Law of Attraction for Twin Flames

Can you use the law of attraction for twin flames to manifest progress in the connection and ultimately manifest your divine union?

The law of attraction for twin flames can work wonders in many different ways when it comes to making progress towards your union. It’s a powerful tool you can start using today.

Does the Law of Attraction Work for Twin Flames?

The law of attraction absolutely does work for twin flames. In fact, the law of attraction works even more for twin flames than for the general population because of the nature of their soul code.

You should keep in mind that your power to manifest your free will is always going to work within the confines of everyone else’s free wills. That means that wanting to manifest something that goes directly against someone else’s will is not going to result in a successful manifestation.

Another important aspect is the fact that the manifestation process through the law of attraction is a direct result of your spiritual progress and ascension, so it can only come from a high-frequency approach to and understanding of life. As a twin, this type of progress and high vibe are a natural part of your energy.

Amplified Manifestation Power

Because twin flames have specific light codes embedded into their energy cores, they are likely to be pretty spiritual during each human experience. Their manifestation process comes from the depth of knowledge and wisdom they’ve accumulated during numerous lifetimes and is based on the high-frequency unconditional love energy that is a natural part of their very essence. In short, flame manifestation power is intense manifestation power simply based on the nature of the twin soul. And that’s only the beginning of its amplified power.

The split soul nature of the twin flame connection that results in the famous (and sometimes infamous) effect of soul mirroring amplifies everything involved in the lives of the twins. Because of that amplifying effect, it can also amplify both of their abilities to manifest things with the help of the law of attraction.

That can also work against each of them on a personal level and against their soul contract overall, though, if they’re manifesting from a place of lack of conscious awareness or from a place of low vibe or low-frequency feelings or thoughts. The twins’ ability to manifest more powerfully can also result in one or both of them manifesting a separation during one or more lifetimes.

It’s a double-edged sword, in that sense. But don’t let that worry you. When it comes to soul contracts and particularly the twin soul contract, all roads lead to Rome in the end. The twin flame connection has a natural tendency towards pushing the souls to go through the twin flame stages that will eventually lead to divine union.

Of course, if you’re using the law of attraction to manifest progress on the journey, that speeds things up as much as possible within the free will range of the twins.

How the Law of Attraction Helps Twin Flames

Depending on where you are on the twin soul journey path and what you choose to do about the flame experience during a particular lifetime, the law of attraction can help you in many different ways.

You can use the law of attraction to manifest progress on your journey. You can also use the law of attraction to manifest the soul connection of your choice, meaning a soulmate contract rather than a twin flame contract, for instance.

Whatever you manifest, it will eventually mean progress for your twin soul contract. Let me explain.

Twin Flame vs Soulmate Manifestation

Twin Flame Law of AttractionThe concept of flame vs soulmate can be confusing for some. The concept of soul mates is most likely the more familiar one to the average person, so some might think that they’re the same thing. They most definitely are not.

It’s worth it to have an in-depth discussion about soulmate signs vs common twin flame symptoms, but we’ll have to focus on that particular topic some other time. For right now, let’s just say that both are multi-lifetimes long soul contracts, but they are very different in nature.

The main distinction between a soul mate and a twin flame is that of the basis of the soul connection. While the soul mate bond relies on complementary traits, the twin flame bond is based on similarity, which means a mirror soul and a seemingly uncanny number of common traits between the partners.


The similarity with mirror souls is that of going through almost the exact traumatic and triggering events, have similar if not the same common signs of trauma, and have had very similar or identical experiences of growth. You and your twin might experience the same core issue at similar points in time or the same recurrent internal issues throughout your lives. When one twin manifests healing for their issues, for instance, their twin soul is going to feel that healing power work on them as well, even if they haven’t even connected in the 3D yet.

Sure, you and your soul mate might have some challenging life experience in common as well, but it rarely if ever gets to the point of feeling like you’ve pretty much had the same experience, potentially at the same time or age. Manifesting healing for your issues when you’re connecting with a soulmate, common issues or not, is not going to have that kind of mirroring impact on your soul mate as it does on your twin. But it doesn’t take away from the power of the manifestation.


If you’re having issues identifying the type of soul contract you have with someone, for instance, but you’re sure that you do have a soul contract with that person, you can use the law of attraction to manifest clarity about your bond. And then, once you gain that clarity, you can choose what you want to manifest next.

You can also try to manifest clarity about your bond with your twin. But keep in mind that unless you’re in contact and know where they stand when it comes to your connection, it might not result in visible progress for your journey within a particular time span. It’s certainly going to help along the process, but it can only speed it up so much for your twin as long as they’re open to the nature of the bond.

Attracting Your Dream Partner

Once you have that clarity from a spiritual perspective when it comes to your options, you can choose to manifest your twin flame relationship or a soulmate’s relationship.

While the flame soul bond is the most intense of deep connections, it’s also the most triggering and challenging. You can exercise free will and choose to use the law of attraction in order to release the flame journey and manifest a soulmate relationship instead.

And if a soulmate feels like your perfect partner during this human experience, then that’s how it is. Your twin flame connection will still make progress as you make the most of every opportunity for growth coming your way. The deep knowledge you’ll gain while experiencing the soulmate relationship you manifested will in fact help your twin flames bond due to your and your twin’s experiences of growth in entirely separate lives.

So looking at things from the spiritual perspective, even choosing not to be with your divine partner during this human experience will in fact help your energetic cleansing process that will eventually lead to your divine energies harmonizing into union.

Ironic, right? Wanting to put the twin experience on hold can actually serve to make progress towards divine union during your future lifetimes.

How to Manifest Your Twin Flame With the Law of Attraction

As we’ve already discussed, you’re likely to end up manifesting your twin flame union even when you’re trying to steer clear of it. That means that you are likely to end up manifesting your twin flame in the lifetimes-long run even when you’re manifesting something else during a particular lifetime.

But let’s look at how you can manifest your twin flame in a more intentional and direct way during your current human experience.

Whether you’ve gone through a twin flame break-up or haven’t yet connected to your twin flame in the 3D, you’re technically in a twin flame separation phase. The law of attraction can help you make great progress with your twin flame journey and your flame relationship phase.

Manifesting in the No Contact Phase

In this difficult phase of your journey, the no contact can be on a more physical level – as in your twin won’t talk to you because you’ve gone through a break-up – or on a more energetic level – as in your twin isn’t communicating telepathically as they used to.

It’s important to know that the no contact phase does not ever mean that the twin flame energy bond is interrupted or broken. The twin energy bond can never be broken or interrupted since it’s a part of each of your souls. What can be interrupted is its manifestation during a term or a human experience.

If your twin has been focusing on manifesting the no contact situation, then you trying to manifest a contact is not likely to yield much of a result at that point. As we talked about in the beginning, the manifestation of your free will cannot go over or trample on someone else’s manifestation of their free will.

Hopefully, you’re not in a no-contact situation based on manifestation, but one that’s based on various other circumstances. And if that’s the case, you can work on manifesting some sort of contact with your twin.

Start with something less dense than the 3D, though. Try the dream-time contact first. Once that happens, the energy cord is fueled with more energy and it becomes easier to manifest contact on denser dimensions like the 3D.

twin flame manifesting

Manifesting in the Healing Phase

If you’re trying to manifest progress towards your divine union, it’s important to start off with the contact phase of your bond but also keep in mind that in twin terms, progress means healing.

So if you want to help your process of manifesting union as the ultimate goal, it’s better to work on manifesting progress on a step-by-step principle. Your first step before or at least your next step after seeking to manifest contact is to manifest healing of yourself, your twin, and of your bond.

Keep in mind that they are three different healing processes: yours, your twin’s, and your bond’s. One fuels the other, one spurs the other on, but they’re going to work in different tempos. Go with a three-pronged healing process approach so you get the best results.

Manifesting in the Reunion Phase

This might be seen as the blissful phase of the twin flame stages, since the twin flame runner and chaser finally achieve a sense of acceptance, surrender, and embracing of their twin flame connection as a result of all that healing they’ve done. But your manifestation work is not yet done, so to speak, since reunion does not mean automatic divine union and merging.

The reunion phase happens first and foremost at the soul level, of course. Depending on where each twin is at with their spiritual growth and development at a particular point in their human experience, this stage of the deep soul connection can achieve a 3D physical level of intimacy or simply make progress in leaps and bounds towards that happening during the next human experience.

That’s where the law of attraction comes in within divine timing to help with manifesting a twin flame relationship becoming the 3D blissful experience your divine heart space and body have been yearning for. But from a spiritual perspective, the 3D blissful experience is actually a direct result of your energy cord and both of your energies being healed enough to harmonize naturally.

When you reach that point, the next stop along the way is going to be divine union. You can help it along by working on manifesting it even as you feel it happening naturally, though. Focused manifestation power is never wasted on any spiritual process.

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