Twin Flame Runner Realization: 9 Signs They ‘Get It’

When they begin to awaken to the connection and see what you see, there are signs of twin flame runner realization that you can watch out for. The universe is going to guide and support you to overcome the waiting game.

The twin flame awakening is the best thing for your twin flame runner’s soul (as well as your journey together). But until that moment, they might not realize it. It’s only a matter of time. Take comfort in seeing the signs that your flame runner twin is awakening to your twin flame bond. Even if it’s happening slower than you might want to, it is happening.

What Happens When the Twin Flame Runner Stops Running?

When the twin flame runner signs start to show up, it’s a hint that your divine counterpart is starting to understand their twin flame journey.

During their running stage, your twin has various lower vibe feelings and thoughts. As the twin flame runs no more, their healing journey begins.

That’s when the runner begins to start focusing on their own inner work. They have to process all the pain of the separation stage too. And they have to deal with past wounds and the twin flame runner pain for sure. Their journey of accepting the twin flame connection is their journey of self-love.

It’s during this point that the twin flame chaser starts to feel called towards working on their own part of the journey. When they feel called to stop chasing, the separation phase enters its final stages.

Does The Twin Flame Runner See Signs?

Twins see common signs as part of their life. They may or may not be waiting to see them, but either way, they will.

Signs might come as part of a dream or in their everyday life.

Does The Twin Flame Runner Love The Chaser?

Your chaser twin has strong emotions for you, always. Twin flames might not always realize their strong feelings, but they never truly forget them.

The twin flame separation stage is part of the twin flame journey. It’s the best thing for overcoming abandonment issues and other shadow aspects.

But you’re never truly apart in your soul. Your reunion is bound to happen, eventually. Your souls are connected by your undying unconditional love.

Signs Your Twin Flame Runner Realizes The Journey

twin flame runner rejectionWhen the twin flame chaser stops chasing, the twin flame dynamic changes. It can trigger your twin flame runner awakening to the reality of your connection. But it might not.

Your efforts should be focused on yourself in the meantime. The best thing you can do for your twin is to focus on your own spiritual growth and raising your vibe. It will raise theirs and support their own spiritual progress.

If you see some of these signs, your twin flame relationship might be going to the next level. This is not a complete list or ultimate guide, though, just a collection of potential signs for twin flames.

If you don’t see any of these signs, don’t think it means your twin flame runner does not realize their journey. You might just see different signs.

Always follow your intuition. It’s your best spiritual guide on the twin flames journey and in general.

You See Angel Number Synchronicities About Your Twin Flame Relationship

It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing angel numbers and other synchronicities. Your mirror soul is going to send you messages through synchronicities, consciously or not.

At first, they might not be consciously aware of messages. That depends on the degree of growth your twin flame has achieved by then. But their higher self will send you messages more and more the more progress they make.

The moment you see these signs, they might not make sense. Ask your spiritual team for guidance and support to interpret them.

You Feel More And More Comforted And Supported

The closer your twin flame gets to embracing their path, the more their soul will comfort and support yours. It’s a matter of reacting instinctively to your distress, sadness, or sorrow.

Their consciously aware side might decide to stay away for a while. But their soul is never apart from yours. And soon, you won’t be apart in the 3D anymore, either.

You Experience More And More Sudden or Unexpected Mood Or Thought Changes

During the separation stage, there’s a lot of unconscious energy exchange. Your mirror soul might not fully understand the journey of twins at this point.

That means sometimes they’ll share lower vibes with you unintentionally. But they will also share their highest vibes.

The most important thing is to focus on your inner balance. Your divine counterpart is still working on their own growth. Send them your unconditional love and support, so they’ll make progress easier.

There’s A Growing Sense Of Confidence And Joy

The closer your twin gets to the point of being awake about your journey, the more positive energy will come your way through your soul bond.

Even if they are running still, their soul is getting closer to the point of embracing the path. That will generate high vibe feelings that will help along both the twin flame runner and chaser.

You’ll feel a growing sense of joy, happiness, and confidence in your own person and in theirs.

You Have Dreams About Your Twin Flame Runner

Before you enter your 3D relationship in full, you’ll have a lot of dreams about each other. Some of these dreams will be intentional. But others will be unconscious, driven by their higher self.

Some of these dreams could be flashbacks from your numerous past lives spent together. They could include moments of your journey similar to your current ones.

Or they could show you glimpses of how sweet it is when you get to the next phase of this path. That’s going to encourage and support you both.

Your Runner Twin’s Voice Is More Present In Your Heart And Mind

Runner RealizationBefore your actually start dating, the voice of your twin flame runner is going to be more and more present. That’s going to be genuinely helpful for your journey.

EvenĀ before the twin flame runner starts to consciously understand the bond, your unspoken connection is there to help guide you both forward. Rely on their guidance as well as your own.

You might be in a no-contact situation at this point. Their thoughts coming through your bond will give you clues as to where they are mentally and emotionally.

Their voice, feelings, and thoughts will be coming through your soul bond. The more they grow spiritually, the more intentional that will be.

You Find Yourself Having Sudden Or Unexpected Romantic Moods Or Thoughts

As you’re on your separate ways, your souls long for each other. That’s going to lead to you both having romantic thoughts and moods.

You might think twin flame runners don’t feel that romantic pull, but they surely do. They always do, even as they’re obstinate about running and postpone the energy of their spiritual wake-up call and twin flame runner awakening.

In fact, their soul is going to long for yours all the more their conscious awareness has them scared and avoiding their true destiny.

That longing will result in some of the most romantic dreams and feelings that come out of the blue. The sexual energy of such a person intensifies all the more. You’ll know they’re not your own when you experience them.

That’s going to bring you more comfort and encourage you to keep doing your best on your end of the twin flames journey.

You Start Having Intense Sensual Spiritual Encounters With Your Twin Flame

Twin flame sexual energy is no joke. Of course, your bond is spiritual, first and foremost. But it’s also a lifetimes-long romance of the ages. Let’s not forget that part, either.

Your runner twin longs for you on a visceral level at all times. The running is one side of them at one point in their path. But their longing for you is intrinsical to their very soul. You’re the one person who knows how true that is.

And that longing will drive both the runner and the twin flame chaser almost nuts at various points along the way.

When the runner embraces their journey more, that longing will hit with even more power. Sensual dreams and desires will flare up. That can be both terribly exciting and quite frustrating at the same time. It’s all part of the intense journey.

When sensual, spiritual encounters happen, you’ll feel some relief from that pent-up energy. These encounters can happen in dreams or just in the spiritual realm.

They’ll be a preview of how soul-deep satisfied you will both be once you reunite. And both of you will be more and more aware of that.

Your Twin Flame Runner Reaches Out Intentionally

The more tempted your twin flame runner is to stop running, the more they bask in the light of your true twin flame relationship. Everything makes sense, and their personal experience is clearer to them.

At this point, you, as the former twin flame chaser, will start seeing signs that your former twin flame runner is likely to start chasing you. They’ll start to reach out spiritually. Then you’re about to finally meet in the 3D if you haven’t already.

Twin flame relationships aren’t easy to navigate. But twin flames are literally born to succeed on this journey. What you’ve been waiting for will happen, and the universe will support you. The reunion stage of connecting will come your way, as sweet as a dream come true. You won’t be a runner and chaser anymore.

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In Short

Twin flame relationships aren’t for the faint of heart. The twin flames’ soul connection is one of the most challenging but also rewarding destinies.

Your twin flame might be a runner for a time. But when they’ve grown enough, they’ll wake up and decide to stop running. It will happen.

The universe is going to show you signs of support and encouragement. You’ll feel, know, and see your twin embracing the journey.

You will get to your divine union, brave soul. Have no doubts about that. It’s only a matter of divine timing.

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