I know, I know…)

It’s Easy to be Frustrated With the Twin Flame Journey

Let’s say conscious awareness starts to set in for both twins. Starting to understand the magnitude of your bond might trigger one or even both of you to freak out (or what we call soul shock) initially. This frustration can cause issues if simply ignored and, without separation, would cause bigger problems.

It’s perfectly understandable. Being a twin flame is a huge responsibility in this life and beyond. Coming to terms with that level of depth can be confusing or overwhelming. 

This is the point when the runner and chaser dynamic is likely to start showing up. It’s the dynamic you often hear or read about, right? That’s because the so-called chaser (or embracer, as I like to call them) is experiencing a lot of frustration due to their divine counterpart freaking out.

A dynamic we hear about less often is the runner-runner, though. That’s when both twins freak out and run in their own way.

But if they’re both running, what are they running away from? In this case, it might be better to call it ’embracing’ instead of ‘running’. Runners aren’t actually running away from their twin. They’re running away from their inner truth of being a flame. 

Having that time apart can be very helpful for your bond. Giving your twin flame space and having space yourself can be a balm for the triggered soul. The separation allows you both time to better understand this energy (and how to handle it) before coming together.

You Both Still Have Shadow Work and Inner Healing to Do

twin flame separation necessaryThe sexual chemistry and romance tangent of the twin flame lover’s blueprint is amazing. It can be a bit misleading, though. It might distract you from the fact that this journey is not (just) about romantic bliss. It’s about spiritual growth and development. The fantastic relationship is more of a cherry on top.

That entails both twins needing to do their inner child and show work constantly. And at various points along the way, you’ll run into reminders about having to focus on that spiritual part of your journey. 

Separation can be a powerful reminder of that need. It can also help you focus on doing the work. Because let’s face it, who wants to do tough personal and spiritual work when we could be enjoying emotional and sexual bliss together with our twin, right?

You (both) need this time and space to be able to do this healing. Learning how to do it is often the biggest stumbling block on the journey, and twin flame meditation is often a great place to start.

A Karmic of False Twin Flame Might be Involved

The twin flame journey is not for the faint of heart. In fact, as a flame, you’re made of sturdy stuff. It’s a result of numerous lifetimes of demanding and challenging situations that have caused emotional and spiritual growth. 

Some of these challenging aspects are the karmic partners and false flames. When you’re aware deep within that you’re a flame, you or your twin might mistakenly identify an intense love story as your twin flame bond.  

Your true counterpart might feel a lot of pain and frustration as a result. Being in separation at that point might help you both overcome the situation. We’ve shared twin flame stories before with similar situations but sometimes it’s just easier to be physically apart when this happens.

For one thing, it’s likely to help you realize that the one you thought of as your twin is not really your true flame. For another, it might help lessen the blow for your authentic twin. 

Hitting the Pause Button

You are born with a flame soul. Once your souls are incarnated during this human experience, neither of your human vessels gets a choice in the matter. The soul within is a flame soul, and that’s that. 

But the divine gives us all free will. One or both of you can decide to put the flame journey on hold or full stop. 

The nature of your souls is not a matter of choice for you or your twin, as the vessels carry them. But the consciously aware journey towards union is a matter of free will for both twins. 

As frustrating and painful as it might be, if your twin has decided to put the journey on hold or on full stop, you need to show your unconditional love by respecting their decision and giving them space

Take this time to focus on your own path. That’s going to help you both grow and actually make progress towards union either way. 

Remind yourself often that the twin flame journey towards union is not a race. It’s a journey of spiritual growth and ascension. And time is of no essence for you. Your souls are timeless and meant to merge. 

You will achieve divine union and merge. It’s only a matter of time. 

You Have Karma to Clear

twin flame unionSo you both decided to embark on this journey. Awesome, congrats! Now the hard work can begin

While it might seem like wanting to work together towards union is the major obstacle, it’s just one of many along the way. Once you both step onto the path of your sacred mission, a new phase begins. 

Deciding to be together can involve many different stages and phases. Your bond’s flame karma will start coming up at this point. 

That’s because there are aspects of your journey you can only work on once you’ve harmonized with one another to a certain level. Lifetimes of connections result in a flame karmic debt

The good news is that you’re working on it as a team if you’ve got to this point. Even if you’re still in separation, you haven’t harmonized with the frequency of achieving union. 

This is a point when it’s important to make a clear distinction between achieving a divine union and activating it. 

From the moment you work together towards that, you’ve activated a divine union. But there’s a lot of work to be done before you can say you’ve achieved it. Part of that work is dealing with your bond’s karmic debt, which can only be dealt with by you as a team.

Achieving Divine Union doesn’t just mean being in a romantic relationship with your twin. It means harmonizing with one another to the very high frequency of your souls becoming one (which is the final stage of union, the merging).  

The Bond is Too Intense at the Moment

You often hear about twins feeling sad, frustrated, or hurt about not being together with their divine counterparts. It tends to be a separation scenario in which one of the twins wants to be together, but the other one decides not to. 

But when both twins do want to be together, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re both ready for the full force of their bond. Once they activate the romantic blueprint and become an item, energies can escalate pretty quickly. 

It’s no secret that there’s nothing as hot and fiery as flame passion. It’s a level of intensity that other people might never be able to understand, let alone experience. 

Even though you and your twin want to be together, the connection can become so intense that it becomes overwhelming. Twin flame sexual energy can become heady quite easily.  It can become so heady and overwhelming that it could throw you both off course. This is one of those situations when there can be too much of a good thing. 

If you’re running into this phase, you both need to do some more personal work. If the flame becomes all-consuming and throws you off-course, it can harm your progress towards union.  This is another example of twins being together that doesn’t necessarily mean union has been achieved but only activated

Taking things slower or even deciding to take some time apart can help you both regain your balance. That doesn’t mean you’ll stay apart. It just means you’re going to take things a bit slower so you can both regain your footing. 

This is one of those happier scenarios where your separation is a mutually voluntary and temporary decision.

Your Individual Growth Toward Ascensions Needs Time Apart

There’s so much work you do before you can activate a union. You each do your individual work, and it’s hard work to get done. 

Then you connect, and you start working on your bond. That can be a pretty tough journey in itself. But you’re prepared, determined, and you’re working as a team. 

And then, you might reach a particular vibration that involves one or both of you doing some more work on your own. It could mean both of you have activated the frequency of separate missions for a while

It might seem confusing to contemplate. How could you go through all of that work only to choose to be apart, for whatever reason? The truth is that once you achieve a high enough level of vibration, the notion of being together or apart in the 3D takes on a different meaning. 

The twin flame union is a deeply spiritual connection active on multiple levels of reality and in different dimensions. Being together in the 3D is a starting point, true. But the end goal is the higher dimensional merging. 

Once you’ve made enough progress towards ascension, a short time apart in the 3D is just that: a short time apart in the 3D. By this point, you’re never going to be apart again.

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In Short 

The confusing (and frustrating) truth is that twin flame separation is necessary. The length of time it takes is always different but it’s one of the few universal truths on the journey.

Remember, it’s all about getting and keeping your high vibe. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your twin flame bond, and your twin flame. 

Remember that this is a deeply spiritual journey whenever you experience lower vibe feelings about the separation phase. It takes many lifetimes to make it to the finish line of divine union and, ultimately, the merging phase. You might both be ready for union this lifetime. The fact that you’re both here and aware of the journey is a great sign.

But that doesn’t mean you’re ready for separation to end yet.

You are both highly evolved and powerful souls. But throughout your human experiences as twin flames, you’re only human. Shower yourself and your twin flame with the highest vibe of unconditional love. Embrace the process as the miracle in the making that it is. 

Your separation is only a phase of your journey. You are going to achieve union. It’s only a matter of time.

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