Slow Down: Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame Connections

You may have heard the term twin flame, karmic relationship (or karmic twin) and soulmate. What is the difference and how can you spot a karmic relationship vs twin flame mirror souls?

The difference between twin flames and karmic relationships. While a twin flame will lead you towards healing and self-improvement a karmic relationship (or karmic partner) will hold you back. It can be hard to tell the difference apart as the energy can be similar and hold you back from union. On top of this, you also have soulmate relationships which is something else altogether.

Understanding the Definitions (Important)

The lines blur when we talk about terminology in the twin flame journey because people argue about the names we use and sometimes swap the names interchangeably.

I won’t go too far into the definitions of each again but there are two things I want to start out with.

1) It’s entirely normal to have doubt during the twin flame journey. This is a natural part of the process. The energies between these types of connections can seem similar and it’s only in retrospect you can really tell the difference.

2) If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you read my guide on false twin flames.

Twin Flames

twin flames vs karmic partnerI’ll keep this brief because I’m going to assume you know what a twin flame is if you’re here but I have a more complete guide on what a twin flame is if you need it.

A twin flame is two parts of the same soul. It’s a spiritual connection and calling it a happy relationship doesn’t even compare to the truth. They can’t exist without each other and spend their entire lives searching for the missing half whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

It’s not an easy journey, especially in a world that doesn’t understand what it is they are going through. It takes its toll on both people but if you’re lucky enough to be here and be consciously aware of the journey it’s very likely you are on the path to meet yours.

These are two halves of the same soul and our divine mission is to reconnect and become one again. There is no other connection that compares to this. It’s a journey of true love, personal growth and a romantic partner like no other you will ever experience.

Karmic Relationship

Also known as a counterfeit twin or karmic soulmate. See what I mean when I say terminology gets muddled when we talk about twin flames? In short, think of it as a spiritual term for an unhealthy relationship. A toxic environment you’re going to need to get away from.

I want to stress that a karmic relationship is not there to do you harm. Too often I see people blame a karmic partner for everything going wrong in a twin flame journey but they’re an important part of the puzzle.

Your karmic partner (or your twin flames karmic partner if they have one) is not intentionally trying to cause harm. They might even be on their own twin flame journey with someone else and not even know it. We should handle these connections with respect and end them properly, otherwise, we’re just going to invite further bad karma and set our twin flame journey back.

Karmic love relationships are an embodiment of karma, usually from our past lives. They arrive when we have work and healing to do on ourselves and twin flame union can’t happen until we do this.

Like most relationships, these can be exciting and fulfilling at first as there’s still a high-energy bond there. The problem is they’re always going to turn toxic as both sides have to work through past trauma in order to be able to move on.

A karmic partner will only hold you back but that’s not their fault (or yours). These relationships will continue until you’ve done enough spiritual work to continue the path towards your true mirror soul.

Not every twin flame journey will involve a karmic relationship but it’s relatively common in my experience.


Again, I won’t get too far into this one. I have a complete guide on twin flames vs soulmates already if you need it.

In short, a soulmate is a great connection. A positive relationship with a high-energy connection and many successful relationships are soulmates but won’t compare to your mirror soul.

They can take many forms but are commonly a romantic relationship or close friendship. Their overall role is to prepare you to meet your true twin flame. It’s usually a loving relationship and more of a waystation than an end result.

In that respect, they’re a lot like a karmic relationship however there’s no real fear with a soulmate. It’s a deep connection and can be a healthy relationship while you’re awaiting your twin flame.

How to Tell If You’re in a Karmic Relationship

Karmic or Twin Flame

This is never as easy as you’d like. In retrospect, it’s going to be brutally obvious and you’ll question what the heck you were thinking.

But, at the time, the high energy of a karmic partner can seem like a force for good in your life. The signs of a karmic relationship can manifest in many different ways but there are some signs you can look for:

  • You can feel like you’re stuck in multiple aspects of your life. It might not even be related to your love life.
  • Karmic partners often form codependent relationships. You’ll both be holding each other back.
  • You might see flashes of your previous lives in dreams or meditation sessions. Often the negative aspects where you’re going to work through and heal from.
  • You’ll feel a spiritual block. Unable to focus and further your path.
  • Your karmic partner is very controlling and manipulative, discouraging any other relationships that may come into the picture.
  • You may feel like your emotions are muted or dulled. Consistent lethargy or low energy.

Note: Not every relationship outside of a twin flame is a karmic relationship. I see people make this mistake constantly. It’s completely possible to be in a ‘normal’ relationship without it being a strong spiritual connection. There can still be an intense attraction with someone you have no spiritual ties to. You might have horrid relationships without getting any kind of karmic lesson out of it (sadly).

A karmic relationship will always turn toxic even if it isn’t always apparent to you at the time. This is the mirror opposite of a twin flame journey that will strive to push you both forward – a karmic relationship will only hold you back.

Moving on From a Karmic Relationship

I’ve seen people stay in karmic relationships for far too long. Decades even. Often people go back to a karmic partner even when they know it’s not a good idea.

Given everything we’ve talked about so far you might think this kind of relationship would be easy to get away from but there’s a reason I’ve had to talk about letting go of a false twin flame time and time again.

While a twin flame relationship carries an instant connection that is going to change your life (for the better) from the very beginning, a karmic relationship is more of a trap.

The only way you’re moving on from a karmic relationship is when you’ve done enough work to move forward with your journey. Even if you feel like you’re ready – the universe clearly has other ideas if you still haven’t reached union.

In order to move on from a karmic relationship, you will have to be willing to let go of that connection. Let go of your ego. Let go of the past. Let go of your old ways.

This is not an easy thing to do – especially if you’ve been in a karmic relationship for years and have children together, but it is possible with enough work on yourself and it’s the only way to move forward on your twin flame journey.

This might mean taking time for yourself, living on your own (and not instantly chasing your twin). Remember, to love your twin properly is to love yourself. You need to be able to do that before you’re ready.

This can be a journey of patience and can take difficult decisions and uncomfortable conversations.

As the saying goes: “Anything worth having is also worth working hard for.” It’s just as true when it comes to healing from past relationships and getting to the correct path.

Getting Help

If you’re feeling stuck on your twin flame journey or you’re dealing with a karmic relationship, tell me about your journey so far. I’ll do my best to help guide you toward union.

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