6 Twin Flame Runner Awakening Signs

When you are the spiritually awakened one, one of the hardest parts of the journey is waiting for your twin flame runner to see what you see and finally understand the connection that you have.

This is a turning point on the journey and we often call it the twin flame awakening. It’s a relief when it’s happening and one that can’t come soon enough so here are some of the twin flame runner awakening signs you can look out for.

Remember that the awakening process will look different for everyone. It might manifest very quickly for some runners or be slow and gradual for others. It’s usually a process and not an instant change.


Number 6: They Express Self-Love and Healing

It might seem counterintuitive but one of the first signs of spiritual awakening is that they’re more open to self-love. They’ll be more willing to accept their flaws, shortcomings and the areas they need to work on.

The twin flame journey pushes you both towards self-improvement but we can’t focus on fixing our problems until we learn to accept them. They’ll accept themselves as they truly are (and then do the same with you).

They’ll begin to work on their own self-improvement more and more. Often starting with the obvious things like becoming more patient and accepting of others, this is often one of the easier signs to spot.

Keep in mind that this is why twin flames run, to begin with (or at least one of the main reasons). While it’s painful, it serves a real purpose to prepare you both for union.

Number 5: Express More Love, Energy and Empathy

Again, this isn’t just directed at you. As the runner twin awakens they’ll be naturally more empathic towards other living things.

You might see them go out of their way more for others, start to put others before them or even do small things like using extra emojis where they wouldn’t before.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening Sign

You might notice them reaching out to friends, family and you more often. At this point, the telepathic bond between the two of you becomes more developed and you’ll also start seeing more energy and a better mood in your own life as your twin’s energy reverberates through the bond.

Number 4: More Interested in Spirituality

The energetic vibration of the twin flame journey opens even the hardest cynic up to the universe in front of them.

While they might have turned from spiritual beliefs in the past, an awakened twin flame will slowly become more and more accepting of these beliefs. Even if they’re not consciously aware of it yet, they’ve been going through their own spiritual journey and some part of them knows it.

This does not mean you’re going to automatically see huge swings in their spiritual beliefs. Normally this acceptance is more subtle and consistent.

Number 3: Your Own Awakening

Not all of the changes will be seen in the runner twin.

As your twin flame runner begins to awaken you’ll also start noticing your own internal changes. Annoyingly, the closer you get towards union the less you’ll be actively worrying about it. You’ll feel a sense of acceptance, release and relaxation.

On the higher dimensions, your soul knows that the runner twin is beginning to awaken. On some level, you’ll know they’re becoming ready to take that next step and you’ll feel a noticeable sense of relief or letting go.

This often comes with an increase in downloaded messages or dream communication with your runner twin as you help guide them through the last stages of their awakening. There’ll be a relaxed pace to it though and you’ll be able to easily follow your intuition on what to do next.

Number 2: More Alignment and Connection

Twin flames always share energy, emotion and interests even before they ever physically meet. As the twin flame runner awakens this bond strengthens and they become more aware of it.

This leads to a very noticeable shift towards closer interests, morals and energy levels. They’ll feel innately more connected to you – even if they don’t notice it themselves.

There’ll be a noticeable feeling of being closer. Communication (on all levels) will be easier and you’ll have fewer barriers between the two of you.

Number 1: Signs From the Universe

Tip: We talk about this so often that this one shouldn’t surprise you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d suggest reading my guide on twin flame numbers.

External signs will always follow your twin flame journey whether they’re strange synchronicities or number patterns following you around.

These signs usually serve as advice. They try to steer us towards the next step towards union but as your runner gets closer to awakening you’ll notice both an increase and a change in these signs.

While they’ll become more frequent they’re also likely to change. The signs that guided you this far are unlikely to be needed anymore.

Also, remember that most of the external signs throughout your journey won’t be consciously noticed by either of you. The further you go along the journey, the more aware of them you may become and after awakening, it’s likely now is the time the runner twin begins to notice them.

I feel like I need to add a word of caution here even if it is one of you’ve heard from me before. The twin flame journey is not about sitting back and waiting to see these signs. It’s not about waiting for your twin flame runner.

Your separation stage should serve as a way for both of you to prepare for this intense connection to come together and if you’re not prepared for your twin flame runner to return, you’re just headed for another separation stage further down the line.

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