Dark Night of the Soul for Twin Flames

As you go through your spiritual journey, you will face multiple obstacles in your path. And if you are going through a twin flame journey, you will encounter the Dark Night of The Soul. You might also know this as the Dark Night, but the term is not as commonly used. (I will be using both of these terms interchangeably.)

During this time, your world will be thrown into chaos. There will be a lot of transformation here. While the prospect might sound terrifying, it is actually a wonderful part of soul ascension and reaching union with your twin. There is nothing to fear about change, and it can be a great thing. I want to ease some worry you may hold about this part of your spiritual journey and help you see how the Dark Night of The Soul, twin flames, and spiritual growth are all related.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a difficult and turbulent moment of spiritual development. It’s mirrored by your twin, can happen multiple times and is rarely an easy experience however it can greatly further your path towards union.

What is The Dark Night of The Soul?

Many people are afraid of the Dark Night of The Soul because it causes massive upheavals in your life, and they are the more difficult times in life. If you are wondering why anyone would want to go through one, it’s simple.

It is all about spiritual growth and getting rid of the ego. We go through this change so that our soul can be furthered developed and we can awaken our soul. We also go through these times for healing. Later I will mention what this has to do with twin flames, but in short, in a spiritual relationship, your purpose is to evolve.

This time period will help you do that to go into union with your twin successfully. I like to think of the Dark Night as being in the eye of the storm. These horrible things are happening to and around us, but our soul is the center of it all, perfectly safe. And once the storm is cleared, we can see the world rebuild and recover into something stronger than it once was.

Try not to fear this time, as you will only grow more resilient and your soul more developed and healed. If you’re looking for some help during this phase, let me do a twin flame reading for you.

Symptoms of The Dark Night of The Soul

Like many things in the twin flame journey, there are no hard-set rules here. You might (for example) see some common twin flame number patterns signaling development or trying to guide you but some specific signs might be:

  • You will feel trapped like you’re imprisoned, but there is no key, and no matter what you do, you will never find one.
  • If you have ever had a panic attack, this feels similar. You will be in a constant state of distress and anxiety-ridden.
  • It will feel like there is no purpose in life.
  • You will be more emotional than usual. For example, if you don’t normally cry very often, you might not be able to stop crying.
  • Overall you will feel empty, and it will be nearly impossible to find enjoyment in anything you once loved

One question you might be having is, is this not just depression? The Dark Night of The Soul can be a turbulent phase but will lead to spiritual growth and is not a psychological order.

At the end of the Dark Night, you will have completely evolved out of the ego and into your divine energy. Nothing here should ever be taken above medical advice. If you think you might be depressed, please seek help from a professional, and I hope it works out well for you!

Dark night of the soul synchronicity

How is The Dark Night of The Soul and Twin Flames Related?

Much like the Dark Night of The Soul, union with your twin flame is all about spiritual growth and ascension. Know that when you are going through the Dark Night of The Soul, so is your twin.

Remember, you are both a reflection of one another whenever you are going through a huge transformation, so are they. So if this seems like it’s coming out of nowhere for you, it could be that your twin flame has triggered this. Now, this doesn’t mean you can sit around and do nothing. You are still responsible for your soul’s growth, but we’ll talk more about that later.

The closer you get to union with your twin, the more both of your souls need to grow. This is because united with your twin is a part of your soul’s purpose on this earth, and by their nature, twins are very triggering. To each other, and if you aren’t ready for that connection, it will trigger one of the twins ‘fight or flight’ responses.

How Will The Dark Night of the Soul Effect Union?

Also, known as what the heck is the purpose of going through this?

As I briefly mentioned, to successfully come into union with your twin flame, you need to go through the Dark Night of The Soul. Everyone’s journey is a little different, so I can’t tell you how many times you will go through this but note that it can happen more than once.

As you continue through the Dark Night of The Soul, however many you have, more of your ego will collapse you will get closer to being your true divine self. This may take multiple lives, but eventually, you will be living true to your divine purpose. Once this happens, you can finally reach union with your twin flame.

If you meet before you go through the Dark Night and fully evolve, which can happen, you will both trigger each other. This will most likely take you through a spiritual awakening through the Dark Night of The Soul.  As a twin flame going through the Dark Night of The Soul, you should see this as a positive step to getting closer to union and an achievement to be proud of.

What Can You Do About It?

This is a lot of information to take in, but being informed doesn’t make the Dark Night of the soul any easier to go through, so what do you need to do during this transformation? As I mentioned earlier, twin flames are not about one twin doing all of the work.

This connection needs to be a combined effort. It would be best if you took this time to start healing so your twin can do the same. Don’t resist the process and allow yourself to understand and feel your emotions deeply. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for how you could do better and improve yourself.

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to happen overnight, and if you want to better yourself and come into union with your twin flame, you have to trust the process and allow the Dark Night of The Soul to kill off your ego.

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