Guide to Twin Flame Synchronicities During Separation

If you’re on the twin flame journey and have reached the separation phase, you know firsthand just how challenging it is. Because it’s such a trying phase of the journey, you’ll see a lot of twin flame synchronicities during separation, especially if you’re going through the no contact stage. Why? Because the universe, divinity, and your twin flame love you.

Twin flame synchronicities like numbers, words or images can come through to convey various messages. If one of the twins starts to see one particular synchronicity more often than others, then information about that synchronicity will travel through the energy bond and it’s going to start showing up for the other twin as well. The meaning of each of those signs or signals is going to make itself known to each twin, as they are divine messages of unconditional love. The language of unconditional love is something both twins speak and understand instinctively. It’s that divine unconditional love that bonds twins to one another and brings about the union or reunion phase.

What Are Twin Flame Synchronicities?

At their core, twin flame synchronicities are repeating events, signs or signals which are meant to convey particular messages to one or both of the twins. Some of those messages have more of a general meaning, and others are tailored in great detail to those particular twins and their common experiences if they’ve had any consciously aware ones.

The twin flame bond is an unbreakable spiritual soul connection between the twin flames. It’s a soul bond, a bond of energy, a sacred promise of journeying towards union. Because of the divine nature of the mission, they embark on, when twin flames are in separation the universe works hard at offering them comfort, guidance, and support so they’ll find it a bit easier to make their way towards union.

In a way, synchronicities are love notes coming from the universe towards the twin flames and from one twin flame to another. When they’re coming from the universe, they are meant to give the twins the message that they’re not alone on their path, that they are not ignored or forgotten as they go through various challenges and difficult times.

They also convey messages from one twin to another, either from their higher selves or from their human experience selves, depending on how advanced the soul contract is and how familiar you are with each other’s energy. Particularly during separation, they might be messages related to one twin missing the other, thinking about them, feeling a particular type of way, or intending to undertake a particular type of action. These messages can also come as answers to questions you might have asked your twin flame if your telepathic bond isn’t firing well enough to get a direct message across.

Twin Flame Synchronicity Examples


These are some of the more common types of synchronicities to come through because we’re always seeing numbers – the time on our phones, for instance. If you repeatedly find yourself seeing angel numbers like 11, 22, 33, 333, 44, 77, 88, then you’re getting love mail from the universe and/or your twin.

Numbers that may seem random to others but have a particular meaning to you and/or your twin are also synchronicities and depending on their particular meaning to you, they are confirming or transmitting particular messages pertaining to your separation and the progress being made towards reunion.

You may also see a spike in number synchronicities when a reunion is getting closer. They can be mirroring numbers or repeated numbers, so 21:21 or 21:12, for instance. If you’re seeing a lot of these mirroring or repeating numbers, ask your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors or any spiritual higher power you believe in for some sort of confirmation regarding their meaning, just to be sure.


Do you find yourself hearing or seeing a particular word, time and time again? It could be a word which has a lot of meaning to you and your twin, or simply one that makes you feel a very particular type of way.

It can be any word, really, and because we constantly hear words flying around us, when one of them is repeated way too much it will always draw our attention. You may find yourself hearing or seeing the word “cucumber” way too much, when you and your twin have been on a date and shared a cucumber, for instance. The word will instantly convey the feelings and love you felt in that moment, and it will come your way when your twin’s soul wants to express that.

You might find these words in song lyrics, movie lines, discussions you have with various people or in chatter you hear when you’re on the train. Regardless of where you see or hear those words and depending on your particular situation during your separation, they’re conveying some messages which your soul will receive and interpret for you.


Some synchronicities can come through as images, particularly if you live or work in a very visual or images-prone environment or you find imagery more suggestive than other types of signs.

It could be an image of anything, from a rose to a rabbit, to a blue car – particular images will take on particular meanings and come through as confirmation, guidance or support during the separation. You might see an object in movies, plays, in a friend’s house, on a random flyer you see on the street.

You might hear a story or see a movie that displays a particular type of situation which speaks to your separation or to your twin journey up to that point. You’re receiving guidance and support through those messages, either from your twin’s soul or from the universe itself.

Do Both Twin Flames See Synchronicities?

As a result of the twin flame soul bond, one twin is always in energetic contact with the other one. Separation is no different in that regard.

The twin flames are going to still be in energetic contact. They are likely to visit each other in dreams and in the astral plane, and they will most likely communicate telepathically even without having any conscious intent to do so.

Though they might be in separation in the 3D, their souls are linked in higher dimensions, no matter what. It’s an unbreakable bond. As a result, there’s always a line of energetic communication from one twin flame to the other.

Because of that open line of communication, once one twin flame starts seeing one particular synchronicity more and more, the other twin flame will be naturally drawn towards paying attention to that same thing. It’s going to repeat itself and thereby slowly convey to the second twin flame just what their counterpart’s energy and/or consciousness are trying to convey.

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How Will I Know What It Means?

The meaning of the synchronicities depends a lot on the context of your particular journey and separation, and on the details of the interaction between you and your twin.

Sometimes, meanings might be revealed to you in dreams or through telepathy. Other times, the meaning is going to be a direct reply or confirmation for you about something you’ve asked your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, higher self or your twin’s higher self.

Let’s say that during separation you doubt your bond with your twin and ask the universe to confirm to you that this person truly is your twin flame. Then, after a while, you start looking at the clock at random times and constantly see repeating numbers when you do, like 21:21, 17:17, 22:22 (double confirmation there, yes you are twin flames, and you’re going into reunion sometime soon) and so on. This is the universe confirming that yes, this person is your twin.

You might ask whether you and your twin will reunite during this human experience, for instance. After some time, you may see roses time and time again. Perhaps your twin showed you a rose image in a dream or telepathic communication, or maybe they gave you a rose on your first or last date. That rose is going to be confirmation that yes, you will reunite during this human experience.

In Short

It’s very likely that you’ll see twin flame synchronicities during separation. The universe and each of the twins will communicate through repeated signs or signals, transmitting messages of encouragement, guidance, and support, or answering some of the questions that one or both twins have about their journey.

Whatever those messages are, they are going to come through more and more often as the twins get closer to the point of reunion. Once they’re very close to it, they will see lots of synchronicities that are meant to prepare them for the next phase. Those signs and signals are also meant to encourage them to keep going during times when they might be doubting themselves, their twin or their whole journey.

Even if you are in separation, you will still be in energetic contact with your twin flame. The universe will reassure you and encourage you to make progress along your path towards ascension and union.

How you each handle those messages and what you choose to do with them is entirely up to your free will, though. Choose wisely, beautiful soul!

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