12 Things to Do When Twin Flame Runner Denies Feelings

When your twin flame runner denies feelings, it can be very painful. Experiencing twin flame rejection can affect you deeply and stir many lower vibe emotions. A twin flame relationship is never smooth sailing. While you might already be consciously aware of that, the experience can still be very difficult to navigate.

Some things are entirely up to your twin flame runner. It can be very challenging to embrace that fact and give them space. You can’t control the path of your partner.

But you can also do a few things to make this experience easier for you. While you can’t truly change the steps along the way, you can manage the intensity of how aspects of it affect you.

Why Do Twin Flames Reject You?

Main takeaway: If you take nothing else away from this (and I really do suggest fully understanding your journey and what is going on), you need to understand that they’re not really rejecting you. Twin flame separation is necessary, and what appears like rejection is really them trying to help both of you further your progress to union.

It’s important to understand why your twin flame runner denies feelings. It can be a very confusing and frustrating part of your twin flame separation stage. You might have hoped and dreamed about your twin flame connection becoming part of your 3D life for a while. You’re very likely to attach intense emotions to the moment when you meet, and sparks fly.

It would make sense that your twin flame would want to start a relationship immediately, right? They should be ready to embrace their feelings and be eager to make your relationship a part of their life. That would certainly make sense to us so-called chasers. When one twin flame rejects their feelings or the journey altogether, it activates the twin flame chaser and twin flame runner dynamics.

A twin flame relationship involves numerous life lessons. It requires healing and growing. There’s a lot to deal with energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are lifetimes of baggage between you and your twin flame.

While you might be ready to dive in, the runner might be just about ready to bolt instead. They could be dealing with a lot during this particular lifetime. And you probably know that because you’re likely to have dealt with a lot of that yourself.

But your twin might just not be as well-equipped spiritually to deal with it at this particular point in time. It might be easier to just deny their feelings and postpone your relationship for a while or indefinitely.

The twin flame runner can feel overwhelmed by the strong connection. They might not be consciously aware yet of their feelings or the impact the relationship has on their spiritual path and 3D life. Don’t ever confuse your twin, putting the journey on hold to them not loving you dearly at their soul core. They love you conditionally as much as you love them, always.

Your twin is not rejecting you or your love. When your twin flame denies their feelings, they’re rejecting the difficult journey of healing and growth. It’s about how prepared they are to do the difficult work.

Does the Twin Flame Runner Regret?

Why Do Twin Flames Reject You

You’re not the reason your runner twin is putting their journey on hold. And they know that. It’s why they feel so much regret. Twin flame runner regret is a real thing. You might think they’re only focusing on their own inability to overcome their blockages, but they’re not.

They can’t ignore you and your feelings, even if they want to. Your soul connection of unconditional love is unbreakable. It conveys your feelings, moods, thoughts, and desires to each other. That’s why twin flame rejection is incredibly hard on the runner twin flame almost as much as on the chaser twin flame.

The twin flame separation affects both mirror souls. The runner twin flame feels your pain along with their own feelings. And you can feel it when they feel scared, overwhelmed, and remorseful.

The regret and the constant exchange of information and energy lead to the twin flame runner pain.

What To Do: 12 Steps To Get Your Twin Flame Relationship On Track

Dealing with what’s going on with your flame runner can be difficult. If you’re not part of the twin flame runners club, there’s no such thing as ignoring it or putting it on hold, unfortunately.

The good news is that as your runner’s twin, you have unique insight into what’s going on in your runner twin’s heart.

You’re the best person to guide and support your twin flame runner, so they can overcome their twin flame rejection.

Your higher self is your most gifted advisor in these matters. Always follow your intuition and ask your spiritual team for guidance and support.

Respect What Your Twin Flame Runner Needs Right Now

Twin flames deal with many things as part of their lifetimes-long relationship. There’s a lot of stuff that your twin might still have to deal with on their end.

Respect the fact that your flame runner is exercising their free will. They might be focusing on personal goals right now. By achieving them, they’d be better equipped to do the twin flame connection work.

Give your twin flame the space they’re asking for right now. As a consciously aware flame, you know that this separation is only temporary.

Give Yourself And Your Twin Flame Runner A Break

I feel like I repeat myself often with this as well, but it needs to be said. This journey can take longer than expected. Longer than you’d like. But you can’t judge your twin, yourself, or your path. They’re struggling, too, just in different ways. If we’re able to see that and cut ourselves, your journey and your twin some slack, you might find things are easier and progress even quicker.

twin flame runner rejectionIf you give space to your mirror soul, it’s going to help both of you. Sometimes, taking a break can feel like a breath of fresh air. When your twin denies their feelings, they’re stressing themselves out. They’re inflicting twin flame rejection on themselves and on you.

By you giving yourselves a break, you’re easing off some of that pressure. They might not be consciously aware of what they’re doing; they can’t give themselves a break.

As the consciously aware twin, it’s up to you to help your twin take a break.

Amp Up Your Shadow Work

By healing your own old wounds, you help your twin heal theirs too. It will ease off their sense of feeling scared.

After all, the root cause of feeling anxious is your twin’s past and their unhealed issues. If you heal more of yours, you support them in healing theirs. It’s not a sure thing, but it surely can happen.

Twin flames go through many feelings that cover a wide spectrum of frequencies. They originate from not just one life but many.

The best way to approach them is to amp up your shadow work.

Release Your Expectations

As soon as your flame awakens, you daydream about finally being with your twin. I know. We’ve all been there.

You dream day and night about basking in that endless unconditional love. It’s only natural to project the idea of a perfect romantic relationship on your twin flame connection.

But that’s going to put a lot of pressure on you and on your twin. One partner can feel uncomfortable about such an intense connection.

So release the idea of a perfect romantic relationship. Embrace the deeper truth of your unbreakable spiritual bond and focus on that now for now.

Surrender to the idea that maybe you can’t have a perfect relationship right now. But be sure that you do have a timeless soul bond.

A lot of the pressure you and your twin flame feel will dissolve.

Try Energy Healing

A holistic health approach to this process is highly beneficial.

Energy healing is going to help raise your frequency. That helps you overcome with ease your past life pain. You’ll overcome separation better.

Through your soul to soul relationship, your energy healing sessions will also benefit your twin. You can’t heal them directly without their desire for it.

But raising your vibe and sending positive energy through your soul tie is going to support your runner twin flame.

Focus On Your Own Spiritual Growth

The twin flame journey can be taxing. In order to keep your balance, you will benefit greatly from a sense of purpose that is tied to your part of the journey.

By focusing on your spiritual growth, you’ll generate high-vibe emotions. That’s going to support your scared twin flame runner, so they can overcome their fear with more ease.

Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts

Using practices like meditation, yoga, and martial arts can help you get over what happened or didn’t happen yet between you and your other half.

Spiritual practices like these help you to feel safe as a spiritual person. You’ll find it easier to reconcile with your past and embrace your future.

That, in turn, is going to help your twin flame do the same.

Work On Your Own Fear Of Separation From The Connection

Let’s be clear here: you’ll never truly be apart from your twin flame. It can never happen.

You might be apart in person for a while. And when you both feel ready, you’ll reunite. But until then, you’re both dealing with emotions like pain and feeling hurt.

By working on your own fears and anxieties related to the separation, you’ll raise the vibe of your twin’s feelings too. It will help them to stop denying their true feelings.

Send Positive Energy Through Your Twin Flame Energy Cord

The twin flame rejection pain can be pretty intense and bruise the soul on both sides. The flame runner is hurt on two accounts, in fact.

In this case, the person who rejects also feels intense pain along with the initial fear and their other lower vibe emotions.

By sending your mirror soul positive energy, you help them deal with these issues. You can’t resolve the issues for them. That’s their path of growth to walk on.

But you can support and comfort them with the waves of your unconditional love and positive energy.

Manifest Twin Flames Healing Vibes For Your Twin Flame Connection

As a mirror soul, your power to manifest is more intense than that of others. That’s because you can tap into the resources of two souls: yours and that of your divine counterpart.

If you want to help them overcome their issues, manifest their healing. Focus on what’s to come and not on what might happen based on your past experience.

Remember, your twin flame connection is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. It doesn’t walk to the beaten path of other relationships.

Support Your Twin Flame Journey Through Communing With Your Higher Selves

Your support is essential to your twin. But when they’re in a phase like denial, trying to get closer could push them further away.

Trying to reach out telepathically or through dreams could put your twin flame runner in more of a scared state of mind.

By sending them your support via your higher selves, you’re there for them spiritually and energetically. But you also give them space.

Surrender To The Journey

Sometimes, your twin can’t control the path of this journey. That’s painful for them to accept.

The intensity of it might feel overwhelming or wrong when they’re not ready. If you’re in contact, you can do your best to explain what they’re curious to find out.

But the painful reality is that you can’t help them along the journey. They have to want to make progress themselves.

The best you can do is surrender to the twin flame journey. By sending that energy through your energy cord, you’ll introduce that vibe to their soul.

Hopefully, it will help them surrender with more ease at some point.

Further Guidance

External signs like this can explain why they’re denying their feelings and (hopefully) help you understand what is going on, but we can also dig deeper with a twin flame reading.

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In Short

When your twin flame runner denies feelings, it can be tough to handle. Ask the Universe for support and guidance. However difficult it might be, don’t lose hope. This is only a phase that your twin goes through. They’ll overcome it.

Your twin flame journey is going to get back on track. Have faith in your connection. It’s a bond stronger than time. Whatever issues you deal with, they’ll become a thing of the past. You have the power to break through any barrier and ace any challenge.

It’s simply a matter of harmonizing with one another and your union frequency. And you were born to do just that.

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