How to Forget Your Twin Flame (and Why It Helps)

It might sound hard to believe, but we’ll tell you about how to temporarily forget your twin and why it helps your twin flame journey.

Forgetting about your twin flame for a while is actually going to help you overcome the separation phase by doing the personal growth work you both need, and as a result, it will help you take the next step on the journey to union.

Why Would You Want to Forget About Your Twin Flame?

If you’re considering trying to forget about your twin flame (or your twin flame is), then you’re clearly going through one of the most difficult twin flame stages of your soul contract: the dreaded twin flame separation phase.

The main reason why you’d want to “forget” about your twin is that one of you is having issues with your personal growth and development and is in denial, overwhelmed, or rejecting the twin flame relationship at this point of your twin flame connection. That puts a pause on your twin flame journey, though it never means the end.

And if the twin flame relationship is on hold, both twins will have to deal with the aftermath of that. I’m saying both, because twin flame runners also suffer through their fair share of difficult moments, even though they’re the ones pulling the brakes.

Your average person will have a hard time truly understanding all the painful and difficult situations twin flames go through at this point of their powerful connection.

The age-old wisdom of your regular 3D relationship advice will tell you that once a relationship is over, you just get over it and move on. But that doesn’t really apply to your twin flame situation. Advice from friends who aren’t actually part of your soul family might not do you much good in the case of this energetic connection and soul contract, because it’s hard for them to process the level of depth your connection has.

They mean well, but most of the time they don’t really know what you’re dealing with; even worse, when you try to explain it to them, they’re not likely to be able to process or understand it, let alone accept it and offer advice accordingly.

Can You Forget About Your Twin?

One of the most commonly banded around bits of advice you’ll hear is: “Just forget about them!”. Right, like that’s ever going to happen! The difficult truth you’ll both come to understand during the separation phase is that you will never, ever actually forget or “get over” your twin flame.

You simply can’t, no matter how much you might want to or try. You simply can’t forget about a part of your soul and energy field any more than you can choose to forget about a real-life part of your body. You can choose to ignore it for a while, I guess. But it won’t stop being a part of you, no matter how hard you try.

Can You Break the Twin Flame Energy Cord?

To put it even more bluntly, while your physical 3D body can do without some parts, your energy field doesn’t have the option to end the cording of attachment between you and your twin.

Some iffy spiritual practitioners will tell you that you can cut the energy cord, and said iffy spiritual practitioners might even offer some services to that end.

Take it from a flame aware energy healer that there’s no way to cut that energy cord. And if you try to take action against it on that level, all you’ll achieve is insert deep core wounds into both of your energies, trigger bad feelings, generate dark energies that you’ll both be haunted by, and aggravate the common wound of attachment issues and trust.

All that will get you is the need to go looking for that extra bit of healing while you’re both struggling with your own issues. Working against your energy cord means working against yourself and your sacred life purpose. When did that ever help you achieve anything positive, right?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the journey, put it on hold and focus on healing and doing your shadow work. You have the free will to choose that, during each of your human experiences. By choosing that, your bond will actually get on the accelerated path of growth towards harmonizing your energies. You’ll make progress towards taking these deep connections to the next level of the beautiful union.

Breakable Cords

The only cord breaking you can do is that of optional cords, meaning connections between souls born of ties between authentic people who share intense real-world feelings. Your twin flame connection is not optional. Your progress towards achieving divine union is optional during each human experience, that’s true. But the cord is a part of each of your souls.

You can’t just pluck it out of your overall soul because it doesn’t suit you during this human experience. You get to live with it, no matter what you choose to do about your progress towards twin flame union.

The cords you can and should break are those that connect you to a false flame, for instance. Entertaining a false flame connection delays your true twin flame reunion in cosmic energy terms. It doesn’t ruin your overall chances of achieving union with your true flame, but it delays the process because of the low frequencies it introduces into your energy field.

On the other hand, a soul mate connection serves to guide you towards an accelerated path of growth on a personal and spiritual level, so it ends up serving your twin flame situation in energy terms. That’s because a soul mate connection is a high-frequency type of bond at its core, even if it’s not a twin one.

Why Releasing Your Twin Flame Helps

Why Releasing Your Twin Flame HelpsSo if you can’t forget your twin flame, what can you do? You can release your twin flame relationship. And that’s actually going to help your twin flame journey, even though that might sound counter-intuitive.

What Does Releasing Mean?

When we talk about releasing your twin flame, it doesn’t mean forgetting about the whole twin flames thing and simply ignoring the twin flame bond. Though I guess that will technically end up achieving the same purpose.

As twin souls, the connection you share at a soul level means a spiritual path of growth and development which doesn’t necessarily have to happen in sync, but one growth does fuel the other and vice versa. Releasing means stepping back from the acceleration pedal and surrendering to your soul’s twin code of achieving divine union with the help of the Divine and your spiritual team.

When your twin flame runner seems to have shut you out, take it for what it is: a distress call. Releasing your twin in this situation means simply directing towards them all of your healing high vibe unconditional love and allowing the divine to work its magic for you both.

Whether you release your twin intentionally or unintentionally by trying to ignore your bond, you’re helping to raise your bond’s frequency through the progress each of you makes separately.

Why Releasing Your Twin Flame Helps

By taking your foot off the acceleration pedal in terms of trying to achieve or manifest your union, you take off some of the pressure you might be putting on your soul bond and on your twin at a time when they’re clearly having issues with the path.

You may not be very aware of it, but if you’re actively trying to achieve union you’re putting pressure on yourself and the process, which may stress out you, your twin’s soul bond, and your twin as a result. And if your twin is in the runner stage, feeling more pressure might get them into even more of an avoidant vibe.

Actively trying to manifest union can also end up causing low-frequency feelings within you, like frustration, irritation, resentment, and generally speaking negative feelings towards the journey or potentially towards yourself and/or your twin. That actually means taking big steps back in terms of achieving the union frequency, not just not taking any steps forward.

When you surrender to divine timing and focus on your growth, you take that pressure off yourself, your soul bond, and your runner twin.

How to Stop Thinking About Your Twin Flame

stop thinking about your twin flame

Can you really stop thinking about your twin flame? Well, not really or at least not entirely, and it’s not your fault. The twin flame soulbond doesn’t truly allow you to stop thinking about each other, even if you’re the runner in the separation equation.

Shift your Focus

What you can do is to consciously choose to focus on other things which help you achieve a higher frequency and end up serving your journey in the end.

In terms of achieving the union frequency, what you can do is focus on your own spiritual growth and progress towards ascension. The union is a result of both of you doing all of that healing, resolving karma, getting energy upgrades, and raising your frequencies. It’s a natural consequence of the progress made by each of you, so what you can do in terms of truly helping it along is making sure you’re doing as much of your work as you can.

Focusing on that raises your frequency, which through your soul bond immediately serves to help your twin raise their frequency. That’s slowly going to gently guide your twin towards doing their own healing, karma resolving and ascending, under the best set of circumstances for them, at their own pace, and under their own terms.

You will know and feel on an intuitive level when your twin does their work under the best set of circumstances for them, because you’ll feel through your soul bond that they’re in a much better place emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (maybe even physically, in fact, since your twin’s distress can have physical symptoms that you’re going to sense through your bond).

Don’t be harsh on yourself and/or your twin, if you like you’re making progress too slowly or if it feels like your progress is on hold. Bask in the high-frequency unconditional love which is the very essence of both of your souls, and you’ll end up making progress sooner than you might have thought.

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