Twin Flame Yin Yang Energies: 5 Ways To Achieve Balance

The twin flame Yin Yang association might be more important than we realize, and I’m surprised we don’t see it talked about more. Many philosophies and beliefs in the history of mankind involve the twin flame dynamic. The Yin Yang philosophy dates back to ancient times. 

Gaining a deeper understanding of the Yin Yang twin flame parallel can help you achieve balance on your journey toward divine union. If you feel like your energies are currently out of sync, we can dig into that with a twin flame reading.

What Does Yin Yang Mean for Twin Flames?

Yin Yang is one of the oldest philosophies of creation. Much like the origins of twin flames themselves.

The core idea is that the Universe was created in cycles of action (Yang principle) and receptivity (Yin principle). These two principles complete one another and entwine, creating matter, life, the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen. 

We all know the Yin Yang symbol: the circle with the completing black and white elements swirling around one another, completing one another, and working to achieve the perfect balance.

The Yin Yang Symbol Meaning For Mirror Souls

Yin Yang Symbol Meaning For twin flamesThe black element represents the Yin, and the white element represents the Yang. These two basic principles are symbols of pretty much everything in existence, from cardinal points to sceneries and societies, to the male and female coupling and creation of new life. 

The Yin principle is receptive, mysterious and deep waters, nourishing, nurturing, abundant, fertile soil. It’s nighttime, the starry sky illuminated by the Moon. In short, the Yin principle is the Divine Feminine energy. 

The Yang principle is active and persistent. It lights up the spark and seed of creation in Yin’s fertile soil. Yang is the brilliant Sun, the powerhouse of will behind the process of manifestation. In other words, the Yang principle is the Divine Masculine energy

The Twin Flame Yin Yang Divine Union

There’s a powerful parallel between Yin Yang and the twin flame journey. 

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang goes beyond the idea of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine polarities. In fact, the concept of Divine Union is present in the ancient Yin Yang philosophy too. 

For the Ancient Chinese, Yin and Yang formed a perfect balance, the Supreme Ultimate state of oneness. It involves the ascension beyond polarities, the ability to achieve what we call the merging phase in the twin flame journey. 

The Yin Yang theory emphasizes the fact that the Divine Feminine or Yin energy and the Divine Masculine or Yang energy originate from such a point of perfect unity and oneness. It’s the starting point of the twin flame journey, the point of origin for the mirror souls. 

It’s also the endpoint in the twin flame journey, achieving the final stage of Divine Union, which is the twin flame merging stage.

Twin Flame Yin Yang: Energetic Dynamics 

Looking at the Yin Yang symbol gives us a pretty suggestive idea of the nature of the interaction. 

The two energies in the picture are engaged in a constant dynamic of completing one another. You can also read the symbol as the two energies chasing one another, though. 

The symbol certainly emphasizes the dynamic nature of their interaction. It’s all about flow.

The Yin-Yang Separation Dynamics

One of the most suggestive ways to read the Yin Yang symbol is as a depiction of the twin flame separation journey. It certainly suggests a runner-and-chaser dynamic, right? The two energies seem to be engaged in a constant chasing or swirling type of interaction. 

The runner and chaser dynamic is one of the most widely known traits of the flame journey. The on-again, off-again feeling about the journey tends to be what triggers conscious awareness within some twins that they are indeed flame souls. 

There are many characteristics for runners and chasers, of course. But the running/chasing dynamic tends to be quite brutal in nature, and, therefore, more obvious than other subtler signs that you’re on a twin flame journey.

Now layer in the Yin Yang concept of achieving ultimate balance as a form of oneness, meaning divine union. The key to achieving that oneness or union is not to chase or run. It’s all about achieving a balance between the powerful energies while flowing together. 

You’re eternally connected to your divine counterpart. Your souls are connected through a cord that no amount of time or cord-cutting could ever break. It’s a basic truth of your core souls, as solid as the fabric of the Universe. 

If you stop trying to connect more than your twin is ready for right now, you won’t end up disconnected. There’s no possible way to ever be disconnected from your twin. By surrendering to divine timing, you won’t be stagnant but actually, make progress on your twin flame journey.

The core truth of the Yin Yang twin flame lesson is this: you can only achieve balance in your dynamic by achieving balance within yourselves. 

The Yin-Yang Energies Within

Twin Flames Yin YangIf you consider the dot of black within the white and the dot of white within the black, you get an even stronger twin flame journey suggestion. The fact that each element has a drop of the other one within speaks about the sacred soul tie and the energy bond between mirroring souls.

It also represents the fact that there’s a Yin Yang or Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine balance within each separate element in the duo. In other words, each twin has a Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. 

This idea suggests that inner balance is the key to making progress on your journey. As one element of the dynamic, you can never truly achieve balance with your Divine Counterpart if you don’t achieve it within yourself. 

The more work you do on yourself, the more your energies will be balanced. Through your twin flame energy cord, your balance will help clear twin flame energy blocks for your twin soul and your divine union. 

The 5 Ways To Achieve Yin-Yang Balance 

Apply the lessons of the Yin Yang balance to make progress on your journey towards divine union. 

I’ve got five suggestions you can try out. Feel free to approach these methods as your intuition guides you. Try them out one or more at a time and in any order, you feel called to. 

Ultimately, the only experts on your journey are you and your twin. 

Focus On Your Growth And Development

It might feel wrong or selfish to focus on yourself to get closer to your twin. But the deeper truth of your bond is that your personal progress is the progress of your twin and bond, not just yours. It’s a team effort. 

What you do for yourself, you actually do for your twin and your connection alike. You never truly operate as a single, separate unit. You and your twin flame are always connected. You’re constantly exchanging energy, thoughts, feelings and vibrations

By working on yourself, you’ll also work on your twin and on your energy cord. The higher you raise your vibration, the more high vibes will pour into your mirrored soul and your flame connection.

It’s the same principle of opening your windows wide to welcome in the light and fresh air of the morning. Your whole house is going to benefit from the light and fresh air without actually going out element by element. 

Your counterpart might be slower to reach their awakening. That’s part of the reason why twin flame relationships are hard. But you can help them make more and more progress yourself. 

In fact, aside from pouring into them your highest vibe of unconditional love, that’s the only thing you can do for your mirror soul: focus on your own growth and development. And your awakening and ascension will mean their awakening and ascension, in turn.

Practice Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung

Once you’ve achieved a higher level of personal growth and development, you have a higher frequency. Congratulations! You’re doing an amazing job! But don’t rest on your laurels yet. 

The progress you’ve made needs to be protected. Now that you’ve gained a higher vibration, you need to focus on keeping it that way. It might seem unfair or frustrating, but simply focusing on growth isn’t enough. 

In fact, with a higher frequency also comes more sensitivity to the world around you. Implementing spiritual hygiene practices like regular meditation, yoga, and martial arts is essential. 

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are martial arts specifically designed to help you achieve the Yin Yang balance within. The more you embrace these deeply spiritual practices, the more you’ll grow and evolve on a personal and spiritual level. That, in turn, favors you in achieving that balance in the flame bond.

I’m a huge fan of twin flame meditation as one of our greatest tools but allow your intuition to guide you to the right tool.

Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung are going to be particularly effective in helping you as a flame soul. That’s going to help you make impressive progress on your journey towards union. 

Regular Shielding and Cleansing

Cleansings are an essential aspect of your spiritual journey. Twin flames have highly evolved and experienced souls. That means they’re more spiritually aware than other younger souls but also more sensitive to the energies around them. 

The higher your frequency becomes, the more vulnerable you are to the numerous lower vibes around you. That’s one of the uncomfortable truths of spiritual growth: it doesn’t make your life easier, but it does make it much more rewarding and fulfilling. 

Shielding your energetic body and cleansing your energetic field becomes a necessity the more you, your twin, and your bond grow. 

You can use various items like crystals and gemstones, rituals, prayers, meditation and the practices we discussed before to create and fortify your energetic protective shield. 

Cleansing methods like meditations, prayer, rituals, salt baths, and burning dried herbs and incense should become part of your regular activities. Use them whenever you feel called to and as often as you can. 

My personal motto is: “There’s no such thing as shielding and cleansing too much, only too little.” 

Prioritize Your Inner Balance By Practicing Self Love

The meaning of the Yin Yang symbol is a lesson that twin flames must always keep in mind. It’s all about your inner balance. 

Our everyday lives are meant to challenge us so we can grow. You might even notice that the more spiritual progress you make, the more challenging some aspects of your every day lives might become. 

That’s why it’s so important to prioritize your inner balance and practice self-love. Remember that by practicing self-love, you also practice twin love and flame journey love. You’re never a separate entity from your counterpart and your journey.

Prioritize your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. It’s an act of love for yourself, your twin, and your bond. By not taking good care of yourself, you’re hurting not only you but also your sacred bond and your divine counterpart. 

5. Surrender To The Twin Flame Journey

Surrendering to the journey might be one of the most difficult steps you have to take. The twin flame surrender stage is an essential part of your experience. 

Whenever you have a tough time with surrendering, remind yourself that it doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means flowing with divine timing and your higher power’s will. It’s the ultimate act of faith in your eternal connection. 

Don’t worry if you’re struggling with this part of your path. We’re all struggling with it. Surrender is one of the highest vibe lessons we learn as part of our human experiences.

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In Short 

The twin flame Yin Yang message is one of achieving inner balance and flowing with one another in a balanced way. 

This Ancient Chinese philosophy speaks of the Yin or Divine Feminine and the Yang or Divine Masculine principles completing each other endlessly. 

Their eternal dance is the seed of creation, the essence of life, the perfect unity of Divine Union and the final merging of mirroring souls. 

Embrace the path of achieving inner balance in order to achieve the ultimate balance with your divine counterpart. By surrendering to your divine mission of union, you’ll make progress towards fulfilling your life purpose and leading a blessed and blissful life.