Letting Go of Your Twin Flame: End of the Road?

Does letting go of your twin flame mean the end of the road? Is it the next step in being ready for union? Is it even possible to let go of the twin flame journey?

Letting go of your twin flame in the short term allows us to move forward in the journey. It might trigger the runner and chaser dynamic to instantly reverse or it might give you both time to heal and grow before coming back together.

People argue about the terminology, meanings and you might see this referred to as the surrender stage but I do see a lot of misunderstandings around this idea. If done the right way it can actually help further your journey.

So let’s dig in a bit. What does it mean for your journey and how can it help you?

Can Twin Flames Let Go?

In the short term, twin flames can let go of each other. Remember the twin flame connection and mission plays out over multiple lifetimes so the (relatively) short time you’re both facing just now doesn’t mean much in the scheme of things.

Separating and letting go of your time flame can be a painful experience but our higher selves are able to look at the big picture. So, yes, it is possible in the short term or in this lifetime.

What Happens When You Let Go of Your Twin Flame?

I’ve talked before about what happens when a twin flame chaser gives up but really, it’s the same regardless of who moves on or gives up first.

In the long term, letting go can be exactly what you need to reach union and progress your journey.

In the short term?

The short answer is it really depends. I know that’s frustrating but I’d be wary of anyone claiming to know exactly what will happen here. There are too many factors involved. Some of the more common examples I see (but not a complete list):

  • Your twin might notice an energy shift as you let go and the runner/chaser dynamic might instantly switch.
  • You may feel an immense sense of relief and peace. This is why we’re able to focus on furthering your own healing and development (more on this later).
  • An increase in communication either here or through the telepathic connection.
  • The two twin souls might just want to be friends for now. If you’re genuinely able to move on this can be a comfortable friendship for now.
  • A gradual drifting apart as you both focus on your own healing.

Potentially moving on could result in a failure to reach union if you allow things to completely end there. It could also be the very thing that helps you reach this next step.

It’s counter-intuitive but sometimes giving each other that chance to breathe and heal is exactly what will bring you both together stronger than before.

Should You Let Go of Your Twin Flame?

Should You Let Go of Your Twin Flame

I don’t think I can stress this part enough. Maybe.

I see a lot of advice out there that everyone needs to go through this stage and (in my experience) I don’t think this is true at all. I think the journey is unique to us all and for some letting go and moving on will help while for others it might delay or even prevent twin flame union in this lifetime.

My advice is generally to look at where you and your mirror soul currently are in the journey. If you’re going through separation and focusing on them is holding you back from your own progress then it’s time to let go and move on. Follow your intuition on this. If you feel it’s time to move on that’s probably a sign.

Letting go is hard. Especially when you know that bond is more powerful than anything you’ve experienced before. Heck, even letting go of a false twin flame is tough.

How to Let Go of Your Twin Flame

let go of your twin flameThe first step is to make the decision to genuinely move on. Not to try and make it appear like you’re moving on to see what they’ll do. Whether they’re consciously aware of it or not they know exactly how you feel so this won’t work anyway.

Be clear with yourself about why you want to move on.

Then you need to begin the process of your twin flame healing. In short: stop focusing on them and focus on yourself instead. Work towards your goals outside of your romantic life.

You might further your professional goals, take up a new hobby or exercise or start meditating to improve your spiritual progression. There’s no wrong answer just keep the focus on you.

Letting Go and Becoming Involved With Someone Else?

Letting go of your twin flame doesn’t mean you have to immediately become romantically involved with someone else.

If you do choose to then it might be this is a catalyst twin flame arriving to teach you one final lesson. Or, perhaps, you won’t reach union in this life and this other person is soul mate you might be perfectly happy with, in this lifetime.

I don’t know. If you’d like, I can do a twin flame reading for you but your best guide is always going to be your own intuition.

Can You Let Go Too Soon?

I’ve seen people worry that letting go means giving up on their road to union. You should trust your intuition on this one as it’ll be able to guide you on whether or not it’s time.

In general, I’d say you can’t really let go before you’re ready to take that next stage. If it feels like you’re giving up, just turn that energy towards something productive.

How Long Does It Take To Let Go of a Twin Flame?

There are very few hard-set rules or timelines but this intense feeling is not going to go away overnight. Once you begin down this path it’ll gradually become more of background noise than the center of your attention.

You could immediately notice this shift as soon as you set your intention to let go but it’ll likely still hit you in waves for at least a few weeks (or longer depending on the stage of your journey so far). Think of the process as a marathon and not a sprint.

Signs of Twin Flames Letting Go

Letting go of your twin flame isn’t going to happen overnight. It might happen gradually, potentially without you even noticing it started.

You might start seeing some signs of you (or your twin flame) letting go:

  • A drop in physical communication (this should be an obvious one).
  • A spike in external signs (like numerological patterns) providing confirmation or guidance on where you should be focusing your energy now.
  • Higher-dimensional connections like dreaming of each other won’t stop but will become less intense.

Can You Stop Thinking About Your Twin Flame?

There’s a difference between letting go and never thinking about them.

Even if you let go of your mirror soul you’re probably not going to completely stop thinking about them. That kind of connection doesn’t ever go away.

A better way to look at it is you won’t be fixated by them. You won’t lose sleep or worry about why they’re not messaging you back during periods of separation. They’ll likely come to your mind occasionally but without that pang of loss or other negative emotions.

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