My Twin Flame Shut Me Out

If my twin flame shut me out, what does that mean for our twin flame journey? Is this the end of the path for us? Will we resume our path together, or is everything lost?

Ignoring your counterpart is a bit like hitting the breaks on the process, but it’s only temporary – that engine will never stop humming. Your counterpart might be hitting the breaks for a couple of reasons like the fact that they’re experiencing emotional overwhelm or they’re unwilling or unable to do the work at that particular point in time. But whatever the reason, your twin flame experience won’t simply end. The free will exercised to hit the breaks will slow it down, sure, but it cannot stop the divine mission of your souls.

What Happens If You Ignore Your Twin Flame?

When you ignore your twin flame or your twin flame is ignoring you, you’re pretty much taking a bit of a break from making progress along your journey. That means that the progress you’ve made up to that point won’t be lost. It will simply remain there, for you and your counterpart’s souls to marinate in and take in. You’re not taking a step forward at that point, but you’re not stepping back either. You’re simply catching your breath for a bit, that’s all.

The connection never takes a break, though. Your twin flame soul bond is an unbreakable soul contract. It’s encoded in the very essence of your soul. The instinct to connect with your twin flame and harmonize with their frequency is your natural state, and that’s the basis of the bond you share. It cannot be destroyed, though it can be bruised by rejecting the mission you took on when you incarnated into this human experience.

Ignoring your twin flame will cause you and your divine counterpart some discomfort, though. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s mutual discomfort or pain, and never one-sided. If your twin flame isn’t showing signs of being affected, they’re just better at covering it up when you’re seeing or interacting with them in any capacity.

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Why Does My Twin Flame Push Me Away?

Trust me, the pain of being apart is always there, mirrored and amplified. It’s also pointless, but you need to keep in mind that your twin flame is acting this way because they’ve hit a major block on their path of spiritual awakening and growth.

They’re suffering, and though it doesn’t excuse them acting out like that, you need to come towards them with that which is specific to you: unconditional love. Ironically, this might be when they need you the most. They’re simply ignoring or ignorant of that fact right now.

Why is your twin flame pushing you away then, if they need you more than ever?

Emotionally Overwhelmed

You and I both know that this twin flame journey thing isn’t for the faint of heart. The process is intense, demanding, and it can often get pretty overwhelming.

If your twin flame is feeling overwhelmed, chances are you’re getting that vibe through your unbreakable soul bond too. You feel their distress and are naturally gravitating towards comforting them, spiritually, emotionally, and physically (if you’ve connected in the 3D).

Try to keep in mind that your twin flame is going through a difficult time and right now they need your unconditional love more than ever. Remember, there’s a fair chance the runner twin flame¬†doesn’t even know¬†why they feel overwhelmed.

Technology is also making this more and more obvious. We’re so used to being connected constantly that when your twin flame blocks you online, it stands out.

Unwilling or Unable to Do the Work

When it comes to the twin flames connection, there’s a tremendous amount of work to be done on both the divine feminine and divine masculine sides.

This is a journey of endless development and growth, and it culminates in union frequency because by then you and your counterpart have done a tremendous amount of shadow work and karma clearing. That’s no small feat.

Because there’s so much work to be done, some twin flames might be feeling unwilling or unable to do all of the work at various points in time. It can be a matter of resistance, but can also be a need to grow and release more.

While this is a very trying and triggering part of the process, try to remain centered in your progress and high vibe. That’s the best you can do for your counterpart at this point. The twin flame healing process isn’t easy for either of you, but they might be dealing with some additional blockages you haven’t seen yet.

Will the Separation Phase End?

twin flame separation

Yes, undoubtedly so. The question is not “If?”, but “When?” though.

Your twin flame runner is going to stop running at some point. They will have gotten over their hangups, hiccups, blockages, and will have done their work. At some point in time, you will both have grown and evolved beyond the point of rejecting, fighting, resisting, and fearing this soul bond.

But that moment in time may or may not be part of the current human experience. While that can be terribly frustrating, particularly if you feel you’re ready to step into union frequency, you need to release control over this part of your experience. It will happen when you, your counterpart, and your bond are ready for it to happen. But trust that it will happen for sure because it will.

The code of reaching union frequency has been integrated into your very essences, into your souls. There’s no erasing or eradicating that. Whatever delays you may experience are almost specks of dust in the universe’s scale of things. And you are a twin soul, thereby a divinely universal being of light and unconditional love. Time is mere detail to your eternal soul.

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In Short

You might be asking yourself: “If I’m part of the twin flames connection and my twin flame shut me out, is this it?” Let me tell you loud and clear: no, this is not it for sure. This is simply another phase along the way, most definitely not the end of your path.

As you’re catching your breath, focus on your own growth and ascension. The higher vibe you are, the more help you’re sending your counterpart through the soul bond. Do your best to not be triggered and radiate unconditional love and forgiveness, because this might be when your counterpart needs you the most.

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  1. we are a same sex female twin flames. i have had beautiful sexual encounters with her in my dreamsas well as all dreams being positive. why did she say to me the other day she is ‘offput by my attration to her in reality? im confused!

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