6 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You (When It Doesn’t Seem Like It)

Twin flame separation can be… turbulent to say the least. Your runner twin is not going to act the exact same as another (as the journey is incredibly unique to the two of you) but there are some signs your twin flame loves you. These 6 signs can help guide you even when everything else seems lost.

Common Signs

Number 6: Feeling Their Presence

One of the more obvious signs is the feeling of a nearby presence even when they’re not physically around.

Some people feel a physical feeling of a hand on their shoulder, a familiar smell of them in the wind, their voice in their head or just a feeling of their presence nearby.

Even if separated on other sides of the world – twin flames are always together on the higher dimensions. Actively feeling their physical presence when you’re apart is a sign of their love for you seeping through to the physical realm.

Number 5: The Draw to Stay Connected

Whether you find yourself daydreaming about your twin flame or you’re constantly scrolling through their social media feed – that draw to stay connected might not be coming from you.

A sure sign that your twin flame runner loves you is their own energy lashing out across your bond. They might not be spiritually aware enough to understand where this drive stems from – but you are.

This can manifest in a lot of different ways. Often we find out afterward that a runner twin had the exact same drive even if they couldn’t admit it to themselves.

twin flame happiness

Number 4: Dreams

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it… probably a lot more.

Twin flame dreams might be one of the biggest guiding signs we have. Even twin flames having bad dreams can carry an important message. They allow open and free communication between both twins where we’re not scared of being hurt or tortured by ego.

Sometimes your twin will appear clearly to you in a dream and you’ll communicate without all the barriers we normally have. Sometimes it’ll be more subtle and something in the dream will represent them – but you will know who they are.

While this is probably one of the most common signs it’s also the one most of us miss on the twin flame journey because we forget most of our dreams the moment we wake up.

Keeping a dream journal can help you improve dream recall and really help you unlock some guidance for your journey to union.

Number 3: Spontaneous Emotion

High emotion reverberates through the twin flame bond all the time. We’re so used to it that most of it is only noticed in our subconscious.

You could be doing something as mundane as sorting your socks or filing taxes and be hit with an overwhelming emotional surge or feeling of energy. You might want to dance, run, fling yourself across the world in search of adventure.

An outburst of spontaneous emotion can be triggered by joy, pain, fear or intense love. No matter what else is happening in your journey, a feeling of intense love and support out of nowhere is a strong sign your twin flame loves you and is likely thinking of you at that moment.

The runner twin also feels this emotional surge, but unless they’re spiritually aware enough they probably won’t understand that it’s coming from you and tend to attribute it to something else.

Number 2: Synchronicity

The one sign we all see on our twin flame journey.

Twin flames share more than just a spiritual and physical attraction. Their meeting brings them closer together as they match interests, morals and life experiences.

Even when separated, as you progress along your journey these signs become more and more blatant. Usually starting small like number patterns or hearing the same song in the morning, eventually, the universe will start bringing you together in unexpected places.

(This is why twin flames paths tend to cross so often and unexpectedly).

These signs are constantly happening even before we’re ever consciously aware of what a twin flame is. A common example is the feeling of Deja Vu without any explanation.

These synchronicities will happen throughout your journey but when obvious ones really stick out it’s a strong reminder of your bond extending beyond the physical.

Note: If you start seeing these signs fade that’s not always a bad sign. These syncs are generally a call for correction trying to guide you towards something you need to focus on. If you start to see them fade this can be a sign separation is almost over.

Number 1: The Feeling of Growth

As unsatisfying as it sounds, the bigger sign that your twin flame loves you is that feeling.

Even when you’re apart, you have a feeling of safety and security. That feeling of love, support and someone endlessly pushing you to improve yourself. That feeling of home but also a drive towards something new.

You might discover something new about yourself. Unlock a talent you didn’t know you had or regain something you’d left behind in the past. Every twin flame journey is unique but twin flames always push each other to improve in every aspect of their lives.

It can be a hard one to explain. At times they’ll challenge you to push through pain, at times they’ll say nothing and just listen. At times they might not even speak at all.

Guided by their higher selves, our twins know what we need at any given time. Sometimes they know that we need to be pushed or left alone which can hurt at the time but lead to growth in the long term.

During periods of difficult separation, their actions might hurt but the feeling that their support is still there is a sign of their love.

Remember: Trying to understand a twin flame runner’s thought process is hard because they often don’t understand it themselves. Try to be patient with them and focus on your own spiritual journey above anything else.

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  1. My twin and I are very new to our journey. We worked together and met about 2 years ago. It was a few months later I was sent to the location she worked at to do some repairs on an oven. I walked in with my tools and crossed the kitchen over where the ovens are and at that moment she rounded the office doorway into the narrow hallway where I was standing grazing my shoulder as she passed on her way to the restroom. Omg there was this rush of building layers of heat welling up from my core and my sex that was so intense I had to grasp the handsik basen to keep from falling down. This energy was like the perfect drug! I didn’t know of course it was kindling. I discovered that next morning very early that we are twin flames. She is the Matrix twin and. I’m still not sure if shes’ awakened yet but her. Behavior and lack of maturity points to not yet. This separation we are on rn is total no contact. I think she enjoys torturing me. Idk I mean I lover her sooo deeply and have been going thru so much and she refused to break silence or contact and my grandma had died. I know this is not easy. She’s truly my love of my life and vice versa but I’m not real sure w we will survive all the hurt we have caused each other so far. May gods mercy shine a beacon when it done to shine the way back to each other’s hearts .

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