The Purpose of Twin Flames: The Soul Reunification

The purpose of twin flames is often overlooked and misunderstood, but the truth is that there is a lot more to the twin flame relationship than just finding love, marriage or getting off a dating app.

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul who have been split apart for lifetimes in order to experience lessons on earth. The purpose of twin flames is to join back together and be better as a whole.

So what does it mean to be a twin flame, how can the journey bring joy to your life and what is the purpose of the twin flame journey?

A Loving Relationship is Only The Beginning

Yes, the twin flame journey is a relationship like nothing you will have experienced before, but it is so much more than just finding a love connection.

What most people don’t know about twin flames and the purpose of twin flames is that they are not really two separate souls looking for one another, but rather they are already whole. On Earth, we were split apart to come back together as better versions of ourselves.

In order to further your spiritual progression, the same soul has split into two different parts and returned in two separate bodies.

This is how you can be two different people who have never seen each other before but feel an intense recognition and connection. This type of spiritual relationship is meant to help us when we come back together as better versions of ourselves – full of newfound knowledge from our individual lives.

At the core of this purpose – it’s a journey of self-development, discovery and improvement. The fact you get a loving relationship like no other – is more of a byproduct (but a happy one certainly).

Twin Flames Create Their Own Purpose on Earth

The closer twin flames get to a harmonious union, the more their interests and goals will overlap. The twin flame journey is a driver of positivity, change and healing for each of you (even if you’re experiencing twin flame separation sickness at the moment).

If you reach union in this lifetime you’ll both find your purpose on Earth shift for the better. Like most of the journey, this will be unique to you and your twin and I can’t even begin to guess what it might be.

I can see it’ll bring you more satisfaction than anything else you’ll experience alongside the most supportive and loving connection to share it with. In terms of the purpose here on Earth, this alone makes the difficult parts of the journey worthwhile.

But Don’t Be Limited by the Twin Flame Purpose

You’ll often hear me say there are no real ‘rules’ for the twin flame journey. While the purpose goes beyond this life that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue happiness as much as you can.

A twin flame relationship is good for the soul but it’s not a cure-all. You still need to love yourself and take care of your own needs first before you can fully give everything to another person (though I think we all have the capacity for both).

So even if the purpose is soul reunification that doesn’t mean you should avoid other meaningful connections along the way. You’ll sometimes hear people say when you’re on a twin flame mission you don’t have time for anything else.

While I really do think the twin flame purpose is important I also believe in balance. Sometimes the best way to further your own twin flame journey is to spend some time focusing on other areas of your life as well.

Your Task as a Twin Flame

Your job as a twin flame is to reach union. That may be in this life, the next, or another lifetime but your soul is looking for its other half to live out eternity together.

The fact that you’re aware enough about the twin flame journey to be reading this and you might already know who your twin flame is means you have an incredibly rare opportunity to reach union in this lifetime.

It’s up to you whether or not you want that. This is not an opportunity I would like to see anyone waste but sometimes the twin flame journey isn’t always an easy one.

Why is Union So Important?

The purpose of twin flames is reunification. Without the union, both souls cannot evolve and grow to their full potential. It’s an eternally repeating loop that will keep continuing until you manage it.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make it happen in this lifetime but if you’re far enough on your journey to be aware of it – it’s an opportunity worth seizing. Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself back in this same position in another lifetime.

When twin flames go through a reunion it’s a life-changing event for each twin and a net positive for the universe as a whole.

It is the cycle of life and death, light and darkness. It’s an opportunity to transcend one’s self to a higher level of being on your spiritual journey by breaking free from the physical constraints that keep them tethered to this world.

Is the Twin Flame Purpose Always Fulfilled?

Sadly, twin flames do not always find their union in this lifetime. Having a twin flame is already incredibly rare, being aware of the journey is also rare (most people haven’t heard the term) so having both?

I’ve talked about twin flame failure already but (in short) you’re guaranteed to achieve your twin flame purpose in the long term. This doesn’t mean that they won’t ever make it back together again – just that you have to wait for the next life or incarnate on another planet with someone else (yikes).

Important reminder: Just because you’re going through a rough patch at the moment does not mean your journey has failed and you’re going to have to wait. This is incredibly common and the fact you’re even at that stage is a very good sign.

It is going to be up to you to make sure you continue furthering your journey, however.

It’s not going to be easy and there will be many obstacles but it will happen. You just have to keep your faith in the twin flame path, trust that you’ll get there and focus on making yourself a better soul.

Make sure you’ve read the guide on how to attract your twin flame and don’t allow yourself to fall into the common trap of just waiting. You’ll be waiting forever, so you might as well start doing things to make it happen.

Of course, this is all easier said than done and some people are just not cut out for the twin flame journey or have a fear that prevents them from following through with their twin’s call.

What Happens After You Achieve the Twin Flame Purpose?

After Twin Flame Union

I’m always wary when people answer a question like this with complete certainty.

Here on the physical realm, the results are obvious. You become the kind of relationship everyone will aspire to. The kind of happy couple everybody wants to be like. A beacon of unconditional love for each other which motivates not only each other but others in your life.

It’s no coincidence that reaching union with your twin flame often triggers others in your life to begin their twin flame journey (or further an existing one).

The purpose of twin flames is to improve your lives together, those of the people around you and the universe as a whole. It brings more love, light and happiness into the world and the more twins reach reunion the better we’ll all be.

The twin flame journey goes far beyond the physical and I don’t think anyone knows entirely what happens when you reach union with your twin at the higher dimensions.

It changes your life, certainly. Spiritually you become a lot more receptive and awakened but as for what comes next… who knows? Perhaps we’ll continue to reincarnate with our twin flames on Earth or maybe we move on to something else.

The only thing I know is that I’ll be with my twin forever. In whatever form that takes.

Guidance on Your Journey

If you’re struggling to find your twin flame purpose or lost on your journey – let me try and help. Tell me what you’re seeing so far and I’ll start with a twin flame reading to see where your focus should be next.

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