How to Give a Twin Flame Space (and Why It Helps)

While I know it can seem counter-intuitive (especially if you’re new to the idea of the twin flame journey) giving your twin flame space is possibly one of the best things you can do for the both of you.

Separation is painful but serves an important purpose on the journey and making sure you understand twin flame separation is key to making it through. Understanding doesn’t make it easy but certainly easier.

The only way to give your twin flame some space is to focus on your own personal development and spiritual growth.

Giving Your Twin Flame Space to Heal (How and Why)

If you and your twin flame are going through the dreaded twin flame separation phase, you need to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. It’s still going to hurt and affect you from the soul level to the physical reality of your everyday life, don’t get me wrong.

But today we’re going to focus on how and why you should focus on the beacon of light that can help you both heal your core wounds and the chaotic feelings that come with the amazing experiences of your accelerated path towards divine twin flame union.

When you’re experiencing the chaser stage, a very challenging stage to be sure, there are two main ways to go through this complex issue: you can have an active role of chasing or you can work on your surrender stage instead. And we’ll talk about how you can do that and why it’s the best thing you can do at this point of the process.

Why Your Help is Essential for Your Runner

If you’re going through the separation phase of twin flame relationships or simply of the twin flame connection without having been in a relationship as twin souls yet, you have to surrender to the fact that the twin flame runner goes through deep level runner pain and twin flame runner regret.

Their Divine Feminine Energy and Divine Masculine Energy are all out of whack, and so are yours as a result of their running. Your whole spiritual path can be put on hold for a while, as you both deal with an intense feeling of frustration, fear of rejection, abandonment issues, control issues, shared childhood bonding wounds, and plenty of other shadow and inner child issues.

That’s a lot to deal with, even for an awakened person. And your twin might not have experienced their spiritual awakening yet, keep in mind. In fact, they might be struggling with an unconscious fear of their own soul journey and the twin flame mission that goes along with it. The twin flame awakening process could be scary for them, even on that unconscious level. There’s a lot of pressure, confusion, frustration, and all sorts of deeply rooted wounds and negative feelings that affect the twin flame runner’s energy body, and as a result of the mirroring that goes on between twin souls, the chaser’s energy body too.

The triggers of running are intense both on the running role and on the chasing role. The fact of the twin flame connection is that there’s no one who understands better all of that than the actual twin souls. You may or may not see your runner as a romantic partner at this point of the journey, which also stands for them, but you’re partners in suffering and thereby you can be ideal partners in activating your energy healing at the twin soul frequency level.

The one who can best help a runner is their so-called chasing role twin because you are forever connected through your soul bond. The unbreakable twin soul connections mean there’s a constantly open channel of communication in your energy field and your runner’s. It’s not that you’re the only one who can help them, but you’re the best equipped and the one with the best chances of success.

How to Help Your Twin Heal

There are a few ways you take meaningful action that is active and effective for you and your twin alike. We’ve already talked about many of them, so I won’t go into the details here.

Will My Twin Flame Forget Me?

Will My Twin Flame Forget Me

Your twin flame can never truly forget you. Twin flame relationships can go on a break in the 3D, or even be over for the rest of your current human experience as a result of the free will either one of the twin souls can exercise over having your twin as a romantic partner at some point for whatever reason. But the energy cord is part of your soul and it will exist for your entire life, no matter what.

What can happen is that your twin can temporarily forget about the twin connection for a while. That doesn’t mean that the deep connection isn’t there anymore. It’s simply a case of not engaging in romantic relationships for a while or even for the rest of your human experiences if you so choose. You can both have meaningful relationships with soul mates, and in fact, high-frequency soul mate relationships can prove to be helpful to your twin connection by helping you two heal.

But that won’t replace your twin flame chaser for you or you for the twin flame chaser. No other loves or romantic partners are ever going to replace the twin flame journeys for each twin. They won’t revoke your twin flame mission and they won’t ruin your chances at the twin flame reunion. This soul journey at the soul frequency goes on for lifetimes, until the end of time.

The human vessel can choose to put the twin souls journey on hold for a while, but time is only a spec of dust in the grander scheme of things of the twin flame awakening process and the soul journey towards twin flame reunion.

The Twin Flame No Contact Rule

The no 3D contact rule is important for this process because it gives the twin flame chaser and the twin flame runner the time and space to do your healing and make your individual progress on your twin flame journeys.

Giving each other true space in the twin soul connections won’t slow down the soul journey at all, in fact, it will fast-track it. Your runner will have a minimum level of triggering during the no contact phase, though the twin flame chaser is going to go through the top triggering levels at this point.

Learning to deal with these phases is going to make for stronger twin soul relationships once you do reconnect. And making progress is the key to achieving twin soul union. That’s why twin soul relationships go through many different phases in order to achieve the final twin soul union. Running and separation are just a phase of the process, and no contact is just a phase of that.

Sooner or later you will get to the surrender stage and your experiences of growth will only serve to connect at a higher frequency and rise above the bad times you went through for a bit of time there.

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