My Twin Flame Doesn’t Recognize Me

Being on the twin flame journey is challenging enough without having to deal with the fact that my twin flame doesn’t recognize me” – I bet you thought about that every time you interacted with them in energy or in the 3D and realized that your twin flame doesn’t recognize who you really are.

Though it can be very triggering and painful, you need to come at it from the perspective of your high vibe of unconditional love. Your twin flame may not have experienced their awakening to their true nature and divine mission, and thereby your twin flame may not be consciously aware of the fact that they are a twin flame. It’s also possible that your twin flame is in denial about it, though, even if they’ve become consciously aware of the fact that they are a twin flame. You need to give them time, unconditional love and support through your twin flames energy bond, and focus on getting your vibe as high as possible so it helps them gain a higher frequency as well.

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Why Doesn’t My Twin Flame Recognize Me?

There are two potential reasons why your twin flame either doesn’t recognize you for their divine counterpart or seems not to recognize you when in fact they know the truth but are pretending not to.

Your Twin Is Not Awakened/Consciously Aware

You might have experienced your twin flames awakening sooner than your counterpart. Don’t worry about that, it doesn’t mean that it’s a doomed twin flames journey!

Each soul comes to its awakening as part of a human experience at its own pace. It’s no reflection of the odds at success for your twin flame union. There’s a lot of growth and development involved in this process, and the fact that you’re ahead of the game simply means you can work on your end to ease things moving forward.

It takes two to tango, after all. If one of the two actually knows they’re doing the tango and is better equipped to do it at some point on time, the counterpart only stands to gain from that.

Your Twin Is in Denial

It could also be the case that your twin flame has had their awakening and has become aware of their divine mission, but might be in denial about it.

That could happen due to a variety of reasons, and none of them mean that your journey is going to be stunted or any harder than anyone else’s. It simply means that your counterpart is pretty triggered by the realization of their destiny, and thereby has some growth and development to go through before they can recognize their truth and surrender to the journey.

How to Get Them to Recognize You

Though it may be frustrating and terribly triggering, your twin flame not recognizing you is simply one step along a long and meandering way towards divine union. It may feel like the end of the world even, it’s that painful, I know. But have faith in the universe, divinity, and in your twin flame’s higher self.

Give It Time

Though it may be exhausting and triggering to simply wait around for this connection to get on the right vibe, you must exercise patience and trust the universe, divinity, and your twin flame bond.

It truly is only a matter of time, unless your twin flame is exercising their free will to veer off the journey – which they can do, and should they do it, you need to love them enough to accept that during this time or this human experience.

But keep in mind that this human experience is one step of many. You’ve been through this, and will most likely go through this who knows how many times more. You were literally born to resolve these issues, sooner or later. Have faith in yourself, beautiful soul.

Unconditional Love and Support

As you’re embracing every step along the way with the 5D unconditional love that’s been encoded in your soul, you’ll come to realize that your counterpart is simply experiencing a bump along the way. They might be emotionally overwhelmed and have all sorts of feelings about the truth of their destiny.

At this point, the best and most effective thing you can do for your journey is to embrace them in your endless high vibe unconditional love and offer them all the support they need. By giving them your highest frequency to harmonize with, you’ll help them overcome their hangups and issues with more ease and grace.

You can’t do the work for them, but you can love and support them from afar as they do it themselves.

Focus on Your Ascension

While they’re going through their hangups and issues, the best thing you can do is to focus on your own ascension process.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a race – the speed of events isn’t relevant to the overall process. It’s not that you need to stay ahead somehow. By focusing on your growth process in your own natural pace, you’ll simply make progress for yourself that will slowly be mirrored by your counterpart as well.

This is the smartest way to help your counterpart make progress when they’re stuck, for whatever reason: focus on your ascension. Your higher and higher vibe is going to be their higher and higher vibe.

Guidance on Your Journey

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In Short

If you’ve ever thought “My twin flame doesn’t recognize me”, then it’s clear that your journey is going through a slower or rougher patch.

Your counterpart may not have awakened to the reality of their destiny yet. Or perhaps they did, but they’re overwhelmed or triggered by it. Give it time, unconditional love, and focus on your own ascension process in the meantime. Trust the strength that you and your counterpart have coded into your hearts, along with all that 5D unconditional love.

This journey is such a complex and challenging thing to go through. Things are likely to move slower here and there. Try your best not to let that bring you down. It’s all part of the process. Embrace and surrender to it.

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