How to Help Your Twin Flame (Triggering Them to Heal)

When you think about how to help your twin flame, you have to think about them and your soul cord in tandem. It can be all too easy to only see the journey from your side and there’s a reason I keep telling people to make sure you understand the twin flame runner’s feelings.

It’s not about just waiting for them to figure it out. You can (and should) be helping them and you further the journey towards union.

The best way to help your twin flame (and the journey you both share) is to focus on your own healing and spiritual growth.

How to Trigger Your Twin Flame to Heal Faster

When it comes to twin flame journeys, there’s a lot of healing and growing needed in order to make progress, regardless of the stage that you’re at with your twin flame path.

Spiritual Awakening

Your own spiritual awakening that follows the dark night of the soul is a process that pertains to your human experience. Your twin is going to feel it happen through the spiritual connection that exists between your mirror souls, but it might not register on a consciously aware level.

Your awakening might trigger your twin flame awakening too because of the intense soul connection between you, but in the end, each soul journey is different even when it comes to twin flame relationships.

How you each process the life lessons you learn throughout your entire life is going to pertain to you and your personal experience. Those core wounds are most likely going to be shared by your twin too, but how you each deal with them is going to be your personal spiritual path.

Healing and your path of growth

The energetic vibrations of each step you take are going to be felt by your twin at a deep level, but whatever progress you make will only be felt as an energetic shift through your bond. It doesn’t mean that you can count on having your flame aware of what’s going on and somehow follow along.

But the energy shift going on in your energy field is slowly going to permeate into your twin’s energy field too. The energy vibration of healing your deepest wounds will slowly permeate your energy cord and trigger a subtle energy shift in the 3D reality of your twin too.

These subtle energy shifts do wonders for the twin flame journeys, even if they act in a more abstract way. The twin flame connection serves to mediate a constant energy exchange between the twins, whether they are in twin flame relationships at the time or not.

Twin Flame Harmony

Clearing Karma

The twin soul connection is a lifetimes-long experience. You and your twin go through various twin flame stages as part of each different human experience, and as a result, you each accumulate karmic baggage.

Sometimes, that karmic baggage is significant enough that it attracts a karmic relationship or more in order to process it. That’s also part of the twin flame healing experience as part of the twin flame separation phase.

There are numerous hidden wounds that every twin accumulates at the soul level, some of which are individual, and others of which involve the energetic connection and the twin flame relationships in themselves.

Clearing your twin flame karma and focusing on your personal growth is going to help you gain easier access to the twin soul bond karma, so you can work on clearing that too.

Beyond that point, it’s all up to your twin soul to do their own healing in order to help you both make progress towards your twin flame union.

How Can You Help Your Twin Flame?

The things we talked about above might sound all good and well but somehow vague. If you’re experiencing one of the more brutal phases of your separation with your twin, then you’re likely to be looking for more to the point actual things to do so you can get some healing energy going and lessen part of the pain you’re going through.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to help yourself and your twin during some of the tougher stages of your twin flame journey.

Forget Your Twin Flame for a While

I’ve actually just talked about this when we looked at how to give a twin flame space. I know, it sounds ridiculous. That’s because, in a sense, it is. You can’t just forget about your twin flame.

What you can do is shift your focus away from the journey and the desire to achieve twin flame union. Instead of focusing on that, try to focus on your own personal path of growth and development. Raise your frequency and heal your own wounds. Personal progress is union progress, even if it might not feel that way at one point in time.

If your twin flame runner wants to put your journey on hold temporarily or indefinitely, you “forgetting” about the bond is going to help them feel some relief from the emotional overwhelm and potential core wound triggering that could have activated that they’re not (yet) able to process.

twin flame manifesting

If the separation seems to go on long enough, you might want to consider manifesting a romantic soul mate in the meantime. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. True soul mate relationships don’t affect your progress towards achieving union frequency. In fact, because a romantic soul mate involves high-frequency types of relationships, they will help speed up the twin flame healing process by supporting your own healing and taking some of the pressure off of your twin flame runner.

You’ll be aware when your wayward runner is making progress with their own healing process and when they do, all of your own efforts will serve to put you on an accelerated path of growth as a result of your personal growth and healing.

Heal Wounds: Yours, Theirs and The Bond’s

We’ve already talked about your own healing process. When your twin runner becomes more receptive towards communication even if it’s not in the 3D reality but rather in the spiritual realms, their higher self is going to convey to you some of their pressing wounds and triggers.

Based on your intuition and what your twin’s higher self is going to be open to convey to you, you can activate some shadow work for your bond and even for your twin without even having 3D communication.

Be very mindful of the intent behind achieving this! You can’t frame it as “I’m doing this for my twin to speed up our union“. Your intention needs to be more in the vein of “I’m doing this for my twin’s highest good and optimal health“. In other words, it can’t be a self-serving type of intention. If it’s self-serving, the Universe won’t back it up and your intent will be expressed in vain.

Once you’ve set your intention in a non-self-serving way and focused on your twin’s highest good and optimal health, you can gain more traction in this process by doing twin flame Reiki healing, which works on the principle of long-distance energy healing as long as it’s in the absolute best interest and the highest good of the person receiving it.

That’s going to activate a wave of healing energy that will travel through your own soul, your twin’s, and your cord and therefore connection. It won’t work like a magic wand making union come true, so you might get discouraged in the beginning. Stick with it. This type of energy healing does wonders, but it works in subtle and gentle ways. In time, you’ll feel the benefits of the healing and you might start to see some signs of it after a while.

Don’t put pressure on the whole process. Remember, your bond is not limited to the human timeline and the vessel’s limited human experience. Your bond transcends time.

Surrender to the Process

You might think that you’ve already surrendered to the process and to your flame destiny and journey by taking active steps towards achieving union, but that’s not quite the same thing. In some cases, making efforts to achieve union can be the opposite of surrendering to the process.

Like we’ve talked about already, it’s all about the intent behind your actions. It’s important to have an active role in your own ascension since it’s not something that will happen by accident. Personal growth and development don’t happen by accident either. All of the stages that are involved in your journey are intentional, from you having a human experience all the way to you achieving divine union when the time is right.

The surrender stage is a part of the journey that is going to feel different to the twin flame runner and the twin flame chaser. If you think about it, they’re both exerting personal intent on the tempo of the journey, one of them to slow it down or pause it, the other to try to speed it up or make it happen during this human experience. In essence, both approaches are focused more on self rather than on the bond and your twin’s absolute well-being.

Once you truly get to the surrender stage, your focus will naturally be shifted. You won’t be seeing it as you, the bond, and them, but rather as a whole. At that point, you’ll have begun the process of harmonizing with your union frequency, even without being consciously aware of it.

That’s why you’ll see it manifest. Feeling it and acting on it on an energetic level is going to make it your 3D reality, whether it’s during this human experience or not. And by that point, the details of during which human experience it happens will be just that, details since you’ll have ascended to a higher dimensional level of understanding and operating.

Always remember you were born for this. It’s going to happen. It’s only a matter of time, and as a divine sovereign higher dimensional being, the human concept of time means very little.

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