Can You Feel Your Twin Flame Crying?

Can you feel your twin flame crying? Can they feel you crying? Are they reaching out?

Shared and mirrored feelings are amplified and can easily become overwhelming at various points along the twin flames way towards union. It may seem hard to believe or accept, but you can feel your twin flame’s feelings – that includes their pain. When your twin flame will be crying, you will most likely feel like crying. You’ll also feel when your twin flame is thinking about you, possibly what they’re thinking or what else they’re thinking about, and sometimes the circumstances under which they’re feeling or thinking it. Welcome to the complicated world of the twin flames soul bond!

Can you feel your twin flame pain?

The soul bond

The twin flame soul bond is an unbreakable energy connection between the twin flame souls. It’s a bond that cannot be dissolved or put on hold. The twin flame souls are connected through that soul bond or soul contract, from now until union and beyond.

Some people find it hard to process, accept, or get used to it. At the beginning of the twin flame journey, though you’ve had that energetic connection for all of this life and all of your previous ones, you might not be too aware of it.

The more you and your twin flame are within each other’s energy, in the 3D or just in higher dimensions, the stronger the bond will become and the more aware of it you will become. It needs to be said that the bond is never broken, whether you’re in twin flames separation or not.

Soul bond communication

The twin flames soul bond acts as a bridge between your energies. Your energetic bodies are made to harmonize and regulate with each other, and there’s a constant exchange of energy from one flame to another.

It’s important to keep in mind that even if you’re in separation and no contact in the 3D, your energetic bodies are never truly apart, in this human experience or the next. You and your twin flame will always exchange energy through the soul bond.

That exchange also acts as a point of communication. Thoughts and emotions can easily travel through that energetic tie the stronger it gets. The more conscious awareness you have about it, the more you can learn to shield it from transmitting energy and information or use it as a conduit to get energy and information across.

You’re very likely to know about your twin flame crying or feeling super excited, whether you’re exercising your free will and implementing a separation or not.

Feeling their feelings

One of the tougher parts to process about this soulbond is the fact that with that energy exchange comes a lot of emotional exchange from one twin soul to another. Much of it you and your twin flame may not even be aware of until you go through your twin flame connection awakening, but you will feel its effects for all of your life.

For some, the information that travels through the soul bond can be jarring at times. If your twin flame goes through intense emotions, it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll know how or be able to shield you from the brunt of that emotional impact.

The better harmonized your energies are, the better regulated these exchanges. But depending on where along the path towards union you are, you most likely have a lot of unstable communication to deal with.

As a result, when your twin flame has intense feelings, that information will travel through your soul bond and reach your energetic body; your soul will feel those emotions, mirror and thereby amplify them, and send an echo of that back through the soul bond to your twin soul.

That’s part of the energy regulating mechanism between twins. It can become overwhelming because you won’t simply feel their feelings, but their feelings amplified by you mirroring them, send those feeling back to them and receive the feedback, and so on. It’s a bit like a communication loop, where it’s pretty tough to put the stream of information on hold.

What does it feel like when your twin flame is thinking about you?

Can you know what they’re thinking?

You won’t only know when your twin flame is crying and sad or feeling super happy and excited. You’ll also get information about what they’re thinking and about whom or what, especially if those thoughts are intense and recurring.

That may be a source of some comfort or extra strain on your heart during separation because you’ll never truly be in a no-contact situation. You might feel overwhelmed by the non-stop nature of your energetic contact, particularly if you’re struggling with the concept of integrating each other’s energies.

Depending on how far along your twin flames path you are and how much progress you’ve made with each of your ascensions, your ability to feel and know what your twin flame is thinking and feeling will sharpen. The twin flame bond will develop and give you and your twin flame more and more conscious awareness of each other’s energies, thoughts, and feelings. That’s the natural path your souls are created to walk on.

I’ve gone into more detail before on how to talk to your twin flame telepathically if you haven’t already seen it.

What does it feel like?

Let’s be honest here, in the beginning of your journey it’s very likely to feel very strange and possibly quite overwhelming.

You’ll have this presence in the back of your consciously aware mind. Sometimes it’s going to be a stronger presence, and other times it might be very discreet or even hard to detect at all. You won’t have much control over how present your twin flame will be, at least in the beginning phases of your journey.

You may feel like crying a lot when you feel their presence, for one thing, because it may feel jarring, and for another, because it’s likely to trigger intense emotions you won’t be that able to make sense of at first.

The more advanced you and your twin flame become when it comes to your twin flames bond, the more comfortable and aware you will be of your twin flame soul connection and the more skilled you’ll become at managing it.

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In short

Can you feel your twin flame crying? Yes. Twin flames can feel each other’s feelings and know each other’s thoughts, whether they’d like to or not.

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  1. I was sitting having a happy lunch with my family and felt such a surge of emotional pain that I had to excuse myself to go and cry in private in the bathroom. It is so intense I get turned on “remotely” when he is which is great but I feel like a cheat.
    I couldn’t possibly explain to my loving husband this spiritual connection that I feel with a stranger. I am trying to remain friends with him because the pain of no communication is too much to bear. I am an intensely private person very protective of my fragile heart and don’t share myself physically – but something just made me blurt out my absolute love for him within a few days of talking. I was horrified by this. It’s like my heart was absolutely raw and vulnerable. Of course he didn’t reciprocate and I felt like a fool and just pushed down my feelings back into the dark abyss I usually hide them. I couldn’t eat for days from the sheer emotional pain of the situation. My husband thinks it was just a flirtation – i told him as I respect and love him. But it is so much more for me at least. I am in conflicted, in anguish for years now and I just pray for the best for all of us. I don’t know how much longer I can remain steady.

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