The Twin Flame Surrender Stage

A significant part of any journey is that of surrender, and the twin flame journey is no different. Regardless of what stage of it you are at, twin flame reunion will always involve a twin flame surrender stage.

When you surrender to your twin flame journey, you connect spiritually to your counterpart and then manifest that connection in the 3D. After a separation phase and much shadow work, resolving karma, and ascension, you reach the union frequency. Your soul and higher self as well as your twin will guide you as to how to surrender at every step along the way, but it won’t be an easy process so don’t expect it to simply happen overnight. You’ll need to let go of control and expectations, for one thing. Once you reach that state of deep acceptance and surrender, your energies will flow naturally and follow their blueprint – you’ll feel like you’re truly and utterly free and fulfilled.

What Happens When You Surrender to Twin Flame?

A demanding spiritual and emotional experience, the twin flame journey is a constant lesson in unconditional love and surrendering. Depending on the stage in which you find yourself, you’ll need to heal, learn, and surrender.

Connecting Spiritually

Once you accept the truth of the fact that you are part of a twin flame soul bond, surrendering to the twin flames experience is going to bring in conscious awareness of the spiritual connection with your twin.

You are always connected, of course. There’s no way to actually break that soul bond, come what may. But surrendering to it will help that bond permeates into your conscious awareness.

Manifesting 3D Connection

The surrender to your twin flame status makes that bond become a part of your conscious awareness and thereby strengthens the energetic bond.

Your frequencies are going to be much more in tune with one another and have an easier time harmonizing. At some point along the way, the harmonizing is going to manifest your connection in the 3D.

It may not be an ideal situation in which you’ll see that manifestation come along, but embrace the fact that it’s not possible for the soul bond to be an easy experience. You’re dealing with lifetimes of karma and history, issues related to each human experience coming through and bubbling to the surface as a result of your ascension.

You’re not a twin flame because you can only handle easy stuff, though. You’re a twin flame because you’re a hardcore lightworker, and you’re perfectly equipped for this challenge because you’re a champion of unconditional love.


If you’re going through the dreaded separation stage, both the runner and the chaser have quite some surrendering to do.

For one thing, the runner needs to surrender to the fact that all that shadow work and karma clearing must be done. The runner will have to accept the fact that they can’t escape what they’re feeling, no matter how much they might run. Whether they manage to surrender to it during this human experience or not is all up to their level of spiritual and emotional growth and just how prepared they are for the ascension process.

For the chaser, the challenge is to surrender to the fact that they can’t make up for their twin’s lack of progress at this or that point along the way. This experience is a lesson that involves the ability to let go of control and expectations so that the universe will follow its natural flow.

There’s a lot of unconditional love that needs to be poured into the bond, and the chaser is going to grow because of the chaser’s progress too. It’s a team effort, and in one way or another, twins will have to surrender to that.


If things go well, the twin flame experience is going to reach this wonderful and yet challenging phase of union. If you’re thinking all the hard work has been already done at this point, you might be surprised.

While reaching this one of the stages of your journey means you’ve both done a lot of work, there’s still a significant step to take. Being able to surrender to the actual union is one of the most significant steps you’ll need to take.

While your energetic frequencies are naturally in tune and harmonized at this point, that harmony needs to be manifested in the 3D as well. Your human experience self is likely going to have some issues adjusting to the necessary step that involves letting go of control, expectations, and pretty much all of your 3D conditioning.

This is the final challenge on the path towards soul union and merging, but it is going to take some work. The upside is that by this point, you’re very experienced with the work that needs to be done.

How Do I Surrender to My Twin Flame?

Surrendering to your twin flame path is a multistage process. It involves you surrender to different aspects of your ascension process, pretty much.

Release Control

You need to let go of trying to control things, which is a very 3D ego human experience thing.

Letting go of control means letting go of the idea that you are the one in charge of the grander scheme of things. Letting go of control is one of the toughest lessons along your path towards ascension and ultimately twin flame union.

You may be under the impression that you can control the pace or timing of events along this path. But it’s all on divine timing, and you’re going to experience it, not set it.

Another control issue comes out during the separation phase when one twin flame might be trying to hurry along the reunion or the twin flame healing needed. That can’t be done. Each twin flame will process things at their own pace. You can’t rush the process of growth.

Release Expectations

Letting go of expectations is another very significant aspect of this path.

One of those expectations is the idea that a twin flame bond is romantic by definition. It’s not. Twin flames incarnate in various scenarios and play out various energies to process karma so they can achieve union at last. Your twin flame can be a parent, child, best friend, competitor or higher-up. All scenarios play out in different ways so your energetic bodies and soul bond can be cleansed.

Another expectation I often encounter is the fact that the twin flame relationship is going to have a happily ever after sort of ending. True, it can be that way – it usually is during the human experience when union is achieved. But if you go into the journey expecting that guarantee, you might ruin your chances at actually achieving that final stage.

Other expectations depend on the particulars of each story of the counterparts.

What Does Surrendering Twin Flames Feel Like?

The process of surrender is a wonderful but challenging one for twin flames, more so perhaps than for anyone else.

The soul bond is always going to exert pressure on each twin flame to achieve merging frequency, to be in contact, to be in your twin flame’s presence at the very least in spiritual terms if not physically as well. That makes the process of surrender to divine timing and the natural pace of spiritual and emotional growth a difficult one.

So the surrender process is likely to feel frustrating at different points along the way. It’s natural and simply an aspect of this path which you need to process and then let go of. It’s something every twin flame has to deal with, and you’re well equipped to do it. Simply give yourself time and credit.

Once you achieve to let go of various beliefs and 3D conditioning aspects, you’ll feel a great sense of relief, freedom, and bliss. Progress along this path is progress along your ascension path. The closer you get to that end goal, the more lighthearted and joyful you’ll feel. The more unconditional love you will feel, the closer you will be spiritually and emotionally to your twin, the collective, and the source. That’s a sense of bliss and freedom without equal.

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In Short

The twin flame surrender stage is a very important step along your path towards ascension and twin flame union.

Though it takes a lot of work, once you let go of the different patterns and conditioning that affect the twin flame experience, aspects that relate to human experience conditioning and 3D experiences, you will make great strides towards your twin flame merging phase. It may take you several human experiences, but trust in your divine mission and your endless potential to overcome any and all obstacles along the way.

Though you may experience frustration, pain, fatigue or emotional overwhelm as you’re processing karma and shadows as part of your twin flame growth process, you and your twin will work your way through those stages.

Once you manage to fully surrender to your sacred twin flame mission and you make progress towards ascension, you will experience a sense of fulfillment and bliss like you’ve never experienced before. The bliss of endless unconditional love from your twin flame and the collective will give you wings and be the sky through which you’ll fly.

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