Twin Flame Blocked Me [What Now?]

If you wake up one morning and suddenly realize “My twin flame blocked me!”, you’re experiencing one of the most challenging parts of the twin flame journey: the much dreaded no contact chapter of the separation phase. Your twin flame is officially a runner, trying to put distance between you guys in person, via phone, and on social media.

If your twin flame blocked you, you should seek support and guidance to manage this part of your journey. The best thing you can do right now is to focus on your own path towards ascension. In the end, all you can do is do your part of the work and then surrender to divine timing. Your twin might be unprepared or unwilling to do the work, and you need to understand that for what it is and simply focus on your own high frequency. Divinity will work it out.

I know it’s an incredibly frustrating and painful part of this journey towards union. But you can and will get over this, as a person and as a spiritual connection – whether in this human experience or not, that remains to be seen.

What to Do When Your Twin Flame Blocks You


Maybe you’ve been in a twin flame relationship, and after a terrible fight or simply out of the blue you suddenly realize your twin flame has blocked you on social media; they might have even restricted your calls. Or you may have just connected on social media, and they’re suddenly disengaging from interacting and blocking you without any reason.

Seek Support and Guidance

This phase can easily get very confusing and terribly triggering. Though you and your twin flame will be in no contact through it, their energy is going to support you as much as yours is going to support them. You won’t be facing it alone in energetic terms. But in human experience terms, it can feel very lonely at different points along the way.

If you haven’t reached out to other members of your soul tribe or collective by now, this is an excellent time to do so. Many if not most twin flames go through this phase, and once they’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel they can help support and guide you too. And they want to support and guide you, because you are very loved by divinity and the whole collective, never doubt that for one second!

Your spirit guides, guardian angels, and ancestors are always by your side. Ask them for guidance and support as well, so they can more easily intervene on your behalf and comfort you during this process.

Focus on Your Ascension

Though it might be hard to do at the beginning of this phase, the best thing for you is to focus on your ascension. The higher your vibe gets, the less affected you will be by shadows and low vibe feelings or thoughts.

Do your part of the work, because that’s within your control, after all. You can’t do your twin flame’s work, but doing yours will help them too through the soul bond. Deal with your shadows, process your karma and set yourself free.

The best cure for blocks is both of your paths towards ascension.

Surrender to Divine Timing

Don’t think for a second that this means your connection has been broken or cut. Your soul bond will never be broken, though during such difficult times it can surely feel quite battered and bruised.

Divine timing is at work here, for both of you. When it’s the right time, when you’re both on a high vibe and ready and willing to harmonize, all will be resolved.

Don’t forget that you’re a sovereign divine spiritual being having a human experience. You are a strong, resilient, dignified, and sacred soul. You can handle anything that comes your way – it’s only a matter of time.

Why Did They Block Me?

twin flame blocked

This is going to be a very challenging part of your journey, and there’s no sugarcoating that. Most of the shadow work for one if not both twins happens during this phase.

In many cases, it happens precisely because one or both twin flames haven’t gotten the chance to truly focus on doing the shadow work and dealing with their karma up to that point. This is going to be a very powerful trigger for that. So why did they block you?

Unprepared to Do the Work

They could have imposed this distance between your 3D human experience selves because the very intense and demanding nature of the connection caught them entirely off guard.

They may simply be unprepared to do the potentially intimidating amount of work on themselves. There’s a lot of self-growth, energetic upgrading, and karma resolving needed and triggered by this process.

It could have caught them at a time when they’re simply not mentally, emotionally or spiritually prepared to tackle it. As long as they grasp the fact that they do need to work on themselves, this is simply a delay on your path towards healing and ascension.

Unwilling to Do the Work

There’s also a possibility that your twin flame’s 3D human experience self isn’t willing to do the work, and they can exercise free will in this regard.

The reason behind that refusal is also the fact that they’re not truly prepared for it. It triggers a rejection instead of pushing for evolution and embracing their twin flame path.

They might even go low vibe enough to try to sever the connection. They won’t be able to do that, though – the twin flame bond is an unbreakable soul contract. Your 3D selves aren’t able to dissolve parts of your souls, and your twin flame bond is integrated in both of your souls.

Unfortunately, their actions can and will hurt you. That’s why this is one of those times when your ascension is essential – their hopefully temporary low vibe will affect you less that way.

In Short

If one day you find yourself concluding “My twin flame blocked me!”, try not to panic. Your twin flame bond cannot be broken, and your path towards twin flame union is only delayed by their actions, not canceled entirely.

Take is as a break from your social media or in-person connection and focus on your spiritual growth. Try to get support and guidance from others who have gone through it with their twin, and just focus on your ascension.

When both you and your twin will have done your parts of the work, you’ll be able to start the reunion part of the twin flame journey. Until then, work on getting your frequency higher and higher and trust in divine timing. This, too, shall pass.

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