Twin Flame Dating Someone Else [Why and What to Do]

If you’re going through a situation of your twin flame dating someone else, or if you yourself are, things can get pretty confusing and frustrating.

If you’ve become consciously aware of your twin flame destiny, you might be tempted to put your love life on hold in the hopes of hurrying union along. But it doesn’t work that way: waiting for them won’t rush things along, and you can’t rush your own or their ascensions and thereby union. If your twin flame is with someone else, there could be some serious reasons for that, like the fact that they haven’t become aware of their twin flame status, they’re not embracing the path, or they’ve still got some karmic baggage to process through before they can harmonize with you. You’re destined to be together, as part of this human experience or the next – the ultimate compass is one’s own free will in the matter and their frequency.

Dating and marriage are two different things with different forms of pressure. We’re going to focus specifically on dating here but I do have a separate guide on twin flames already being married as well.

Should I Wait for My Twin Flame If They’re Dating Someone Else?

Here’s the deal: while it sounds very romantic and sweet, waiting for “the one” is something that you should be doing only because it’s what feels right to you.

You should wait for your twin flame as long as that helps raise your frequency and serves your ascension process. If waiting for them makes you feel lonely, hopeless, frustrated, resentful even, then you’re only doing yourself and your twin flame a disservice.

So the better question is “When is waiting for your twin flame a barrier in the way of your union?”, and the answer is: whenever it brings your frequency down. While union is the ultimate goal, the way to achieve it is keeping a high frequency and transcending the 3D. What hurts that also prevents you from harmonizing on a high frequency of unconditional love.

Waiting for Them Doesn’t Hurry Things Along

It might be tempting to contemplate that waiting for them is going to rush the process along. After all, you’re keeping your frequency your own, and not taking in any lower frequency vibes from someone you’d be dating, right?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t simply rush something along. Things happen in their own divine timing, and the twin flame journey which includes so many variables is no exception to that rule.

Depending on what sort of effect waiting for them has on you, you might be doing more harm than good by putting pressure on yourself and them while you are waiting. Does twin flame separation really need any added pressure?

You Can’t Rush Your or Their Ascension and Union

Whether your twin flame doesn’t recognize you or your twin flame doesn’t want you, aside from focusing on doing your own part of the work in the dynamic, there’s not much you can do to hurry them along on the journey.

You need to keep in mind that the twin flames journey is first and foremost a journey of growth and development on a spiritual, emotional, and energetic level. Just like we couldn’t rush on 2020 to get some sort of resolution and close this rather grim chapter of our recent history, we can’t rush on the growth and development process of ourselves or of someone else, either.

If you’ve met your twin flame and are in contact of some sort, you can support and even assist them, should they be open to it, sure. But there’s no way to rush the growth and development of another person.

If you’re dealing with doubt at this stage of your journey, take a minute and get a twin flame reading for some further guidance.

When Your Twin Flame Is with Someone Else

Your twin flame might be with someone else because they’re not even aware of their twin flame status, or they might be refusing their path temporarily or for the duration of this human experience. There might be some karma left to process for them outside of your union, and while it’s tough to go through, you need to focus on the fact that all of it is in fact going to bring you closer.

They Haven’t Awakened to Their Twin Flame Status

If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to meet your twin flame in a consciously aware way, whether in the spiritual or the 3D realm, then your twin flame might not have even awakened to the fact that they are a twin. They may not even know much about twin flames, in the beginning.

One tough aspect to digest about your twin flame journey is the fact that the awakening to the twin flame status comes to different twins at very different times. In some cases, it happens when you’ve got a twin flame in another relationship or even after your twin flame married someone else.

Once your twin flame does awaken to their twin flames status, they’re going to have to process a lot of stuff in a consciously aware manner. It’s harder to work than in other situations because the situation involves a partner aside from your twin flame. There’s a lot of forgiving and healing that is going to be triggered by this kind of wake-up call, and it’s not an easy ride.

They Don’t Want to Embrace Their Twin Flame Journey

When twin flames become aware of their divine mission later on in life, possibly after they’ve built a family with someone, it’s much tougher to embrace their true journey and make progress on the path.

While twin flames are destined to reach union, you need to keep in mind the fact that they are first and foremost beings who radiate unconditional love, by their very nature. Whether we’re talking about someone who’s not yet aware or a runner who’s avoiding the journey out of a conscious decision to exercise free will, we are talking about a beam of light for those around; we’re talking about someone who’s loving, caring, compassionate, and naturally nurtures life as the sacred blessing it is. They might decide to deny themselves, and you as a result, out of love for their current partner. And as a being of unconditional love yourself, you’re the one who would best understand that.

There’s no greater love than the love that a twin flame feels, for their own twin flame, but also for all of humanity. It’s the core of every twin flame, runner or not.

Karma to Process Outside of the Twin Flame Dynamic

Though the twin flames bond can create some serious karma of its own, it’s the kind of karma that can only be processed with your twin flame. But our human experience selves have lives outside of the twin flame dynamic, right? That means that our 3D vessels are likely to accumulate some non-twin flame karma too, and in some cases, it needs to be processed in non-twin flames settings.

Though the separation is hard to go through and hurts a lot, we need to always keep in mind the fact it is one of our strongest motivations for growth and development. Karmic cycles closed help twin flames make progress on their paths towards ascension and thereby union, so they are a sort of blessing in disguise.

Destiny and Free Will

When it comes to twin flame separation, it’s a matter of destiny and free will in some cases.

You’re Destined to Be Together

Your souls are energetically linked to one another so much so, that you feel your twin’s pain. That soul bond is eternal, just like your souls are. It cannot be dissolved by the passage of time or events in your human experiences.

Your souls harmonize naturally, your energies reach out to each other constantly. That’s going on every second of every minute of every day, even when you’re in separation. And when they’re not in constant contact, your souls long for it and count the nanoseconds until they manage to harmonize again and touch base energetically.

Free Will Is the Ultimate Compass

At the same time, your human experience self is granted free will by divinity and the universe. It’s an essential component of the human experience, and though it might be triggering when your twin flame’s free will clashes with your desires, you need to remain in your 5D high-frequency unconditional love vibe.

When they choose to keep their distance from you, at least in the 3D, you should see it for what it is: a stage of their soul growth process. We deal with a lot of hardship and challenges along our path towards ascension, and some of us make our way there faster while others take slower steps here and there. It’s not a race, after all. It’s all of us, the collective, walking together as one towards the fulfillment of our divine mission. Each of our free wills is a key part of that.

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In the case of a twin flame dating someone else or even being married to someone else, you need to arm yourself with patience and unconditional love, which are defining traits of yours. There’s no rushing divine timing and the natural rhythm of each twin’s evolution, after all.

Whether it’s because they’re not aware of your bond yet, resisting it and shutting you out or still hanging out with some karma, your twin is making their way towards you. Trust them, the universe, and divinity!

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