Twin Flame Tarot Guide: Everything You Need to Know

A twin flame Tarot reading can help to give us guidance toward union. It can give us insights into the journey and (more importantly) help us to understand where we should focus our energy and what we should do. It can answer questions, point us toward things we might be missing and can be one of the best tools we have to be with our mirror soul.

Card readings can come in a lot of different forms, be done in different ways and (potentially) even hurt our journey. While opinions and beliefs always vary with Tarot cards, these are the important things to watch out for.

I’m going to look at how these spreads can help your journey and how you can do them yourself. To start with (in case you just want to get it done quickly) let’s look at where you can get one done for you.

Where to Get a Twin Flame Tarot Spread

These kinds of readings are available almost anywhere you can get a Tarot reading. Some are better than others, though. In general, I prefer to have one done by someone that has either been through the journey or is intimately aware of it.

You might have your own preferences, but if you’re looking for some suggestions:

  • Me. I do free twin flame readings for readers of the site. Years of experience in both the twin flame relationship and in the Tarot. If you’ve read my story, it’s how I guided myself and learned to understand the path I was on.
  • You. I’ll touch on the details in a moment, but you can do readings yourself. There are some pitfalls to this, but there are also some benefits to doing it yourself.
  • A friend. If you have a friend experienced with the Tarot and the journey, I’d prefer this to a general reader as long as they can be free from bias. This is a personal choice but sometimes an option.
  • A general Tarot reader. Easily found online or (often) locally. If you’re going down this route, I’d ask them a few questions about the Tarot and the twin flame journey. Opinions and beliefs can vary, and I prefer to work with someone who matches my own beliefs.
  • YouTube… ish. There are plenty of channels focusing on twin flame readings or ‘pick a card’ readings. I’d apply the same advice as above and make sure you’re getting readings with someone who shares the same beliefs. While you’re there, you can also check out my videos on the twin flame journey!

What Is a Twin Flame Reading?

twin flame tarot spread guide

I’ve actually answered the what is a twin flame reading before, but basically:

Regardless of the format of the Tarot spread or the questions asked, when you boil it right back a twin flame reading is a Tarot spread to help guide you towards union. The Tarot can be used for any aspect of your life and using it for the twin flame connection is certainly a worthy cause.

There are no hard set rules on what kind of format or deck you need to use (regardless of what some will claim) a twin flame Tarot spread is just any other spread focused on the journey.

Can You Get Multiple Tarot Readings?

Yes and no.

Don’t fall into the trap of just asking different people to do readings until you get the answer you want or continually asking when your twin flame will be ready for union. I’ve seen people do this and they fall into the twin flame trap of obsessing without actually furthering their journey.

Getting multiple readings over time to provide guidance and make sure you’re still focused in the right direction is perfectly fine but the focus should be on improving your journey, not just waiting for your twin.

Twin Flame Tarot Questions

Twin Flame Tarot QuestionsYou might ask the Tarot for advice on how to find your twin flame (if you haven’t physically met them) or for guidance on where you should focus your energy to bring you closer to union (that’s where I think the Tarot really shines).

Your questions can (of course) be unique to your journey, but if you need some examples:

  • Where is my twin flame?
  • Is someone my twin flame?
  • What is my twin flame thinking? What are they struggling with at the moment?
  • Where should I focus on my spiritual growth? What can I do to help bring us closer together?
  • What lies in store for our journey?

Can the Tarot Spot a False Twin Flame? Is He or She Your Twin Flame?

This is one of the areas where opinions seem to vary. While the Tarot cards are always honest, it’s our interpretation of them that is (potentially) fallible.

Some believe that the only two people that know for sure will be you and your twin. Others say the Tarot can pinpoint this kind of energic spiritual connection easily.

I avoid speaking in certainties on subjects where we really don’t know. I’d say if the Tarot can’t give us an exact black-or-white confirmation, it can at least make sure we’re headed in the right direction. If a Tarot reading helps us reach union with our mirror soul, everything else is a minor detail.

Can You Do a Twin Flame Tarot Reading Yourself?

Yes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely trying to claim the Tarot is some mystical tool only their bloodline is allowed to use. Then they’re going to ask you for money.

I don’t have an issue with getting a reading from someone else. I have no issue with Tarot readers helping other people in their twin flame relationship or spiritual awakening. I do have an issue with anyone claiming you can’t use the Tarot yourself and this happens far too often.

Even if you do prefer to have someone like me (or anyone else of course) do your readings for you as well, it never hurts to provide yourself with insights too.

Doing a spread for yourself can give you a lot of guidance on your journey, and that’s something you can go back to as often as you need. I’m a big fan of this, especially if you’re using it to actively work on your progression toward union.

There are a couple of things to watch out for when doing it yourself – which brings me to the next section.

How to Do a Twin Flame Tarot Reading

I can’t get into all the nitty-gritty on how to read the Tarot deck but (regardless of what people tell you) it’s really not that complicated, and when doing it for yourself, it’s mostly about following your intuition anyway. Most decks will come with an instruction booklet of some form, and the general meanings are all you really need to get started.

Yes, that’s a very simplistic view, but it’s all you need to begin with. If you get into the Tarot, there are plenty of resources to learn from to take things further.

There are a couple of pitfalls to watch out for.

If you’re doing Tarot readings for yourself, the two biggest things I’d say you have to watch out for is bias and asking your questions clearly.

Before you even touch a Tarot deck – be very clear on the question you want to ask. Make it specific and clear. Don’t change it as the cards are drawn, and don’t fuzz the details. Write your question down if you have to.

Perhaps the biggest learning curve in the Tarot is learning to follow your intuition without allowing bias to come into your reading. It can be all too easy to agree with an interpretation that tells us what you want to hear.

For example, The Tower card suggests a change is looming, but depending on the interpretation of the surrounding cards, that meaning could lead in two very different directions.

Being very clear and specific with your question can help to avoid bias in your readings, but, in general, we’re all prone to it, and your readings will become clearer over time.

Common Twin Flame Tarot Cards and Combinations

twin flame tarot card combinations

This is a question I get all too often, and I’m always hesitant about answering. The real meaning of the Tarot is not from a single card. Ever. I don’t like one-card readings.

Each card carries symbolism and complicated meanings but taking advice from a single card is like taking advice from the flip of a coin or a magic eight ball. There are some cards that tend to suggest the kind of spiritual path of the twin flame journey but where the Tarot really helps the twin flame journey is in the detailed meaning of the combinations.

This is why I tend to do more complete spreads of at least a couple of cards. If you really want to simplify things (though I wish you wouldn’t for your own sake), there are a couple of cards that tend to suggest a spiritual love connection:

  • The Lovers (unsurprisingly)
  • The Fool
  • The World
  • The Sun
  • The Two of Wands
  • The Three of Cups

Avoid ‘Twin Flame Tarot Decks’

I’ve seen decks for sale trying to capitalize on the twin flame journey, and I really don’t see the point. If you already have a deck, that’s more than enough or just find any Tarot deck that speaks to you.

Personally, I like the original Rider Waite deck for a standard Tarot reading or a lunar Oracle deck if I want oracle cards for more of a guidance reading. There are no wrong answers, but you certainly don’t need to buy one with a twin flame logo on it.

Custom Twin Flame Tarot Spread

My Tarot spreads mostly focus on guidance towards union and how we can best focus ourselves. I’m not a huge fan of being passive with the journey and just sitting back to wait for it to unfold.

If you’d like to take a moment and tell me about your path so far, I’ll do my best to help guide you with a reading.

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