What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Separation Sickness

I’m not one to focus on the negative parts of the journey, but we do need to talk about twin flame separation sickness. The twin flame journey isn’t always easy (especially in the earlier stages) and if you’re going through this kind of pain I need you to understand it.

Many people go through the pain of separation sickness when twin flames are separated from each other. This causes an intense feeling of lethargy, low energy and physical pain that we feel when our mirror soul is not around us. It’s intense, overwhelming and can result in mental, spiritual and emotional illness.

However, this stage serves an important role on your road to reaching a reunion with your mirror soul as it brings up things you need to work on before you’re able to reach the next stage of your twin flame journey.

I know (first-hand) how draining separation sickness can be. Physically, spiritually and emotionally it can leave you feeling lost but it serves a purpose on your journey.

Note: I have a complete guide on the twin flame separation phase which I’d really suggest you read if you’re going through this. It’s a long post but it’ll really help you understand what’s going on overall. Or, if you’re really feeling stuck, get a free twin flame reading for more specific guidance on what to do next.

What Is Twin Flame Separation Sickness?

It’s called all sorts of different names but it’s often used as a catch-all term for the pain you feel when you’re physically separated from your mirror soul.

It can manifest in all sorts of ways but its cause is always the same. The body responding to a high-energy connection that you won’t see outside of a connection with your twin.

The Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms of twin flame separation sickness can include:

  • A loss in appetite or frequent need for sleep when you don’t feel tired.
  • Physical pain such as headaches, stomachaches and backache.
  • A lack of energy and motivation for things you would normally enjoy.

Remember that (overall) the twin flame journey should motivate, inspire and drive the both of you towards improvement. In the later stages of your journey, you’re never going to feel more enthused and powerful than you will when you’re with your twin.

During periods of separation earlier on, however, it can leave you sapped and drained. One of the more common symptoms I hear is you may be more prone to feeling fatigued and lethargic.

Important: If you’re experiencing pain during your twin flame separation sickness symptoms then it’s important that you seek medical attention. Even if you’re certain it’s the twin flame journey causing it – don’t take any chances.

The Emotional Symptoms

The twin flame journey goes beyond the physical and separation sickness causes emotional symptoms too. The emotional pain is felt by the runner too but if they’re not on the same energetic frequency at the moment they’re often not going to understand these emotions (or know what to do with them).

As with most of the twin flame journey, this is likely to be very unique to you, but some common things I see:

  • Emotional mood swings as the high energy of the connection confuse both you and your twin.
  • Feelings of anger and resentment towards your twin. Perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean this is a false twin flame. It is important we learn to understand these emotions and where they come from.
  • Feelings of abandonment, loss and longing.
  • Feeling as though your life is incomplete without them in it. Feeling this way does not mean you are not ready to move on or that the twin flame journey has failed for you at all – it’s just a natural part of the process.

The Spiritual Symptoms

Here I have some better news at least. The spiritual aspect of separation sickness often stands to directly help further your journey. Even before you’re ready to understand the twin flame connection we can’t stand to see our mirror soul in pain.

If your twin isn’t ready to reach out in the 3D, they’ll still be reaching out to you on the higher dimension to try and support you. You might even find them reaching out on the 3D without really understanding why themselves.

You might also notice:

  • A spike in dream communication with your twin flame. This can be hard to notice if you’re not actively keeping a dream journal but it’s likely there even if you don’t notice it.
  • If you have empaths in your life (or anyone who has been through their own twin flame journey) they’re likely to reach out to you to provide solace.
  • A sense of being watched or that your twin is with you. This is usually an indication that you’re on the right track and making progress towards reunion with them.
  • An increase in synchronicities (coincidences). This can be anything from hearing their favorite song playing to seeing something related to their hobbies. You might even see twin flame number patterns.

Does the Runner Twin Flame Experience Separation Sickness?

This is a tricky question to answer and there’s no clear-cut “yes” or “no”. It varies from person to person.

It also really depends on what you consider them experiencing it. If they’re not spiritually advanced enough to spot the signs they’ll often equate it to something entirely unrelated.

Some runner twin flames will experience separation sickness at the beginning of their journey while others won’t until they’re reaching for a reunion with their mirror soul.

Their higher self will absolutely be aware but I’ve seen this manifest in a lot of different ways here in the 3D. The one important universal rule here is it really doesn’t matter.

Your focus during separation shouldn’t be on them or what they’re feeling. I want you to understand why this can actually help your journey and that you’re using this opportunity (because that’s what it is).

How Twin Flame Separation Sickness Can Help

Benefits of Twin Flame Separation Sickness

Separation is a chance to take time for yourself. It’s not fun in the least but it’s an important stage which we shouldn’t try and skip. The pain of this phase is often there to grab your attention.

Perhaps you were focusing too much on external factors like your twin and not focusing on your own internal healing (the common twin flame trap) or maybe your attentions got completely sidetracked from the twin flame journey altogether.

You might feel like you are going through the stages of grief. It’s not healthy to suppress this and it will show up if we try to skip over them, that’s why I think separation is a necessary part of the process.

Separation sickness can serve as an opportunity for self-care and forces you to stop for a moment and pay attention to your body, mind and soul.

Take care of the parts that need more healing. Spend time with yourself, spend time reconnecting to your creative self and spending some quality alone time getting acquainted with who you are now without your twin flame by your side.

The separation will teach us how important it is for each person to take responsibility for their own journey and in doing so you’ll trigger your twin to do the same.

I often talk about the ‘twin flame trap’ of assuming you’re ready and just waiting on your twin. Separation sickness isn’t pleasant but sometimes it can force us to focus on what we should be doing.

You can see the signs that your twin flame is close to you again by differentiating between separation symptoms, reunion symptoms, or just re-connection with yourself.

It’s a difficult time on the journey and I’m not going to pretend I’m happy to hear about it but it can trigger deep levels of healing and while it’s often the twin flame chaser going through separation sickness – it’s going to help further both of you towards union.

How to Stop or Avoid the Separation Sickness

Not everyone will experience separation sickness and it’ll always manifest to different degrees.

The best way to stop it (or avoid it entirely) is first of all to understand why you’re currently separated and make sure you’re focusing on the right areas. The pain of separation will fade as you further your spiritual path.

There’s no one size fits all solution here and (without knowing your journey) I can’t speak to the specifics but here’s a few things I would start with.

  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep (not only will this help the symptoms it’ll give you the energy to focus on your journey).
  • Use twin flame affirmations effectively (and I do mean actually use them).
  • Create a twin flame meditation schedule. Not just for when they’re feeling the symptoms of separation.

Further Help

I really do feel for anyone dealing with separation sickness but if it leads you to understand how to navigate this phase of your journey it’ll be worthwhile. If you want some more specific guidance, tell me what you’re seeing on your journey and I’ll do my best to help.

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