Twin Flame Dream Messages: Communicating and Guiding Each Other

Have you been dreaming about your twin flame? Maybe having a conversation with them (or more)? Is this just a dream, a form of communication with your twin or maybe somewhere in between?

Twin Flames communicate more freely in dreams long before they ever meet in the physical realm but most of us won’t remember the majority of these messages. Learning to use twin flame dream messages can speed up your twin flame journey towards union and happiness together.

So why do twin flames send messages in dreams, what do they mean and, most importantly, how can you use them?

What is a Twin Flame Dream Message?

I have touched on twin flames communication in dreams before (and made a video on the subject) but thought I’d look more specifically at dream messages and how to use them.

A Twin Flame Dream Message is a form of communication from your twin flame that you receive in the dream world. The messages can be guidance, advice or even just letting each other know they are doing well and thinking about one another.

It might be straightforward as dreaming you’re sitting next to your twin or sometimes you might need to interpret the dream messages the same way as we would repeating number patterns around us.

Dream messages are a tool on the twin flame journey. Not everyone will see them and fewer still will remember when they do. When twin flames do communicate through this method, they are in a deeper state of connection than anywhere else and it can be a powerful tool to steer you both forward, no matter what stage you’re on.

Know that just because you don’t see messages from your twin doesn’t mean they aren’t out there or trying to communicate with you.

When Do Twin Flame Messages Happen?

Twin flame messages can happen at any time, but they are most likely to occur in a deep dream state. They can start long before you ever meet in the physical 3D realm or even before you know what a twin flame is.

They can happen during periods of high emotion such as stress or happiness.

Twin flames who live far away can use these messages to stay in touch and guide each other and the geographical distance doesn’t matter. They will know if the message is from their twin by trusting that they’ll both have a similar feeling or knowing intuitively, like with any psychic connection.

Can You Dream About Your Twin Flame Before Meeting?

Yes, you can dream about your twin flame before meeting and it’s probably more common than you’d guess. Twin flames are highly psychic beings who share a close connection on many levels so this is not uncommon for twins to know each other’s thoughts without ever having talked or seen one another.

Dreams of past lives together often happen earlier on as your higher selves use dream messages to guide each other towards that first meeting. As twins become closer on the journey together, these messages will appear more often but tend to become more specific and focus on the future, rather than the past.

The Problem with Twin Flame Dream Messages

We all dream. Multiple times a night. It’s how our brains work but we often don’t remember 99% of these dreams apart from (sometimes) the ones we have right before we wake up.

This is also true when we communicate with our twin flames in a dream. The majority of these messages go back into our subconscious minds and we forget what happened after waking up. That doesn’t mean the message is entirely lost but we’re not consciously aware of them.

The messages are usually there for a reason but we forget most of them when they’re not urgent. Though I will touch on how you can improve the retention of these messages a little later it often means even if you do remember talking to your twin flame in a dream, you might not remember what was actually said.

Why Do Twin Flames Send Dream Messages?

Twin flames send messages in dreams for a lot of different reasons. The most common reason is to check in with each other or communicate a message that they can’t send in any other way.

Often they’re not far enough along the journey to express themselves properly on the physical plane and the energy of the connection expresses itself through dreams instead.

Dream messages are also used for healing, guidance and encouragement during times of depression and loneliness as well as being a source of comfort at any stage of the journey. Twin flames will often have recurring dreams if their mirror soul feels a message is particularly important or continual comfort is needed.

Every twin flame journey is unique and varied so the reasons why they send messages will vary too. Sometimes my twin will reach out when he’s bored and knows I’m trying to work. It’s kind of hard to be mad at him though.

How to Interpret Your Twin Flame Dream Message?

Interpret Your Twin Flame Dream Message

The easiest way to use dream messages to communicate with your twin is to focus on retaining your dreams or learning to lucid dream so you can consciously steer the conversation in plain English.

Sometimes it isn’t that easy and you’re going to have to interpret the dream symbolism.

The first thing is to determine who or what is symbolizing your twin flame in a dream. This should be fairly easy and be the first thing to stand out. Once you know that, we need to understand what they’re trying to tell you.

Understanding the subliminal messages in dreams is a tricky subject to tackle here. There are entire books dedicated to picking apart dreams for various aspects of your life but when it comes to twin flames I think there’s a shortcut.

You’re going to be more in tune with your twin flame as they are another part of your soul. Interpreting their message is really just interpreting a message from yourself and once you remember your dream all you’ll really need to do is meditate on it for the meaning to become clear.

What Does it Mean if Your Twin Flame Kisses You in a Dream?

A common dream among twin flames is the shared kiss. The reasons for this are as varied as your dreams, but they can both be a sign of intimacy or reunion between twins and symbolize many other emotions.

It might be that your twin is thinking about you or reaching out to offer support and comfort. Often in dreams, we’re able to communicate emotions and feelings we might not be ready to share in the 3D.

Examples of Twin Flame Messages

These could be quite literally anything but I thought I’d share some of the more common ones I’ve heard or experienced myself.

  • Dreaming of sitting somewhere strange talking to your twin flame.
  • Dreams of writing a letter to your twin flame.
  • Dreaming about literally chasing (or being chased by) your twin flame.
  • Dreams about feeling like your heart is breaking or you’re in pain because of the separation from your twin flame.
  • Dreaming that they are holding you, comforting you and telling you everything will be alright when really nothing has happened yet.

The actual interpretation of these dreams would really vary depending on your journey and what you and your twin are currently going through and sometimes it could be entirely unrelated.

For example, you could dream you were gluing a frog to a kite and setting it loose in a storm but know for sure that frog represents your twin flame.

Note: I was making this example up as I went but I do see a frog commonly representing a twin flame in some stories. A frog represents someone who is there for you both physically and emotionally, which seems to fit a twin flame well since they’re also there for you spiritually.

The Importance of Dreams in the Twin Flame Journey

Dreams are the way that we can communicate with our twin flame even if they’re not physically present. Allowing them to reach out to you can help initiate things when they’re not ready to reach out in the 3D yet.

We may experience separation from them while awake, but when you dream about your twin flames it could be a signal to reunite and continue on together in this journey of love and light.

There’s a lot of powerful tools you can use on this journey but dream messages should not be overlooked.

How to Remember Dream Messages From Your Twin Flame

While dream messages will happen one way or another, if you actively try and improve your dream retention you’ll make better sense of these messages.

  • Keep a dream journal. I mean really keep one not just fill it in when you happen to remember a dream clearly.
  • Try meditating in a peaceful environment right before bedtime which can help clear your mind of worries so that it’s open for communication with your twin flame through telepathy.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthily and exercise regularly which will help you sleep better, remember your dreams more easily, and have a clearer mind to communicate with your twin flame.

Getting Further Guidance

Whether you’re receiving dream messages with your twin flame or not, if you feel stuck or you’re not sure how to further your journey then let me know what you’re currently dealing with and I’ll do my best to help.

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