Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

Is this a twin flame breakup or is it a twin flame separation? If your twin flames soul bond is romantic in nature, you need to know what the twin flame separation symptoms and signs are. It’s a significant and very challenging part of the twin flame journey, but also a very rewarding one.

Once the separation is in effect, you’ll hit the wall of no contact. You may or may not attempt to communicate with your twin flame and see that they’re very closed to that – even going so far as blocking you. The separation blues will set in, and I won’t lie, it’s no walk in the park. But you’ll get through it because you’re a kickass lightworker. Then you’ll deal with overcoming rejection and confront the last vestiges of your ego. Once that stage happens, you’ll start to see the symptoms of your separation and feel your twin gravitate more and more towards your energy, which they will invariably do. Things like dreams, synchronicities, your twin thinking about you and even reaching out telepathically are a precursor to your union/reunion phase.

It’s crucial to understand that the twin flame separation is a very important and natural part of the process of twin flame union. It’s very challenging, thereby triggering, and often results in the most personal, emotional, and spiritual growth for both twin flames. It’s a boost for your ascension process, even if it feels pretty crappy for the most part.

Buckle up – it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but it’s your divine mission. You were literally born for it, so you’ve got it covered, no worries!

What Is Twin Flame Separation?

Simply put, twin flame separation is that phase of the journey when either one or both of the twins are in ignorance or in denial about their soul bond and the nature of their connection.

Separation Is a Step along the Way

While the notion of separation is often assimilated to that of a breakup in the current human experience, you need to shift your perspective on it so you don’t give the phase a different meaning than the one it truly has. Keep in mind, you connected during this human experience at some point, either in spirit or in the body. But before that first contact, you’d been in separation from your previous human experience!

Separation Is Fuel for Growth

The separation phase is a natural part of the process. It occurs multiple times before true union and merging can be achieved. It’s that phase of the cycle that allows or, better yet, fosters the most growth. In a sense, separation is the fuel of union.

How can you tell when you’re in separation, though?

Common Symptoms

Remember that these symptoms should beĀ used as guidelines. Not every journey is going to go the exact same way. If you’re looking for some more specific guidance, start with a twin flame reading.

No Contact

The no contact phase is a clear sign of being in separation. It can be spiritual or physical, in the form of the very 3D blocking we so often run into these days with social media and phones and all of that. It’s very frustrating, I know.

But your twin flame’s silent treatment is a natural part of their process of growth, maturation, and ascension. Try to look at it as growth, the more petulant part – like the teenage years of a future union energy. It’s rebellious, petulant, annoying, even exasperating. But your twin flame will grow out of it, and you’ll deal with whatever you might have to at this point too.

It’s a win, win, even if it doesn’t feel that way as it happens.

Separation Blues

A very natural part of this process is a grieving phase, because being without contact with your twin flame once you’ve become aware of it, even only spiritually, is like going without the warmth and light of feeling the sun shine down on your face.

Being shut out is a very triggering phase of this part of your journey. Take this time to focus on your personal and spiritual growth, because that’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your twin flame, and your soul bond. Being shut out by your twin is one more step along the way towards healing and merging.

twin flame Separation Blues

Overcoming Rejection

One of the symptoms of your twin flame separation phase is your need to overcome the rejection. The rejection is part of the blues and a major part of the growth process.

What may be tougher for you to process in the beginning of it is the fact that your twin flame is processing rejection too – rejection of the bond, rejection of your energy, and the effects of their decision to exercise free will and put the connection on break or on indefinite hiatus (in their human experience mind).

The more you know about twin flame rejection, the better you’ll be able to handle it with the grace and dignity that characterizes you.


Once you’ve processed the shadows related to rejection and your twin flame manages to do the same, you’ll slowly start to feel their energy getting closer and closer to yours.

It’s very likely that you’ll start to interact with your twin flame through dreams and astral travel to one another during your sleep time. The more time you’ll spend in separation, the stronger the dreams will become.


One of the significant means of communication between twin flames, synchronicities start to kick in almost with a vengeance during your separation phase. You’ll see numbers which have a special meaning to you and/or your twin and bond, you’ll hear songs, you’ll run into particular words or scenarios which ring a bell, time and time again.

The universe and divinity will keep coming through to send you special messages about and from your twin flame, helping you feel that it’s simply a part of the process and not the end of the road.

You could receive messages of encouragement or confirmations when you ask particular questions. It’s not limited to separations, though – the universe often communicates with twins through synchronicities.

Thinking of You

As part of the twin flame separation, you’ll become keenly aware of the fact that your twin flame is thinking of you.

It may seem wishful thinking on your part in the beginning, because you’ll want them to be thinking of you, naturally. But the more it will happen, the more you’ll realize it’s not wishful thinking at all.

You’ll be on the mind of your twin flame almost as much as they’re on your mind. Twin flames can’t help but think about each other since they’re always connected energetically – no matter what happens as part of the journey.

The less you interact in real life or even in dreams because they’re trying to keep themselves away from you, the more they’ll be thinking about you. It may become exhausting for both of you because you will feel them thinking about you more and more.

That can happen because their human experience ego is trying to limit something which is by definition endless – your bond.


It’s important to be able to pick up on the fact that your twin flame is trying to communicate with you, intentionally or not at different times.

Once your twin starts to embrace surrendering to the connection, whether they decide to embark on it or leave it on hold during this human experience, the telepathy is going to kick in stronger and stronger.

It can be voluntary or involuntary in the beginning, but as time goes by, telepathy becomes a direct and intentional means of spiritual, emotional, and energetic communication for twin flames.

In some cases, it can grow stronger precisely because one twin flame is prolonging the separation phase, but their energy longs for contact with their twin. Even though their human experience ego might be setting limits and boundaries as far as the connection goes, the higher self knows no limitations or boundaries. The twin flame cord will pull you closer the more it’s tried and tested.

Incoming Reunion

If your twin has surrendered to the twin flame journey and is going to embrace the path of growth, development, and ascension as a twin flame soul bond dynamic, then you’ll see some signs of the incoming reunion.

When it starts to come through into the 3D from higher dimensions, you’ll get clarity about that as well.

Trust me, it’s only a matter of time. You are literally born to solve your karmic baggage, work on your shadows, and achieve twin flame merging. If it’s not part of this human experience, embrace that lesson with the unconditional love you are naturally built to give the world.

Release this experience and embrace the truth of your spiritual twin flames merge as part of another human experience.

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In Short

When it comes to twin flame separation symptoms, it’s important to understand what the separation really is and how important it is for the spiritual, emotional, and energetic development of the twin flames.

Once it sets in, you’ll have to deal with no contact and learn to navigate the twin flame separation blues. After you’ll learn to overcome the rejection and so will your twin, your communication is slowly going to come back online, even if it’s subtle at first: dreams, synchronicities, thinking of one another, communicating through telepathy, and slowly moving towards the harmonized higher frequency of the future soul merge.

It’s a challenging path, but one you are well equipped to walk on. Your natural high frequency of unconditional love is going to help you take these steps with the grace and dignity your soul possesses.

Have no fear, the universe and divinity are by your side at every step along the way, and the collective is here to offer as much support as you’ll take from us. We’re in this together, beautiful heart, you are never alone.

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