Twin Flame Separation Stage Complete Guide

Twin Flame Separation Guide

The reason twin flame separation is one of the more commonly discussed parts of the journey is because of how drawn out it can be. Periods of separation between you and your twin can be painful emotionally, physically and spiritually. It can distract you from your daily life and is kind of like going through … Read more

Twin Flame Celibacy (Should You Wait?)

Twin Flame Celibacy

Another topic that you might see a lot of people disagree on is the idea of twin flame celibacy. Should you become celibate if you’re in a period of twin flame separation? What about having a relationship with someone else? Does being celibate speed up the process? Twin flame celibacy is a very personal decision … Read more

How to Awaken Your Twin Flame (Faster)

How to Awaken Your Twin Flame

I love getting questions like how to awaken your twin flame. Firstly, I know exactly how painful and frustrating some stages of the twin flame journey can be (especially when things can seem so clear to you and not your twin) but I’m a big fan of actively taking charge of your journey with twin flame healing and shadow … Read more

Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock [Why and What to Do]

Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock

Going through the dreaded separation phase of your journey is very triggering and traumatic but understanding the twin flame runner soul shock will help you understand what is going on. I’m not a huge fan of the runner/chaser terminology because I think it creates some assumptions. In reality, both of you are going to face some … Read more

Twin Flames Symptoms Around Each Other

Twin Flames Symptoms Around Each Other

Twin flames symptoms around each other can be tough to spot sometimes. Even though the connection is intense and it generates intense reactions as a result, it can be hard to understand what’s going on. Particularly if you’re newly awakened to the nature of your soul bond or are new to this stage of the … Read more

The Twin Flames Runner Pain

The Twin Flames Runner Pain

Ever wonder about the twin flames runner pain? While the twin flame runner (which I also call the separator) is putting the twin flame journey on hold temporarily or for the rest of that particular human experience, that twin flame runner deals with a lot of pain. In fact, in some cases, they might be … Read more

My Twin Flame Is Married With Kids [Help!]

My Twin Flame Is Married With Kids

Help! My twin flame is married with kids! Why? What does it mean? Whether your twin flame met someone else before meeting you, or your twin flame met someone else after meeting you and rejecting the soul bond, the situation can be equally as painful and tough to manage. It might make you question your … Read more

Twin Flame Communication in Dreams

Twin Flame Communication in Dreams

When it comes to twin flame communication in dreams, there are a lot of potential reasons and consequences to it. But what does it mean to have communication in dreams with your twin flame? It all very much depends on the stage of the twin flames journey that you’re at. Before having made 3D contact … Read more

Twin Flame Dating Someone Else [Why and What to Do]

Twin Flame Dating Someone Else

If you’re going through a situation of your twin flame dating someone else, or if you yourself are, things can get pretty confusing and frustrating. If you’ve become consciously aware of your twin flame destiny, you might be tempted to put your love life on hold in the hopes of hurrying union along. But it … Read more

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

Is this a twin flame breakup or is it a twin flame separation? If your twin flames soul bond is romantic in nature, you need to know what the twin flame separation symptoms and signs are. It’s a significant and very challenging part of the twin flame journey, but also a very rewarding one. Once … Read more

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