Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

Have you been plagued by twin flame dreams during separation? Are you wondering why you keep dreaming about your twin, even though you’re trying really hard to get them out of your headspace?

The twin flame journey is one of constant contact between souls. Whether you’re contacting your twin in the 3D or not, your higher self is contacting theirs all the time through dream communication. If you’re nearing the end of the separation phase, then you’re very likely to start having twin flame dreams during separation about union and/or reunion dreams.

Your twin flame journey might be in a no-contact phase, either because you haven’t met in the 3D or because you’re in separation. But the twin flame bond doesn’t take a break as people might. It doesn’t need us to make physical contact for our soul and energy to be in contact with that of our twin flame. The energetic connection between the twin flames remains active, and with less to no third-dimensional contact, your souls and energy are very likely to communicate in dreams.

Twin Flame Dream Communication

Due to the unbreakable twin flame soul bond, whether you’ve met your twin in the physical plane or not, your souls are always in contact.

One way you’re communicating with your twin is through your higher self and theirs. Depending on how consciously aware you are of your experiences on the spiritual plane, you may or may not remember a message you receive there. But you’re in spiritual contact and communication all the time.

Another form of non-physical communication between twin flames is dreaming.

Before 3D Contact

You’re very likely to make contact with your twin flame during dreams before you make physical 3D contact.

When you’re sleeping, your energetic body is less tied down by your awake conscious conditioning. As a result, your soul is much freer while you’re asleep. It’s very likely that you’ll meet your twin flame in dreams.

You may even see their face as their current human experience avatar, but you’ll experience their energy signature for sure. That’s why it feels like going home when you finally meet face to face or are at least in each other’s physical proximity: you know their energy signature as well as your own.

twin flame separation

During Separation

If you’ve made contact, the dreams are most likely going to intensify. And if you’ve had a relationship or connection of any kind and are now in separation, then you can bet that the less time you spend interacting in the 3D, the more you’ll spend interacting in other dimensions. To put it simply, your soul is always going to yearn for contact with your twin flame’s soul.

While you’re in twin flame separation, there’s also a lot of work getting done when it comes to each twin. Your energies get upgrades as you make progress along your spiritual path towards ascension, and your souls will be in contact constantly and harmonize with each other at every turn.

As that happens, you’re likely to have recurrent dreams about your twin, even if you were the one wanting a separation to begin with. They may range from random scenes, discussions or interactions with them that don’t necessarily have any deeper meaning, to receiving different types of communication and messages they aren’t able to send you otherwise because of the no contact situation.

They might introduce elements that have recently entered their life, significant events going on with them, even small things like giving you gifts for instance because they’d want to in the 3D but can’t.

They’re likely to show up in your dreams because you’re on their mind, and you’ll show up in theirs just as often.

Twin Flame Reunion Dreams

twin flame communicating

One very significant dream you’re likely to start having at some point during the separation phase is that of reunion.

You could dream about your human experience selves interacting with the purpose of processing or solving issues you’ve run into or might run into in the 3D. There could be trial runs of scenarios that might happen when you begin the reunion phase and start processing any of the blockages or hiccups you may have to deal with, any lingering shadows that might stand in your way. You could also get prophetic visions regarding your future together and your mission.

Whether you’re in physical separation as a result of having been involved with one another at least to some degree or you’re separated without having been in much 3D contact, when the moment of reconnecting in the 3D gets closer your higher selves will start planting the idea in your dreams in a way that will let you know what’s coming. By then you’ll have already processed various issues and scenarios, also in the dreamland, and will be ready to manifest your reunion.

It could start off innocently enough, with you simply dreaming about seeing your twin, going out, doing something together. Then, the more your energies harmonize and the more progress you’re making with your ascensions, the dreams can become more and more suggestive.

Dream sexual encounters can also occur, and they’re perfectly normal. That’s another sign that you soul bond is getting closer and closer to manifesting fully in the 3D. The more in sync your frequencies get, the more vivid and complex the reunion dreams will get.

Before you actually manifest the reunion in the 3D, you’re likely to experience very frequent dreams about you being together and doing things – either resolving 3D issues that kept or are keeping you apart, or building a future together.

In Short

Dream contact is very common when you’re on the flame journey, and dreaming during separation is a significant part of your path towards twin flame union.

You and your divine counterpart will interact in the dream dimension and in the spiritual dimension all the time. Your energies will always be in contact, and the closer you are to manifesting union in the 3D, the more obvious and explicit dream journeys with each other will become.

When you’re in separation, a dream in which you and your counterpart interact comes to offer great comfort and hope for the future of your reunion. While your higher self knows that it’s only a matter of time before you reunite, your human experience self can only hope and dream – and dream it shall.

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    • In the astral plane, yes. I’m working on a guide to astral projection specific to the twin flame journey as it’s going to be more common than most of us notice. Learning to be able to do this at will might help us move closer to union.

      • Why do I keep having visions of me and my twin flame together in summer even tho he broke up with me? And why can I actually feel him being physically next to me?

  1. My twin flame and I are in separation right now, and for the past few months I keep having dreams where she’s saying saying goodbye to me and to us even though she does not want to be. What does that mean?

  2. There are two people who could be my Twin Flame and I don’t know how to differentiate, but I have stronger thoughts on one. How do I know who is who?

  3. I am searching this topic because I am new to the twin flame journey. Before bed I was thinking of good times we had and wanting to send a light message (we are in separation). I dreamt of her once. Felt tired and a little low so I went back to sleep and dreamt of her again. I was snoozing throughout so I dreamt of her about four times back to back. While the dream itself didn’t make me feel good I still have an inkling to reach out and ask how she is doing.

    • Did I write that? I’ve had the same… suddenly I think of her going to sleep and not have a dream that I recall with her in it for months now? I thought they would be increasing…

  4. What about nightmares? Have been in no contact separation with TF now over a year but still had some contact through social media till recently. He slowly removed me so I decided I’d had enough of the anxiety and avoidance of conversation and did the rest myself. Did so to protect my energy from any further psychological manipulation. He is the runner. I’ve stopped chasing now, working on myself, gone inward.

    The dreams have been since I disconnected on a game we used to play together. Dreams… nightmares… distressing. We ended our connection on a misunderstanding. I got left in the dark for a year. He wouldn’t talk about it. Situation has just gotten worse over time to finally I’ve had enough of the drama and disconnected myself.

    Now in my waking state, as I’m waking my dreams are constant thoughts at him, trying to resolve this situation with reasoning. He stares at me doesn’t respond. If I don’t speak, he disappears. Doesn’t matter if I say words with love, hurt or frustration, the dream plays out the same.

    This has been in repeat since I deleted him. Growing with more intensity every day. I’m over it, leaving, fed up and wanting to heal my heart now and move on with life. Content with soulmate connections for the remainder of this life. I want to let go. He’s shown me he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore and yet these dreams keep happening. He is there, without fail as I’m waking up every day. Silent.

    I don’t see a reunion ever manifesting. Not if he continues to listen to my dark empath ex. I’m over the negativity. Why am I seeing these dreams? He clearly wants me gone. I know what happened so it’s not like I need to say anything more to him. He chooses to believe in rumors there’s nothing I can do except grow and move on in life.

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