My Twin Flame Doesn’t Want Me

If my twin flame doesn’t want me, what does that mean for our twin flame journey?

Your twin flame might be denying you because the bond or the phase of growth they’re at is very challenging and even overwhelming for them. It’s a defense mechanism meant to help them re-center themselves and help them regroup. While your twin flame’s human experience self can ignore you, you’re always connected in energy – the twin flames bond is unbreakable. The essence of your twin flames interaction is not romantic in nature, but sacred.

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that your twin flame connection is going to go through numerous highs and lows, over multiple human experiences. There will be separation at various points along the way, a lot of triggering, growing, meeting challenges head-on and overcoming them. It’s a path of growth and development towards ascension, so it means a lot of work. But the rewards of managing to take each step further along the journey are going to make your heart sing with joy.

Why Does My Twin Flame Deny Me?

Once you and your twin flame are both aware of the nature of your bond and entertain a romantic interaction blueprint, they could find the nature of the journey too challenging. It may become so much that it’s overwhelming to them, in fact. That can turn them into a twin flame runner.

The Runner and Chaser Dynamic

The runner and chaser dynamic of the twin flame connection can repeat itself several times during the twin flame journey. Twin flames can switch roles more than once during that dynamic, as shadows and karma come up for each of them. Twins can also switch between blueprints over several human experiences, meaning they can play different roles in each other’s lives. They will always be twin flames, but they won’t always be lovers.

Resolving Karma and Working on Shadows

As the twin flames deal with more of their shadows and resolve more of their karma, they’ll slowly be able to re-center themselves and adjust to the higher and higher frequency of their energy and their unconditional love.

The growth process will ultimately result in twin flame union, and that’s a fact. It’s only a question of time and growth, and the twin flame runner part of the dynamic is the one experiencing more issues at this or that point in time.

Focus on sending your twin flame a lot of unconditional love and support during these times when your twin flame is rejecting you, and focus on your own path towards ascension. That’s the best you can do for them, yourself, and your twin flame bond.

Can a Twin Flame Ignore You?

Short answer: no. The human experience self of your twin flame might want to ignore you, sure. But they won’t ever be able to, not really. You and your twin flame are connected energetically in a way that cannot be dissolved or ignored, ever.

twin flame ignore you

Free Will

If your twin flame is very determined and exercises free will to put the journey on hold for a while, they might try to ignore you because in their mind that might make the process run smoother. But it won’t. Trying to stay away from you physically and even energetically is going to be a full-time effort and an exercise in futility in the end.

Your energies are entwined and bonded in ways that cannot be dissolved, diluted or ignored. If the human experience self gives it its all to ignore their twin flame, then the energy of the bond will feel strained and seek out all the more the energy of their twin flame in order to feel comforted. How’s that for irony?

Unbreakable Bond

The nature of your soul bond is so that you’re always keenly aware of your twin’s energy, progress, moods, feelings, and even thoughts. You might try to turn the volume down on that station, so to speak, and you might succeed at it for a while. But that station will keep running in the background, and you simply cannot disconnect from it. There’s no off switch.

Can a Twin Flame Not Want You?

The nature of a twin flame connection isn’t always romantic, that’s a deep and sometimes overlooked truth. In fact, you are likely to meet the same soul in a multitude of roles over your numerous human experiences.

What Does Desire Really Mean?

Because the nature of the bond is always the same, we expect the nature of the human experience interaction to be the same. But that’s not necessarily true. Your twin’s desire for you isn’t the human experience vessel’s desire for your vessel, which is a big component of the romantic want or desire. Your twin’s desire for you is the desire for you to grow spiritually, to blossom, to ascend, to fulfill your sacred mission. That’s what the desire of your twin’s soul is.

While the human experience vessels may interact in a romantic fashion as part of the twin flames bond, we might mistake the human experience desire for the true, spiritual desire of your twin’s soul. Your twin flame may also be a parent, though, a sibling, a best friend, which negates any romantic attachment present between the human experience vessels. Does that make their role in your life any less significant or monumental, once you harmonize energies? Of course not.

The Soul’s True Desire

You should perceive your twin’s love in a non-romantic and more realistic way. Your twin’s soul will always want yours to be in harmony with it. It will always want you to blossom and glow, and will feel nourished and enriched by your high-frequency presence. It just so happens that in some connections, there’s a romantic layer on top of that. But don’t take one to be the other.

Further Guidance on Your Journey

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In Short

When we’re talking about statements like “My twin flame doesn’t want me”, we often confuse the possibly romantic nature of a twin flame’s bond during one human experience with the basis of such a soul contract.

It’s more likely that the souls will experience many different types of interactions during their human experiences, in fact, in order to grow their frequencies as high as possible and finally achieve union.

Your twin flame is always going to be indissolubly linked to you. They will always wish for you to grow, be fulfilled, happy, and blessed. Whether that’s through a romantic interaction or not, that is a matter of detail, because the joy of interaction doesn’t reside in the romance of it, but in the soul deep connection between you two.

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  1. I met my twin flame April 2018, he is my anesthesiologist. My chronic pain Doctor recommended me to him in his clinic. I’m married with two young children and he’s my Dr. so are connection is only spiritual with a lot of astral sex. I wanted more of a friendly romantic relationship with him, he doesn’t talk about his personal life to me, even though I know through visions I get of his past, present and future. My TF would tell me I love you/ I hate you, your sexy/your not my type, your not stupid/your are stupid, you mean everything to me/your an unfaithful cheating slut. This ovesly is confusing, depressing, and energetically draining, so I had to walk away because I have to consider my self worth. We’ve been in separation many times now, but this time it feels like he doesn’t give a shit I walked away. I’m confused because during separation I used to feel are hearts ack for each other, this time I feel like we both don’t care if we telepathically talk again. Why do I feel this way? What’s happening to us?

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