Can Twin Flames Fall out of Love?

Can twin flames fall out of love or is it an everlasting bond of unconditional love – that is the question.

Whether twin flames get together and stay together or not, their soul bond is unbreakable and it’s based on high-frequency unconditional love. Though either of the twins or both can exercise free will and manifest separation for an undetermined term, the twin flame love never truly goes away. At best it goes on low volume as you go about your human experience, but it never goes mute. In some cases, the twin flames bond can also become toxic, in which case it turns into a karmic bond during that human experience.

Do Twin Flames Stay Together?


We need to differentiate between the twin flames divine plan for their sacred mission, which involves spiritual growth and ascension, and the twin flame human experience relationship.

While the sacred mission is as everlasting as the souls themselves, the human experience is of course limited.

Twin Flame Soul Contract

The soul contract between twin flames is an unbreakable bond. Their souls are linked together for all eternity into union and beyond. In fact spiritually and energetically, the twin flames are never actually apart. But remember, that’s on the spiritual plane.

When it comes to the 3D or life as our human selves experience it, twins aren’t necessarily going to follow a set in stone journey. Sure, by and large, their destiny includes connecting, triggering and supporting each other through growth and overcoming karma, harmonizing frequencies, ascending and achieving divine union. That’s the blueprint of the twin flame souls, the sacred purpose of their divine love.

But as each twin flame is incarnated into a human experience, a wide range of variables come into play. The dense 3D reality can mark and shape a twin flame’s destiny, and with all the variables affecting both twins, you can see how things might go this or that way at different points along the way.

Free Will

What you need to always keep in mind is even though you’ve been born a twin flame, divinity and the universe cannot and will not force upon you the achievement of your sacred high-frequency love mission. It’s something you must take on on a consciously aware level, a path you must pursue.

Putting in the work in order to work through your karma and shadows and achieve awakening and ascension is a choice each twin flame has to make on their own. Though the latent frequency of their souls will always gravitate towards making those options available, it won’t force them into any direction.

Your human experience is infinitely valuable precisely because it’s a journey based on your free will. That’s what helps you process karma and what leads you towards ascension and thereby union with your twin flame. But you need to want to make that happen first, and only then will you be able to manifest it.

Free Will and Separation

Another aspect of your free will is that at any point along the way, either one or both twin flames can decide to exercise their free will in order to put the journey on hold indefinitely – it may mean until the end of this human experience, in fact.

While it will weigh on the hearts and souls of both twins and will ultimately make their human experience harder and most likely less fulfilling for both souls, one cannot be pushed into spiritual development.

If separation is what one or both twins want to manifest, then that is what they will have. In some cases, it’s a temporary situation and includes the runner/chaser phase(s) of the connection. Some twin flames manage to burn through their pending karma and resolve some energetic blocks, thereby gaining a high enough vibration to return onto the path.

But that’s a consciously aware choice that needs to be made at some point along the way, it won’t simply happen by accident or a twist of fate. Fate can only do so much.

Does Twin Flame Love Go Away?

When we’re talking about twin flame love, there are two main aspects we have in mind: the 3D and the higher dimensional love.

The 3D love is going to be what we perceive from our limited human perspective as part of the romantic or love-based interaction between twin flames. It’s what we can see, hear, feel, understand from a perfectly human point of view.

The higher dimensional love is that love bond which transcends what we can perceive from our limited human perspective. It involves that which we cannot see, hear, feel or understand just from a human point of view.

3D Love

As twins incarnated into a 3D experience, more often than not you end up experiencing some form of 3D love. In some cases it’s romantic, in others it’s some other type of love – parental, fraternal and so on.

When twins encounter each other’s energy signature, they will phase into the awakening of the twin flame bond, but that’s on a spiritual level. Depending on the amount of work the twins have managed to get done by that point, their destiny becomes more or less consciously aware to them.

Once conscious awareness starts to kick in, the love bond from higher dimensions starts to trickle down into the 3D whether the twins have made 3D contact or not. If they are in contact, the love intensifies and grows in frequency, it expands and blossoms thereby helping both souls to do the same. Though they may choose to interact more or less at various points along the way, they will never fall out of love, not on a deep soul level.

Higher-dimensional Love

The higher dimensional love bond between twin flame souls is unbreakable. It’s a spiritual and energetic cord that ties the twin flame souls in this human experience and all the rest of them.

The bond is based on higher dimensional unconditional love, a solid foundation that will never fall from grace. It’s an inherent part of the energetic makeup of the twin flame souls, a signature of their divine essence and soul blueprint.

In that sense, the higher dimensional twin flame love never goes away, no matter how many lifetimes each soul experiences and what happens during each of those lifetimes.

twin flame separation

During separation

While one or both twins can exercise their free will and put the twin flame journey on hold indefinitely, they will never be able to put on hold either one of the forms of love they’re experiencing in a consciously aware way, whether 3D or higher-dimensional. Simply put, they can fall in love without seeing each other, but they can’t just fall out of love because they’re not interacting.

It may be tempting to think that your twin flame doesn’t love you anymore since you’re in that dreaded twin flame separation phase, whether it’s no contact or not. But you must keep in mind that your twin flame can’t and won’t stop loving you, no matter what. It’s ingrained into their soul and has no on and off switch.

What can be controlled during the human experience is how you express that twin flame love in the 3D. But even when it goes unexpressed, it never goes away. I’ve covered twin flame failure in more detail already (it’s worth reading if you haven’t already) but, speaking in the long term failure isn’t possible.

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Can Twin Flames Be Toxic?

The twin flame bond is a very intense soul contract experience. It takes a lot out of each twin and is very trying and demanding at various points during the journey towards union.

Its very intensity can sometimes become too much for one twin flame or both twins. Depending on the specifics of their current 3D experience, a twin flame’s journey can be more or less conducive to them being in a higher or lower vibration.

When stuck in a low vibration, the twin flame love bond does experience some toxic influences. While the basic foundation is that of higher dimensional unconditional love which cannot be tainted or altered as it is divine in nature, its 3D forms can sometimes take on toxic frequencies.

If and when that happens, it’s very important to keep in mind that it’s not the twin flame or their love that become toxic, but their circumstances. It’s precisely because of the sacred nature of that love that the twins can overcome those karmic circumstances through the process of twin flame healing and gain a higher twin flame frequency.

In Short

If you’re asking yourself “Can twin flames fall out of love?”, the simplest answer is: no.

While the human experience version of the twin flame love is going to differ based on the multiple variables included, the essence of that soul bond is never going to truly change. And that essence is one of higher dimensional unconditional love. It’s a soul contract that is ingrained into the blueprint of each soul, something sacred and indestructible.

While some situations or details of a human experience may become toxic to the twins, the real essence of their bond will always be sacred and divine in nature: love.

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