Do Twin Flames Feel Each Other’s Pain?

Do twin flames feel each other’s pain? Do they know you’re hurting? Are they hurting? What does this feeling mean?

Twin flames do feel each other’s pain although this doesn’t always mean what you think. Emotions, energy and even thoughts can be shared through this bond between two mirror souls but often the runner doesn’t understand where these feelings are coming from.

In short, yes. Twin flames do feel each other’s pain but this doesn’t mean your twin is going to understand your feelings during periods of separation. It’s likely they don’t even understand where these feelings will come from and that can cause things to get worse.

It can be a bit of a catch-22 situation. The worse you feel, the more they act out which causes them to feel worse… There is a benefit to this connection, however.

Why Do Twin Flames Share Pain

Twin flames were already connected to each other before incarnating on this physical plane. Both were part of the same energy essence and separated to experience physical existence. The twin flames are destined to meet during this lifetime and undertake a spiritual journey together.

When they meet for the first time the connection is immediate, producing empathy in every sense. Even when they’ve never met, they still share this bond. That is why it is common for twin flames feel each others pain.

They are really the same soul entity, that is why there is such strong synchronicity between them. Remember that there is only one union of twin flames during the course of a lifetime. That is why if you find your twin flame during this existence you must enjoy this bond to the fullest, no matter how difficult it may seem.

And believe me, I know how difficult it can seem.

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Complete Understanding

In some ways,  twin flames think, feel and act in the same way. Twin flames feel each other’s pain because the connection between them is so strong that they can perceive in their own body the physical sensations that the other feels. The synchrony that twin flames experience is not limited only to the physical aspect. In fact, the twin flames can also perceive the emotions of the other, even if their twin flame does not talk about it. The synchrony between them also crosses any distance. That means that they can perceive what their twin flame feels, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Telepathic Communication

The connection of twin flame telepathy manifests in many different ways and every journey will experience this bond differently. Sharing pain is just one of the many examples of this type of connection.

Telepathic communication between two twin flames is a common occurrence between them. They are capable of transmitting thoughts and the other twin flame will pick up that message. This mental communication manifests itself from the day they meet and intensifies during the development of the relationship.

Any factor that is affecting one twin flame will also be perceived by the other. It does not matter if it is an emotion, physical pain or obsessive thought. Telepathic communication can also be experienced in the dream world. They can have the same dream, and it can also happen that one twin flame appears in the dream of the other.

Twin Flames: A Strong Connection Even If They Are Separated

The twin-flame relationship goes through several stages and one of them is separation. During that period they go through extreme pain. While they are separated they cannot develop their lives normally.

They cannot concentrate on work, have health problems and cannot achieve their goals. It should be noted that even though they are not together physically, the spiritual connection between them continues to function as usual. That is why both twin flames feel each others pain, which multiplies their own discomfort. During the separation, both twin flames feel devastated, although it is that same pain that motivates them to reunite again.

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A Pain with a Purpose

The fact that both twin flames can feel each other’s pain has a valuable purpose. Similar to feeling your twin flame crying, it’s not just about making both of you miserable.

That pain helps them understand the depth of the bond they have and which they cannot escape. The twin flames meet during this incarnation to realize a loving relationship through which they will tune into perfection. Each twin flame will reflect on the other what it must heal, polish and improve. The pain they feel when they are separated serves as an alert to bring them back together. They should not ignore the powerful bond they have, for such an attitude would go against their own happiness. Fortunately, the twin flames always end up together, for that is their destiny.

The twin flames feel each other’s pain, which is a tormenting but deeply useful factor. When a twin flame becomes aware of the pain of his/her life partner, he/she understands the depth of the bond they have. In this way they initiate a healing process that favors the twin-flame relationship. They are aware of various wounds from the past, aspects of the personality that need to be healed and a bad temper that needs to be corrected. In short, a twin-flame relationship greatly enhances the human quality of each individual. They met during this existence to evolve together and become better people.

A Gift From the Universe

The universe puts at your disposal different situations and people so that you can solve painful issues that you drag from the past and even from lives before this existence. A twin flame relationship is a gift from the universe for you to heal wounds that are still hurting you in the present. That’s why this type of relationship is so intense, and you get to experience the same pain that your twin flame feels, as well as feel your own pain.

The ultimate goal of each individual is spiritual evolution so that they can then merge with the Universal Source. A twin-flame relationship is your great ally in reaching the fullness of your Being, even though the process is sometimes painful.

Dark Energies

A twin-flame relationship can reflect aspects of yourself that you don’t like. Those aspects have their origin in dark energies that belong to you and come from lives before this existence. That negativity is part of your karma, which must be healed during this existence. A twin-flame relationship collaborates in the process of healing your karma and negativity.

This relationship generates a lot of pain, but you must accept and embrace that pain in order to heal it. When you recognize those negative emotions, you can work on them to eliminate them completely. This process will be beneficial to your soul and will bring you deep inner peace.

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In Short

Feeling each other’s pain during a twin-flame relationship is a warning about the strong bond we have with our life partner. We should not avoid these intense feelings, as they strengthen a relationship that will completely transform our lives.

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