Twin Flame Moon Phases: 5 Steps Towards Union

The twin flame moon phases can provide an excellent opportunity to progress on your twin flame path. They can also work against you.

Moon phases can be challenging for intuitives and the spiritually aware. Twin flames tend to be both intuitive and spiritually awake. Perhaps more than anyone else. The moon’s energy can both help and hinder your path to union and timing our actions following a moon phase can be the key.

So, how important are twin flame moon phases? What does each phase mean, and (most importantly) how can you make the most of them?

Why Do Moon Phases Affect Twin Flames?

To understand why moon phases affect twin flames, we need to understand the Moon’s spiritual power. You do also need to understand what twin flames are and their spiritual connection.

Moon Power

lunar energy for twin flamesThe Moon is the queen of the night sky. The phases of the Moon are a result of the Earth casting its shadow on the Moon. That’s partly why the shadow side is closely related to the mysterious lunar phases. Dealing with your shadow is often called the dark night of the soul. As a result, the Moon has a powerful influence over the shadow side and the subconscious mind.

The Moon’s ever-shifting phases are a reminder that everything is connected and constantly shifting. As above in the universe, so below on Earth. Your twin flame journey is a microcosm of the universe. Some consider the moon a physical representation of your twin flames mirroring energy in the night sky.

As the moon governs the ocean’s tides, it can also govern the ebb and flow of twin flame energy and emotion. The Moon is often seen as the symbol of Divine Feminine energy. That’s why the Moon and moon phases strongly impact intuition, inspiration, creativity, creation, and fertility.

Intuitives, psychics, and gifted people, in general, are very sensitive to the power of the moon, and many spiritual practices align themselves according to moon phases. You might have seen me use the lunar deck for a twin flame reading.

Many cultures revere the moon and its energy, and the exact impact it has is perhaps up for debate, but all it takes is a glance into a clear night sky to feel that lunar energy yourself.

As with most energies, twin flames are particularly sensitive to this power.

The Power Of Moon Phases For Twin Flames

The twin flame journey is a spiritual path, first and foremost. While some twin flames might seem less spiritually aware sometimes (twin flame runners, we’re looking at you here) but their spiritual side is just (temporarily) buried in layers of distraction on the physical side. Their higher selves are still as highly awakened as their divine counterpart chasers.

In fact, runners might be all the more spiritually sensitive precisely because they’re not as awake and aware. Their spiritual side manifests as a deep inner restlessness; they haven’t learned anything from the physical to distract them.

Their spiritual shields are down.

They just have this deep inner restlessness and a longing for something more. That unshakable feeling that something is missing (often one of the earlier twin flame stages).

This spiritual energy is constantly part of the journey (even before either of you is consciously aware of it). It’s no surprise that both are drawn to the spiritually charged environment of a changing moon phase.

Consider this: twin flames share a powerful spiritual soul tie. Through the soul tie and the twin flame telepathy, each twin feels what their divine counterpart feels. So each twin is exponentially more affected by the moon phases.

The 5 Twin Flame Moon Phases

There are 4 ‘main’ moon phases and 8 in total. Every stage can have some impact on your journey, but some are especially important to watch out for on your twin flame journey.

New Moon For Twin Flames

New Moon For Twin FlamesDuring the New Moon, the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon entirely.

It’s one of the most powerful times for twin flames to do shadow work and explore their subconscious needs, desires, and fears. While I constantly say it (to the point I feel like a broken record), the journey to union is not about treating it like you would a ‘normal’ relationship.

It’s about working through these fears. Understanding your desires (and their true root). Accepting your needs and healing your past hurt. It’s about healing and progressing yourself.

Shadow work helps you make progress on your twin flame journey. This is always true (as much as we distract ourselves from it).

The new moon represents a new beginning. A chance to start again. A time to find major breakthroughs and break through a plateau on your journey. If you’ve felt stuck in the same place, this lunar phase might present the perfect opportunity to drive yourself forward.

Especially if your shadow work has been neglected. It’s a perfect time to revisit the work you’ve done in the past and start anew on anything you’ve left unresolved.

If you’re not sure where to start on this, I’d suggest twin flame meditations or journaling. You might be seeing external syncs and signs from the universe trying to point you in the right direction.

During the New Moon, twin flames can also register breakthroughs in connecting on the astral plane (astral projection can be such a powerful tool for your journey). Because the Moon is covered in shadows, the twin flame soul tie can shine all the brighter.

Full Moon For Twin Flames

Full Moon For Twin FlamesDuring the Full Moon, the Moon is affected the least by the Earth’s shadow. In other words, it’s bathed in light.

The full Moon is an excellent time for rituals, prayers, and manifestation. Twin flames can make the most of this time to actively manifest progress on their journey. This is not the time to sit back and see what the universe delivers but to actively use techniques like the law of attraction for twin flames.

This is a time for cleansing. Refreshing. A time to let go of what’s no longer serving you and make space in your life for things that will actively bring you closer to union.

The full moon can be an emotional time for twin flames (for both good and bad). The light of the full Moon can expose anything that’s been kept hidden in the shadows. It can be a great time for awakening but also triggers feelings or problems that have been ignored.

This makes it the ideal time to do rituals for spiritual cleansing and clearing twin flame karma. Facing the things we would rather avoid will actively further your path, and this moon phase offers you the easiest opportunity to do so.

When a twin flame sees a full moon, it can also be a sign. The light of the full moon makes communication on your unspoken bond easier, and it might be a reminder from the universe that your twin is trying to tell you something. The veil between the physical and higher realm is lowered, making it easier to connect with your higher self, your guides and your mirror soul.

You can actively tap into this connection with the twin flame Tarot, dream communication, or it might even be a call to reach out in physically.

First Quarter and Last Quarter For Twin Flames

During the First and Last Quarter, the Moon is half-covered by the Earth’s shadow. It’s a powerful representation of the Yin and Yang balance or the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

During these phases, it’s more likely twin flames will succeed in balancing their inner Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. As a result, their soul-to-soul energy cord can achieve equilibrium easier.

You might find that these phases give you more of a level-headed period where emotions won’t rule your decisions as easily. This is a good opportunity to clear your head and ground yourself. Opening the path to addressing imbalances, not just in your twin flame relationship but internally.

The Quarter moon phases can be very helpful, particularly during a difficult separation phase. They favor fair and well-balanced interactions and resolving conflicts, both internal and external.

The Waxing and Waning Gibbous For Twin Flames

During the Waxing and Waning Gibbous lunar phases, there’s a slither of shadow covering the Moon. It’s the equivalent of the Divine Masculine twin flame Moon phase.

At this point of the lunar cycle, the Moon’s energy flows towards the Masculine. It’s an excellent time for Masculine energy to get in touch with their vulnerable side. When interacting with their Feminine counterparts, Masculine energies are at their best during this phase.

If you haven’t made contact in the 3D with your twin flame counterpart, this part of the lunar cycle favors physical contact. Chance encounters are most likely to happen during this lunar phase.

Quick warning: I’m never a fan of just sitting back and waiting for your journey to develop. If you’re simply waiting for a waxing moon for your twin to contact you, you will probably be waiting a long time. Always take ownership of your path and use twin flame moon phases like this as a guideline, not a complete roadmap.

The Waxing and Waning Crescent For Twin Flames

The Waxing and Waning Gibbous lunar phases mean a slither of light covers the Moon. This is the Divine Feminine twin flame Moon phase.

Feminine energies are favored during this part of the lunar cycle. Your intuition and inspiration will be fueled when interacting with your Masculine counterpart. Feelings deepen.

Feminine counterparts have an easier time tapping into their subconsciousness and spiritual gifts. Astral travel and telepathic connections are favored during this twin flame moon phase for both of you, but the divine feminine will probably be the one instigating.

You can be actively trying to start this connection, but both mirror souls are more likely to find themselves subconsciously practicing twin flame visualization or other creative endeavors that are important to your journey.

Further Guidance

Regardless of the moon phase, if you’re not sure where you can be focusing your time and energy, a reading might provide some guidance.

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In Short

Paying attention to twin flame moon phases can help guide you on how to spend your time and energy, but (as with any external factor) use them as rough guidelines and not hard-set rules. Acting in accordance with these lunar energies might help make certain things easier, but there’s no calendar on a spiritual journey.

Consider the nature of your energy and what you want to achieve at that moment. Always take active responsibility for your path forward. Choose the best time of the lunar cycle to get things started. Allow the Moon to fuel your journey towards union.

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