How to Awaken Your Twin Flame (Faster)

love getting questions like how to awaken your twin flame. Firstly, I know exactly how painful and frustrating some stages of the twin flame journey can be (especially when things can seem so clear to you and not your twin) but I’m a big fan of actively taking charge of your journey with twin flame healing and shadow work.

And there are things you can do – but my advice is going to seem counter-intuitive to you if you’re newer to the twin flame journey (or you’re part of the crowd refusing to actually try and further the journey actively).

Learning how to awaken your twin flame means focusing internally on your own spiritual awakening and progress toward ascension. You can’t make your twin do anything and it certainly isn’t about trying to use logic and reason to convince them.

The Short Answer

As with most things on the twin flame journey – the answer is to focus inward. It isn’t about using logic or reason to convince your twin – it’s about readying yourself (no matter what stage they seem to be in).

Further yourself in the journey and you’ll not only speed things up but you’ll trigger this same growth in your twin.

I know some of you are going to find this an unsatisfying answer but there really is no overnight magic cure. There’s no way to just snap your fingers and have an unawakened twin flame suddenly ready for union. The truth is if they’re at that stage you’re not ready either. No matter how much it can feel like you’re just waiting on them.

If you take nothing else away from my advice today, please understand that part. We can go a little deeper with a free twin flame reading if you’d like but my advice is always going to be focus internally.

Improving your own vibration will seduce them into doing the same, albeit at a slow pace, until they get awakened too. Once your twin flame is awakened, it’s a matter of choice: do they want to embrace the twin flame path and work towards achieving twin flame union? Or do they want to put the twin flame journey of hold, temporarily or for good during this human experience?

That’s a decision that’s entirely up to them, and all you can do is surrender to the process and outcome. Keep in mind it’s not a race, but a lifetimes-long journey. When the runner becomes aware of the soulbond between you, you’ll feel a shift in their energy and they’ll be present in a more consciously aware way in your interactions, even if they’re not in the 3D.

Your telepathic twin flame connection is going to intensify, which is highly unlikely to happen by mere accident or hazard.

Twin Flame Awakening

First Step: Is Your Twin Flame Awake Yet?

It might be tough to pick up on the point at which your twin flame has gotten with their awakening journey. But there are a few things you can pay attention to when trying to figure out where your twin flame is at, from a spiritual point of view.

Energy shift

When your twin flame is awakened, you’ll definitely feel an energetic shift. Keep in mind that by that point, you’ll have spent your entire life having their energetic presence in your energy field because of the soulbond that connects your souls.

Even if you won’t have given it a name until you experience your own awakening, you’ll feel that energy shift when it happens on their end just as much they’ll feel it when it happens on yours.

Intentional Interaction

Once the awakening has happened for you both, you’ll also pick up on the difference of vibe when it comes to your interaction, whether in the 3D, the dreamland, or the higher dimensions or all of them.

While you’ll be present in each other’s dreams and spiritual domain journeys at all times, when you’re not both awake, the interaction and presence are likely to be more on the residual side from previous lifetimes of awareness. When that changes, you’re likely to perceive a change in the presence of your twin. There might be more details that come to light and do so in a consistent manner from one encounter to the next.

You might notice details you never did before, like their voice, a certain taste of their strong likes and dislikes. These are current human experience details that are going to come through because they’re present in a more aware and thereby detailed manner.


While you’re connected through the soulbond your entire lives and you might experience some telepathic unintentional connections, when it becomes a consciously aware type of interaction due to the awakening, it’s going to be different.

Think about overhearing bits of someone’s conversation versus getting a call yourself. Once the connection is consciously aware, it’s much more directional, strong, and clear. Don’t expect it to be crystal clear as a phone call from the get-go, but it can get there too. That’s the beauty of intention, it literally makes things manifest, as we know so well.

Signs of the Twin Flame Runner Awakening

Unawakened Twin Flame Runner

If your twin flame is not yet awake when it comes to your twin flame’s soul bond and your divine mission, you might not feel much of their presence in your energy, dreams, or spiritual life by and large.

You’re likely to feel there’s someone there, but it might be a hazy or foggy sort of perception of someone or something that’s always there, but not doing or saying much.

While you’re always connected as twin flames, the connection doesn’t always mean actual interaction, voluntary and consciously aware. But both twin flames know the feeling of your twin flames’ energetic presence in your energy field, even if it’s more static than anything else.

When your twin flame then becomes awake and slowly starts to become consciously aware of your bond, you’ll definitely feel their presence shift with that awareness. That static sort of energy is going to slowly come alive, interactive, receptive. Your twin flame could still be in full-blown separation mode while their energy starts to open up to yours and begin to interact.

Awakened Twin Flame Runner

When your twin flame runner is awakened and still in separation, it’s not a matter of not being aware of your twin flames bond, but more of a choice not to pursue achieving twin flames union during this human experience.

In this type of scenario, you’ll feel mostly the twin flame separation signs.

How Can I Attract My Twin Flame Fast?

Unawakened Twin

The fastest way to attract your twin flame is to awaken your twin flame energy and then your part of the twin flame connection. It might not be what you were hoping for, but it’s the truth. The fastest way to get to a twin flame union is to do your part of the work for your soul journey.

Working on yourself is going to raise your energy frequency and possibly help awaken your twin flame too – if you have an unawakened twin, that is. When you awaken, your energy slowly and gently prods your unawakened twin flame’s energy through your connection, gently nudging it towards awakening as well. But depending on your twin fame’s frequency, they might need more nudges or maybe a bit of a prod to get them going.

You can only do that by offering them contact with your own high-frequency energy through your spiritual connection. The faster they awaken to the nature of your spiritual journey, both on your own and together, the faster your awakened twin will make progress on the spiritual path of the twin flame journey. The more progress they make and the more progress you’ve made, the stronger the spiritual and energetic connection between you will be, thereby attracting you to one another.

Awakened Twin

Then again, you could already have an awakened twin. Their soul might be very much so aware of the spiritual connection and the journey they’re on, whether they’re making progress on it or not.

Being aware of the twin flame’s soul bond means that they get to make their choice about the path they want to pursue. Or perhaps they have made a choice about it, embracing it or rejecting it. The twin flame journey is part of each of your souls. It’s embedded in your energy and will be there until the end of time. That’s an unwavering truth of an unbreakable soul bond.

But while the bond is unbreakable, making progress on it as part of your human experience is a matter of personal choice through the free will element of each of our destinies. In other words, being twin flames is not a choice, but pursuing twin flame union is a matter of choice as part of each human experience.

So if your twin flame has made the choice not to pursue a twin flames union during this human experience, you can’t attract them into changing their mind. Could they change their mind at their own pace? Sure, it can happen. But it’s not up to you and your decisions regarding the journey. It’s all up to them and their process of personal growth and development.

Choosing not to make progress on the path towards twin flames union is part of the dreaded twin flame separation part of your soul bond. And you might spend numerous lifetimes in the separation phase of your journey, and that’s all right too. Energy works at its own pace, and human timing is merely a speck of dust in the grander scheme of things.

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Awakening Your Twin Flame


When it comes to how to awaken your twin flame, it’s more of a matter of working on yourself since you’re the next best thing next to their own soul.

Your twin flame will grow at their own pace, and you need to surrender to that part of the journey too. But you can help guide them one step further by working on getting your own frequency as high as possible. Your twin flame is constantly exposed to your frequency, and the higher yours is, the higher theirs becomes by mere association.

Sooner or later, that will trigger their own awakening and conscious awareness of your twin flame bond.

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