How to Attract Your Twin Flame Quickly [At Any Stage]

Learning how to attract your twin flame means learning to understand what the twin flame journey is really about. No matter what stage of the twin flame journey you’re on, the way forward is always the same. Whether you’ve already met them and you’re going through a period of twin flame separation or you haven’t met in the 3D but you know they’re out there.

Knowing how to attract your twin flame and ending the separation between you is the same at any stage of the journey. It means focusing inward and improving yourself and not (as most people think) focusing on your twin.

Every journey is going to be different but there’s going to be one constant. One thing I constantly see go wrong. Focusing on your twin without furthering your own journey can slow you both down. Often bringing that focus inward also triggers your twin to do the same no matter what stage you’re both on.

Think of it this way – if you want to attract your twin flame you want to be the person they want to be with. You want to make yourself the best you that you can be. You want to be ready for union.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Twin Flame?

Opinions vary on what counts as being ready to meet your twin flame. Personally, I believe if you’re aware enough of the journey to be reading this then you’re ready to meet your twin flame.

Being ready to meet your twin flame does not mean you’re ready for union, however. It’s one thing to attract your twin flame but sometimes (more often than not in my experience) there’s still work for both of you to do before you are ready for union.

Finding Your True Twin Flame (Spotting The One)

I do have a guide on how do you know if someone is your twin flame (and it’s worth reading if you haven’t already). This step isn’t always as easy as you might think.

Once in a while, you might catch your eyes on someone across a crowded room and something hits you. Bam. This is some kind of connection and it stands out.

There are other kinds of connections that can do this (karmic twins and soulmates for example) which can feel very much like a soulmate and are often confused with the real thing (you might hear the term false twin flame used for this).

Finding a connection like a soulmate is the Hollywood rom-com version of finding The One. Learning how to find your twin flame is an even rarer connection. It’s not about finding someone that fits you and shares the same beliefs etc… Attracting your twin flame means attracting the other half of your soul.

Twin flames are incredibly rare, most of us have probably never even heard the term or given it much thought. But you do have one advantage in finding your twin flame. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are, how unlikely you are to meet or whether or not you even know what to look for.

Twin Flames are Always Attracting Eachother Automatically

While you absolutely could run across your twin on a dating app, you might as well be at a class or browsing in a bookstore. Twin flames are always calling to each other. Even before you were aware of the journey, landed on this site or heard the word.

The energy between two twin flames goes beyond anything in the physical dimension. Twin flame telepathy can take many different forms but always starts as a subconscious connection guiding you both together.

Even if you’re on opposite sides of the world, with widely different interests and would never normally meet they find a way to bring themselves together. This can take a lot of different forms, for example:

  • This subconscious connection can share interests and excitement. You might have the urge to try something new you’ve never done before because your twin is excited in it themselves – making you likely to meet them there.
  • You might make small innocuous decisions without even thinking about it which leads you straight to them. Things you didn’t even know you were thinking about. Perhaps you walked into a local coffee shop five minutes later because you decided to change your shirt that morning – and there they were.
  • You might accidentally message a wrong number or email and got your twin by mistake.

You get the picture. Obviously, I can’t go over every single variation which could bring you both together but while this subconscious connection is always working in your favor there’s one thing I really want to stress.

Don’t fall into the trap of just waiting.

Attracting Your Twin Flame Faster

Attracting Your Twin Flame Faster

Just because twin flames are constantly attracting each other that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for everything to work out for you. I’m almost fascinated by the idea of twin flame failure but the short version is: Just because twin flames are destined to be together doesn’t mean it’s going to happen this lifetime if you just sit back and wait. Attracting your twin flame actively gives you a much better chance of reaching union this lifetime.

There are a whole bunch of methods you can begin using today to help attract your twin flame actively but there are no magic words or buttons which can do it for you overnight. They all boil down to furthering your own journey and making yourself ready for union.

Specific ‘Twin Flame’ Methods to Attract Them

My twin flame coaching is a collection of guided meditations and the things I used to attract my twin back from separation but (in no particular order) I’ve covered a lot of common techniques you can start using yourself.

General Methods to Attract Them

Twin flames were reaching union long before we had guided meditation videos and affirmations on our phones.

The general way to attract a twin flame is to look at your own self-improvement path and your own attitude. Work on yourself. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Improve yourself and become the person you’d like to present to the world.

Manifest this look at me world attitude and do it by building yourself and others, not putting anyone else down. This journey will handle itself on the 5D but we can actively further your path here on the 3D.

The Law of Attraction Trap (I Hate This)

You might have heard someone talk about using the law of attraction to draw their twin flame to them.

I won’t get into my thoughts of the Law of Attraction again here but it certainly won’t hurt your journey as long as you’re doing something to further your path ahead. I’ve seen far too many people use this as a cop-out and just waiting for the universe to provide.

This might work but the twin flame connection is so rare, if you have a chance of reaching union in this lifetime I hate to see anyone waste this opportunity.

Further Guidance for Your Journey

If you’d like some further guidance on your journey, tell me about what you’re seeing so far and I’ll try and help you attract your twin flame.

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