The Twin Flames Runner Pain

Ever wonder about the twin flames runner pain? While the twin flame runner (which I also call the separator) is putting the twin flame journey on hold temporarily or for the rest of that particular human experience, that twin flame runner deals with a lot of pain. In fact, in some cases, they might be having a more painful time than the so-called chaser twin flame.

During separation, the twin flame runner is likely to feel confused, disoriented, anxious, hurt, lonely, and overwhelmed. There’s always a level of regret involved in being the runner, and it has many layers. The twin flame runner is likely to regret the pain they’re going through and the pain their twin flame is going through as well. They are also likely to regret their limitations when it comes to the twin flame journey and their runner status. In the end, your twin flame might just not understand what’s happening to them and how to make things better. If that’s the case, they’re simply not awakened and have not grown enough on a spiritual level to make progress on this journey during this human experience.

How Does the Twin Flame Runner Feel During Separation?


Whether your twin flame runner is awakened and consciously aware of their twin flame status and rejecting it or putting it on hold, or entirely unaware and not awakened, they most certainly feel confused.

In fact, if they’re not awakened yet and not consciously aware of the twin flames status, they’re all the more confused. Your twin flame has an instinctive knowledge of your presence and energy, which may leave them feeling all the more confused since maybe they can’t explain what they’re feeling and why they are feeling it.


Whether your twin flame is consciously aware of your soul bond or not, during separation they’re feeling disoriented most of the time. You might wonder why that would be since they’re the runner.

In some cases, being the runner is not so much a matter of conscious choice. And even if it is, they’re still going to feel disoriented. Their soul bond to you is constantly pulling them in your direction, no matter why they’re running from the twin flames journey.

The runner feels pulled towards the chaser, even though they’re doing the running. That’s the irony of the energy bond between twin flames in separation.


If your runner is rejecting the journey or simply unaware of it yet, they’re most likely feeling a lot of anxiety.

The spiritual truth of your bond also servers as an anchor and source of peace of mind. While the runner is struggling with their spiritual path and the plan the universe has for them, they’re going to go through a lot of painful triggering situations that are going to cause anxiety.

Though it won’t feel pleasant, the universe tries to push both the runner and the chaser to do their shadow work and process karma so they can make progress on their spiritual journey towards union. Simply feeling that push can cause anxiety in some cases.


Though it may seem counter-intuitive to the chaser, the runner goes through a lot of pain during separation.

The case may be made that the runner is actually going through even more pain than the chaser. That’s because while the chaser has made progress on their path towards ascension and has most likely processed quite a few low-frequency feelings and patterns, the runner has yet to do much or all of that work.

As a result, the runner is going to bump into all sorts of unpleasant low frequencies, and have fewer means of coping and healing. Getting temporarily stuck in that state can be terribly painful for the one doing the running.

Why not simply stop rejecting the bond and come up with the solution, so the pain would stop? In some cases, it’s not so much a matter of choice as it is a matter of lack of growth and too-low frequency. The running twin sometimes feels and actually is momentarily stuck, whether they want to be or not.


Even though the separator twin may be rejecting or putting on hold the twin flame journey, the energy cord never goes on a break. It connects the twins in a bond of unconditional love and the need to harmonize and achieve union never takes a break either.

As a result, the running twin may seem to reject the spiritual love connection to the chaser, but they’re not actually able to diminish it or put it on hold. And how does anyone feel in the absence of someone they love, whether they like the fact they love them or not? Exactly, lonely.

The running twin never takes a break from their soul’s longing for their twin flame love connection and harmony. Their soul never takes a break from the need to experience and share that higher-dimensional love.

And while the running twin seems to be rejecting the connection, the truth is more along the lines of them rejecting themselves. That makes for a terribly painful and lonely phase of this journey, unfortunately.


As a twin flame does the running, they’re very likely to feel terribly overwhelmed. Regardless of their particular reasons for rejecting their sacred mission, either for a while or for the long run during this human experience, they will constantly feel the pull towards fulfilling their destiny.

They will also constantly feel the pull towards their twin flame, the need to bask in that unconditional love, and grow alongside with the connection. The more they’re resisting that, the more need they’ll feel to be part of the connection. There’s a constantly growing mix of pressure and suffering while they’re longing for the love of their twin on a soul-deep level – whether they like it or not.

If that mix isn’t overwhelming, then I don’t know what is.

Twin Flame Runner Pain and Regret Infographic

Does Twin Flame Runner Regret?

Regretting Their Own Pain

They are most definitely regretting the fact that they’re in pain. In some cases, they’re not even able to stop the merry-go-round of the separation, even though they might have initiated it.

While they’re going through the worse of those low frequencies, they are for sure regretting the fact that they’re going through it.

Regretting the Pain of Their Twin Flame

There’s also regret for hurting their twin flame. The chaser may find it harder to believe since they might think their counterpart is selfish for denying them the fulfillment of the love connection.

But the twin flame bond is based on unconditional love which is deeply rooted in the very soul of each twin. Separation does in no way diminish that bond. Nothing can diminish it. As the separator twin feels the suffering of their counterpart, they’re going to regret causing it or not being able to stop it.

Regretting Their Limitations Regarding the Journey

In some cases, the separator twin isn’t hitting the brakes on the twin flame bond because they want or choose to.

In some situations, they’re simply not yet at the right frequency. It may be a case of unprocessed karma, shadow work that still needs to get done, or stagnation in their spiritual and personal development. These things aren’t necessarily a matter of choice.

In some cases, the twin causing the separation might be even more frustrated than their counterpart because of the limitations they have to deal with before they manage to grow and evolve.

Regretting Their Runner Status

And, of course, there will inevitably be regret for choosing or being pushed to run from their counterpart.

You may think that comes in later on in the game, maybe when the separation is almost over. But that’s not necessarily the case. They might be regretting it at every step along the way, in fact.

Is It True Your Twin Flame Runner Just Doesn’t Understand?

In some cases, they really don’t understand. That adds to their confusion, disorientation, and loneliness too.

The fact that they’re rejecting the soul contract isn’t always a matter of choice, as we’ve already discussed. In some cases, they may not be able to understand what’s going on and why they feel the way they feel. In other cases, they might not be able to understand their sacred calling to achieve union because they’re simply not at that point during their evolution towards ascension.

It’s not always a matter of choice, and you need to remember that and send your counterpart all your love and support you can on a spiritual level.

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In Short

When it comes to the twin flames runner pain, there’s a lot the chaser should keep in mind.

Though the separation hurts the chaser, it also hurts the separator twin. And being in separation is not always a matter of choice for the twin that is doing the run. In some cases, they’re going through as much, if not even more, low vibe frequencies as a result of being apart. They are likely to be confused, scared, hurting, and lonely. It’s not something they’re doing against their twin flame, but more so something they’re doing against themselves – an act of self-sabotage.

Though it’s a very trying and triggering time for you both, do your best to keep your frequency as high as possible. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your twin, along with radiating your unconditional love in order to comfort and support your counterpart during this very difficult time.

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