How to Clear Twin Flame Karma (Speed Up Union)

Understanding and healing your twin flame karma is the first step towards making significant progress with your twin flame journey.

You can clear twin flame karma by playing out the various twin flame relationship blueprints until you resolve whatever karmic cycle is still attached to them.

Note: This is going to be one of those posts where I tell you that you are responsible for your twin flame journey. The road towards union is not about sitting back and waiting for it to happen. You can speed things up by taking responsibility for your karma (and helping your twin do the same).

What is Twin Flame Karma?

What is Twin Flame KarmaWhen you consider your human experience as part of the flame connection, you have three essential factors at play in the twin flame dynamic: two twins and the twin flame bond itself.

Each of these three elements involved in the dynamic accumulate unresolved karma connected to any relationship pattern involved in the connection, and each of these three elements requires a healing process of its own.

Karmic lessons involve a soul lesson for each of these three elements. What that means is that when something happens as part of the twin flame relationship or outside of it, there are karmic effects on each twin and on the energetic cord itself.

There’s more than one twin flame type of connection between the two divine counterparts, which means that there are more than one scenarios through which there’s an accumulation of karma between twins.

Twin flames involved in a romantic blueprint are also likely to be involved in a best friends type of blueprint within that romantic connection because the twin bond is not just a romantic type of bond, but a full soul cord connection. Your twin flame lover is very likely to also be your best friend, your mentor, your teacher, your student, your soul family. All of those dynamics are at play and become affected by any karmic aspect.

The 3D experiences outside of the bond of the twins which don’t go quite so well generate a core wound within each twin and the energetic bond between them also suffer as a result. But these types of patterns are somewhat easier to deal with because they primarily affect each twin.

There are also going to be experienced between the twins themselves which will affect their bond directly and leave a karmic imprint on it. This is a type of karmic wound that can only be resolved by reliving that particular scenario and overcoming those karmic issues at a spiritual level together, as a team. These are the tougher types of issues to deal with because they target the connection directly.

Such unresolved issues trickle forward into the spiritual journey over lifetimes and will mark the energetic connection and each soul, further burdening the twin flame journey of future human experiences with negative karma.

The overall heavy karma calls for a healing journey to address the emotional wounds in the twins’ energy field and in the energy field of the true twin connection.

Karmic Relationships and “Karmics” as Partners

In the twin flame community, the term “karmic” tends to be assigned to a romantic connection that a true twin embarks on with people who are false twins or just different partners than their true flames.

These types of connections are associated with negative energies almost by default, seen as some sort of “third party” type of behavior, meaning veering off course in rapport to their true twin flame romantic relationship which would ultimately result in divine union.

I would make the case that all lifetimes-long connections have a karmic component to them, including the true twin flame connection, so they can all be seen as a type of karmic relationship in that sense. But the karmic relationships which create and/or amplify existing heavy karma are negative karma types of karmic relationships.

If one or both twins handle their human experiences badly in relation to their twin flame relationship, then that experience will burden the bond with negative karma too. In that sense, even a true flame can become a “karmic” type of partner during a phase of or even an entirely 3D experience.

False Twin Flame Relationship

False twin types of connections also involve a karmic energy component that affects their true flame connection. The energetic bond between the true flames is burdened with some karmic load when a twin deals with confusion and acts under the assumption that they’re going towards a divine union with their real flame even though they’re not.

The twin flame soul bond is burdened with karmic energies as the real flame (the chaser in this dynamic) suffers through the separation phase while their runner twin is actively entertaining a false twin, even if it’s without the runner knowing they’re doing the wrong thing.

The harm done to their true twin and their soul bond is there, and it will attract unpleasant blueprints and feelings between them during their future human experiences until those trust issues and emotional wounds will be healed.

Twin Flame Karmic Patterns

twin flame karmic patterns

When it comes to the karmic patterns involved in the twin flame connections that end up attracting heavy karma, a lot of them are born during the difficult time of separation. But some are also born out of their non-flame relationship issues that become traumatizing to one or both twins and their bond.

These issues send the twins on an emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical roller coaster of experiences. Keep in mind that if things end up in situations like physical violence, that’s not a karmic phase but a false twin flame situation instead!

While a false twin flame situation can easily escalate into all manner of toxic relationships and dealing with an abusive partner, the true flame type of connection is likely to generate situations that involve more spiritual issues or issues at an ego level but never abuse or violence.

The true flame types of karmic aspects can involve attachment patterns (like the avoidant attachment style), for instance, or dealing with traumatic events which are not directly connected to their twin flame relationship but that affect it (like an abuse cycle suffered at the hands of various people other than your twin, but that affect your interactions through the trauma previously caused to you).

Because your soul is the mirror image of your twin’s, those issues will be amplified and mirrored through your soul bond. On top of that, it’s likely you’ll have such issues burdening you as well through your own human experience, which will amplify both of your experiences and traumas.

Clearing Twin Flame Karma

When it comes to resolving the karma and turning your true flame relationship from a karmically burdened relationship into a healthy relationship on the way towards divine union, you need to do some deep healing.

Individual Clearing of Karma

The healing of the karmic patterns that affect your soul bond will have to address the karmic issues of each of the twins, and only then of the twin flame bond as well. In order to get to the level of healing the karmic component of the bond though, the twins need to do a lot of spiritual growth on their own to give themselves a real shot at healing the karmic patterns of the bond as a result.

There’s a lot of spiritual work which needs to get done at a soul level. After going through rounds of separation phases, the twin flame runner, the twin flame chaser, and the energetic cord will have accumulated quite a bit of karmic experiences.

The spiritual growth each flame goes through will help filter out a lot of those lower frequencies, but there will still be some left to resolve once they start harmonizing into their divine union initial stages. The union phase of their flame connection isn’t the finish line, but another phase of the process.

It might take several lifetimes of union frequency work before all the lower frequencies of karmic baggage will be resolved and healed and true merging can take place.

Twin Flame Relationship Clearing of Karma

Once the twins have done enough individual work on themselves and can harmonize into the initial stages of the reunion process, the work on their energy cord begins.

The healing work of their energy cord can only be done while the twins have harmonized into a union frequency, as those issues won’t come up for them separately or while they’re dealing with different partners.

These final levels of karmic patterns which come out once they begin to work on their reunion are likely to be some deep soul wounds for both the twins which have become deeply ingrained into their energy cord that unites their souls, whether in separation or not.

That means that these issues are likely to be some of the toughest ones to deal with when compared to previous issues each twin soul has dealt with. But at the same time, the twins are so much more advanced on their spiritual path that they’ll be all the better equipped to deal with whatever issues come their way.

Strength in Experience and Teamwork

At this point of the journey, the twins also benefit from the multiplied power of their souls harmonizing into union frequency, even if in the initial stages, which makes their frequency become exponentially higher.

So while they’re going to deal with the toughest karmic issues at these stages of their journey towards divine union, they’ll also have done a lot of healing and ascending which will result in having plenty of healing and shadow work experience.

It’s at this point that they are well equipped to deal with these core soul wounds and core energetic connection wounds. Finally overcoming them will result in harmonizing into the divine union frequency.

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