Bad Dreams About Twin Flames: 6 Meanings and Answers

Having bad dreams about twin flames? (Or your twin flame specifically?) Don’t ignore them. Those dreams could contain important clues that can help you make progress on your twin flame journey.

You shouldn’t panic, though. Don’t negatively approach these bad dreams. Instead, take what you can find useful and make the most of this experience. It does not automatically mean there is a problem with your path to union.

There probably is a message you should be paying attention to, however.

As twin flames, you deal with a lot of hard work. It’s part of your spiritual journey. These dreams are yet another opportunity to grow and raise your vibration. Don’t miss the guidance it offers.

Why Are You Having Bad Dreams About Twin Flames?

Bad dreams can be disconcerting. They can trigger pretty intense reactions depending on how bad they are. Especially if your twin is also experiencing the dream and their emotions reverberate through your connection.

Everyone has bad dreams. More often than not, they’re a sign that our subconscious mind is heavy with low vibes. It’s one way our minds and souls work out some of our deep fears or worries.

Some of your bad dreams could not even be yours. They could be your twins, coming through to you via your twin flame energy cord. It might be nothing but a sign of their stress for something entirely unrelated.

You can also have bad dreams because you saw or heard something upsetting. Maybe you’ve gone through some traumatic or upsetting event recently. That can also cause bad dreams. Normally, there’s nothing to worry about, even if it’s unpleasant to have bad dreams.


If you are consistently having bad dreams about your twin flame or the dream concerns some aspect of your journey in particular, then we definitely have to dig deeper.

You’re Going Through Your Awakening Or Energetic Upgrades

What you’re experiencing after your twin flame awakening can be confusing. Your energetic body experiences a vibrational revolution, in a way. Your chakras spin at a different frequency. That also happens when you receive energetic upgrades from your spiritual team and the divine.

That level of energetic change can trigger some lower vibes from deep within your soul. They’re likely to come out first through your dreams.

Because you’ve just had your flame ignited, you’re likely to have confused feelings and thoughts. The confusion will make itself known through your dreams. And because it’s confusion and uncertainty fueling the dreams, they can be bad dreams.

Your energetic body will adapt to the new vibe soon, though. This is just a phase, and you’ll overcome it soon.

You’re Receiving Telepathic Messages

twin flame telepathic dreamIt can be a bit jarring if you’re starting to become consciously aware of your twin flame telepathy connection. (To say the least).

Twin flames are constantly communicating like this, but the majority of these messages never get consciously noticed. Sometimes (especially during highly emotional stages), these will break through into your consciousness.

In your dreams, this happens even more easily.

You and your twin are meant to achieve divine union and merge. But before you get there, your 3D vessels need to become comfortable with your energies connected telepathically.

And before you become comfortable with it, the fear and anxiety might kick in. That can cause bad dreams. It’s a natural part of becoming comfortable with your bond.

You’re Dealing With The Painful Separation Phase

One of the most obvious and common sources of distress for twin flames is separation.

Even though separation is a chance for each twin to grow, the pain you feel because of the 3D distance can become overwhelming. There’s the chaser’s pain, and then there’s the twin flame runner’s pain.

Part of the process of dealing with the separation distress is likely to come up through your dreams. Bad twin flame dreams can come up at different points along your way towards reunion.

Just keep going. I know that’s easier said than done. This is one phase of many on your way towards divine union. You’ve got this.

There’s Inner Child And Shadow Work To Be Done

We each collect some baggage along with our current human experience. It might be inner child issues or shadow work that still needs to get done.

If there are some tougher issues you have to deal with that you might be avoiding for whatever reason, they could come up as bad twin flame dreams.

Your flame bond is likely to activate those dreams, so you feel motivated to address those issues.

You’re Working On Your Karmic Debt

Break a Twin Flame Karmic CycleAs you make progress on your twin flame journey, your karmic debt starts to come up. You’re very well prepared to deal with it, don’t worry about that. Most of us have some twin flame karmic debt to deal with.

But as the karmic debt your souls have accumulated throughout lifetimes starts to come up, it’s likely you’ll start having bad dreams.

Some of them might make no sense to you. They’re connected to some of your past lives. Or even to the past lives of your twin.

You’re Dealing With A False Twin Flame

As twin flames, the notion of dealing with a false twin flame is very painful and confusing. Having a bad dream does not automatically mean that this is the case, however.

Before you realize that’s what you’re going through or as you start to realize it, you’re very likely to experience bad twin flame dreams.

These dreams are coming your way in order to get your attention. They’re trying to help you realize something about your connection isn’t the real deal.

They could also be distress signals from your real twin. Your mirror soul senses you’re straying off the path towards your authentic divine union.

Look deep within your soul. Deep down inside, you know the truth. Embrace it. Allow it to set you free from a false twin bond.

Common Twin Flame Bad Dream Examples

Your dreams are likely going to be very unique to you and your journey. Especially dreams during separation because they’re often coming directly from your mirror soul.

However, if we look at some of the more common themes I hear about, it might give you some understanding of your own dreams. There are plenty of more positive dream meanings as well, but we’re going to focus on some of the more negative aspects here.

I Stopped Dreaming About my Twin Flame

This is not the worst-case scenario that people often mistake it for.

It doesn’t mean that your journey has failed or that your twin has completely given up on moving forward. Sometimes, it can actually mean they’re going through an intense period of healing and growth.

It might be a gentle reminder from them that you still have some work to do as well, or they’re offering reassurance that they are actively trying to make changes.

It can also be that something (either internal or external) is blocking your connection through dreams, and we’ll deal with that in a moment.

A Dream About Your Twin Flame Cheating

I’ve talked before about the idea of a twin flame cheating, and it can get… complicated. Since ‘cheating’ is a label we use for ‘normal’ relationships, and a twin flame journey goes way beyond that – this can get a little vague.

Dreaming of your twin flame cheating on you can take many forms. Maybe they’re involved with a false twin flame, and there are certain… physical aspects of that connection being shared through your dreams, or perhaps the low energy of a karmic connection is causing them to reach out.

This is often a sign that your twin is feeling trapped or ready to move on from a connection that no longer serves them. If you continue to have this dream, it might be a good idea to reach out to them.

A Twin Flame Death Dream

Dreaming of your twin flame dying can be emotionally and spiritually draining, but it isn’t necessarily the bad news that it can feel like. This dream doesn’t represent a physical death but a spiritual one.

A death of things that no longer serve them. A sign of change.

Dreaming of your twin flame dying is often a sign that they’re trying to get your attention. They might be asking for your help or simply trying to get you to understand what they’re going through.

The cause of their death in the dream is likely going to give you some insight into what they’re trying to let go of.

A Dream About Your Twin Flame Crying

Dream About Your Twin Flame CryingDuring difficult periods of separation, twin flame chasers often feel like they are the only ones dealing with the emotional strain of the journey.

Often less understood, the runner also goes through emotional turmoil, and they often don’t even know why so they’ll equate it to something completely different. Dreaming of your twin flame crying is a sign that they’re struggling and their higher selves are reaching out for support.

On a physical level, they might not realize it and are often unwilling (or unable) to ask.

What to Do About These Dreams

The first step you might be tempted to take in order to stop having bad twin flame dreams is to pinpoint the potential reason behind why you’re having them.

That might be tougher to do, especially as a beginner on the twin flame journey. But don’t get discouraged if you can’t figure out a potential reason. Keep trying to look into your soul in order to receive your answer.

Some of the reasons might already help (and your intuition can take things from there), but if you’re still feeling stuck – a twin flame reading can give you further guidance.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve figured out your potential issue, though. You can start working on solving your issues before actually pinning them down with precision. We’ll go over some approaches you can use to start dealing with the root issue.

Regardless of why you’re having these dreams – they’ll still help progress your journey to divine union. Give one or more of these methods a try. Better yet, try them all if that’s what your intuition guides you to do. Always follow your intuition.

Your higher self and higher self of your mirror soul have infinite wisdom to share with you. They have your best interest at heart, always. They’ll guide you through your intuition toward your greatest good.

Turn To Your Spiritual Team

As a highly spiritual soul, your first line of comfort, guidance, support, and defense is your spiritual team. They’re your go-to spiritual support system.

They’re by your side every step of your twin flame journey. And they are there as you’re dealing with the bad dreams. They might even show up in your dreams in order to offer you comfort and guidance.

Of course, you should ask for their support and guidance as often as you feel called to. You don’t have to wait until you have an actual issue to solve, like dealing with your twin flame bad dreams.

But when you are dealing with an issue, your spiritual team is going to be right there by your side. The more you try to connect with them, the more you raise your vibration.

The more you raise your vibration, the easier it will be to communicate with your spiritual team in a consciously aware manner.

Whether you’re trying to figure out the reason for your bad dreams first, or you’ve decided to start working on solving any potential issue, your spiritual team is going to help you.

Do Inner Child And Shadow Work

If there’s such a thing as a general solution to your spiritual issues, it’s likely to be that of doing inner child and shadow work. There’s no way to go wrong with this approach at any point along your spiritual journey.

You can’t go wrong with doing inner child work and shadow work. We all have some of these issues that still lower our vibes.

Maybe they’re not the direct reason why you’re having bad dreams now. But working through these issues is going to help you tackle the actual reasons with more ease and confidence.

This type of spiritual work is a deep dive into your heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s going to help you heal various issues. Some of them you might not be consciously aware of at this point in time.

And it doesn’t just extend to this lifetime, but to previous human experiences as well.

Get Energy Healing

Having bad dreams about twin flames is connected to at least one chakra. Most likely a simple blockage is preventing you from seeing the true meaning of the dream.

Depending on the type of issues you’re dealing with, the dreams are going to connect to the affected chakras. Vice versa, having bad dreams is going to affect at least one of your chakras.

Your bad dreams are going to give lower-vibe feelings. That means they’ll affect your heart chakra. You might have issues communicating about these bad dreams. That’s going to affect your throat chakra. The list goes on and on.

If you’re having recurring bad dreams, that’s going to repeatedly affect your chakras. Getting energy healing for that particular chakra first and foremost is an essential aspect of your spiritual health.

Restoring your energetic balance is going to help you tackle the issues that are affecting you. Energy healing is also going to help you raise your vibration and do better on your path towards divine union, overall.

You can certainly do this yourself or join us for some sessions in the twin flame coaching section.

Do Regular Cleansings

It’s tempting to find the reason for your bad dreams within you. But they might also be caused by the energetic environment around you and your twin.

As a mirror soul, your energetic field is sensitive to the world around you. That’s a truth that some people are hesitant to share.

You’re a twice stronger soul because you and your twin come as a combo package. But that also makes you twice as vulnerable to outside energies.

You and your twin are going to become consciously aware of your twin flame journey at different points in time. So one of you is going to be less consciously aware. That’s going to make one twin more vulnerable energetically.

They’re likely to be less rigorous with their spiritual hygiene. You need to take cleansing very seriously. Use crystals, smudging, salt baths, cleansing beverages – whatever you feel your intuition guides you towards.

Use regularly all types of cleansings you feel called towards. Don’t use them just one at a time but also in combos. You’re cleansing your own energy, but also that of your twin and of your energetic cord.

Practice Meditation

Twin flame meditation can be one of the best tools we have to unlock a better understanding. Not only an understanding of what is happening (such as why you’re experiencing these dreams) but an understanding of how you can best move things forward.

When you practice meditation regularly, it also becomes easier for you to connect to your spiritual team, your higher self, your twin’s higher self, and further your path to physical union.

It raises your vibration and might dissolve some of the issues you’re not even aware of yet.

Use Affirmations And Manifesting

Affirmations and manifesting are powerful tools for mirror souls.

You have a greater energetic resource to tap into than non-flame souls. It translates into a greater ability to make the most of affirmations and manifestation.

You can use meditation to figure out what affirmations can best serve you at a particular point or with a particular issue. Or you can use some affirmations like: “I am healing the causes of this nightmare right now.”

Further Guidance

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In Short

If you’re having bad dreams about twin flames, you might be dealing with some issues on your twin flame journey.

Use this opportunity to focus on your spiritual growth and development. Make the most of the messages your higher self, your twin, and your spiritual team are sending you.

You’re also receiving helpful information, guidance, and support in order to overcome the challenges. Keep going on your spiritual path towards divine union and ultimately merge.

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